Zoe Myers: PAWS For The New Year

Zoe Myers: PAWS For The New Year

Zoe Myers shines on the blue carpet as she attends Oxyten TV and Ubisoft’s Your Shape celebration hedl at Hyde Lounge in Los Angeles earlier this month.

The 22-year-old singer will be headlining a benefit concert called “PAWS for the New Year” next Wednesday night (December 30 @ 7PM) at the Red Clay Theater in Duluth, Georgia. All proceeds from the event will go to benefit Southern HOPE Humane Society, a local pet adoption and spay/neuter group.

The evening will also feature Stephanie Schecter, Alyssa Puckett (formerly of the girl group iCande), Jamison Tate, among others and a silent auction. Tickets for the event are $10 (if bringing a pet toy or treat — $15 without).

Zoe will also stop by and perform at the Peach Drop at Underground Atlanta on New Year’s Eve (December 31).

Check out Zoe‘s new music video, “Love Me or Hate Me” below!

Zoe Myers – “Love Me or Hate Me” Music Video
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  • Keri

    SHE is beautiful!!! Way prettier than DANIELLE! What was Kevin Jonas thinking letting her go! HIS LOSS, MERRY CHRISTMAS zoe …. :-)

  • Maddison

    Shes a total nobody, how does she get invited to any of these events?
    She sponges the fame off everyone shes around, she would be jammed in a hole right now if it wasnt for dating Kevin.

  • Keri

    @Maddison she actually has talent! DON’T Bash somebody when you don’t even know them, WATCH the music video, its meant for people like you that KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the ENTERTAINMENT industry. People like you are why people like MILEY CYRUS DELETE THEIR TWITTERS! If you don’t enjoy their work then DON’T WATCH IT! SIMPLE AS THAT…

  • holly

    is it me or does it seem like shes got a little baby bump?

  • Joboots


    Yeah,catch the clip before you jump to conclusions………..that’s like
    judging a book by it its cover,JMO!!!!

  • Stfu holly

    Ahahahaaaaaaaa holly ur blind.

  • Maddison

    I watched the video idiots.
    Its mediocre.
    No one would have watched it if Savvy adn Mandy, Sam Droke, Brandon, and everyone else wernt in it.

  • jnk3

    keri , what are you talking aboutt ! Danielle is WAAAAYYY prettier then zoe with ever be !!! i don’t know what drug your on butt ur not seeing right !

  • steffie

    HA. danielle looks like a man! you honestly can’t tell me this looks better than zoe or ANYONE: http://cdn.buzznet.com/media-cdn/jj1/headlines/2008/10/kevin-jonas-danielle%20deleasa-kissing.jpg

    zoe is so beautiful and so talented, i can’t wait for the PAWS concert!!!
    she’s gonna rock it

  • Joboots


    Sounds like you need rehab,perhaps!!!!

  • Joboots


    Excuse me????

  • Kim

    I’m sure she’s a nice enough girl. However, she doesn’t have any sort of factor that is going to keep her alive or relevant in this buisness.

  • pink

    i’ve never really been a jonas fan (i have nothing against the band, i was just never into them) so i don’t know much about the dating drama between her & kevin….i’ve never even heard of this girl to be honest lol don’t think she will have a successful music career based on this song. her voice is ehhh and the song is just cheezy. you don’t have to be a great singer to make it (britney spears….who i am a fan of…is proof of that), but you should be a good dancer/performer…..looks like she is lacking in that area too….

  • http://www.mayspace.com/emjonas23 Ella

    I wonder how she feels now that Kev is already married with the love of his life..


  • http://www.misstinkerbell.webs.com Cherry

    Music video is good. Song is boring. Not a good singer.

  • rania
  • Carmel

    I watched the video. and I don’t think she’s talented.
    I’m not a hater, but knowing that Video Girl was written about her, and being a JB fan, I can really just see her as a famewhore.

  • Treasure


    girl i totally agree with you. nobody really even knew about her intill she went on a show and talking about her dating kevin jonas. this is just redicously sad. girl you need to stop. i mean i understand she trying to get out there, but honey you astarting to seem like a real video girl. ia m not hating on her. it’s just that i just too much don’t care for her. and good luck getting into the industry. and i agree with Carmel too . iam a jb fan, but yeah i think she is a video girl. cause now she acting like one to get attention. and why all or a sudden girls is trying to come out with their own singles and stuff? what in the world? it’s like a girl group out that sing ” tik tock”, another blond girl who name idk she sing ” evacuate the dance floor” and another blond hair girl. this is geting kinda weird cause they all came out at once! ok??????????. well that’s all i wanted to say. peace ;)

  • Treasure

    i totally agree with you too. KERI. i just was saying my ownpersonal opinion….i didn’t even watch her video. cause i don’t care for her. i am not judging her cause idk her. it’s just tha everytime…kevin does something it seems like she comes out saying or doing something..which is strange. like when kevin gotten ingaged to danielle she was on this show…it was youtube. she said people was still saying bad things about her and blah blah. and that she was coming out with a new album…..i don’t understand why she waited so long to say that though…and then when kevin is married she comes out with a video and stuff.. this doesn’t make sense. i don’t understand. i just don’t know what is going on with her. ????… still not feeling her though..i wish her good luck though. good luck with that! peace ;)

  • demi

    haha . @Maddison . I’m with you . She’s not tallent at all . and she’s like a video girl that just want fame and thats all . Pour of her .

  • Zoevinrocks!

    You’re just jelous!
    Yeah, she date Kevin, but, the point is?
    she’s a talented and cute girl, if you don’t know nothing about her, SHUT UP!

    Zoe rooocks:)

    ooh, and one more thing…

    Zoe:)…is PRETTIER, than uhm.. what is her name? oh.. yeah.. danielle :)…

  • @Raquel__

    Zoe who?