Taylor Squared Sent To Splitsville

Taylor Squared Sent To Splitsville

Whether you believed Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were together or not, sources are now saying the duo have split.

One source, according to People, says that the Valentine’s Day costars, “became good friends and then went out a few times, but he lives in L.A. and she lives in Nashville and their busy schedules kept it from becoming more than it was.”

Another shared, “It was never a big deal to begin with. The media made way more out of it than it is. They went out on a few dates and realized this was just not going anywhere.”

Most recently, the duo were spotted dining at Benihana in Los Angeles with Swift‘s family. Lautner even made a trip to see Swift on her birthday after his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

WHAT DO YOU THINK — Were Taylor and Taylor ever a couple or not?

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  • http://twitter.com/vulgarjonasyo Vulgarjonasyo


  • alycia

    taylor swift changes boyfriends like she changes clothes…

  • val

    @alycia: hahahaha

  • http://www.twitter.com annie ryan


  • ella

    yay! teach hertealing my man..

  • Reasonable Doubt

    I call BS on this. What was all that on Saturday Night Live then? One of two things has happened. 1) Taylor STILL wants Joe Jonas or 2) Taylor Lautner really is gay as is rumored. One thing for sure …a GREAT country/pop song from Taylor Swift is on the way.

  • chii

    oh there WILL be a song about taylau. aww they were sooo cute. “howl for me wolf, howl.” wahaha

  • ashley

    I call BS on this. What was all that on Saturday Night Live then? One of two things has happened. 1) Taylor STILL wants Joe Jonas or 2) Taylor Lautner really is gay as is rumored. One thing for sure …a GREAT country/pop song from Taylor Swift is on the way.
    lol at the end bit. meh not sure whether i really care or not! ah well at least this might mean Taylors free ;) <3 lol

  • ashley

    meh lol

  • itsmeagain

    well, we’ll soon have the proof after her next record comes out.
    Poor Tay. It’s sad that a beautiful girl like here has a hard time with boys.

  • http://justjared lele

    love them individually…didnt particularly care for them together. he looked better with selena and her with joe. taylor just needs to take a holiday and let her prince find her rather then look for him x

  • LoveLeeR

    yay yay yay !!!!!
    thank u santa :D
    btw, Taylor L is NOT gay, stop sayin’ that

  • ana

    i’m so happy :D he’s single woo hey!
    i love himmmm x

  • Karely

    Taylor Swift (i like her music) but, she gets obsessed with the boys…
    I like more Taylor Lautner ALONE, not with her, he’s too young…

    Don’t worry, if they are not anymore together, we will know it, She would write a song, like she does everytime.. haha,

    She’s amazing, and he is cool..

  • Lily

    Awww They Were Both Amazing <3

    But Least Taylor Lautner Still Free +& Singlee ;)

    Love Them Both =D x <3

  • t

    lol were they even together in the first place, i thought they were a PR couple really!

  • Em

    idk if they were a couple or not but they looked cute when they were photographed together. @alycia: you may say that about taylor swift but taylor lautner does practically the same thing. he was just “dating” selena wasn’t he? I

    Anways, if they were dating then they were prolly just testing it out to see if things would work out and it prolly didn’t it. its weird b/c selena and him are now just friends and there are never any photos of them together anymore you know as friends hanging out..so i doubt there will be photos of him with taylor s. anymore :(

  • http://www.twitter.com/naomikathryn Naomi

    I could have told anyone it was never serious, and that they were just friends. Yeah, they may have tried going on a few dates, but it was clear it wasn’t meant to be. I’d believe it. They aren’t even a good match. I love them both, but I just don’t think they have the right spark. Public eye made it more than it ever was. Go figure, as always.

  • fearless

    @t: exactly the never dated.. im fan of both but this was a fauxmance for the moviee

  • Alycia

    @Em you still hear more t swifts break ups then u do with Taylor lautner.

  • Amy

    Well Taylor Lautner always gave off the gay vibe so this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Swifty needs to find a real MAN. What’s up with her bad taste in men…first that Jonas brother and now this gay dude. Anyway I doubt she’s gonna write a song about him since they seemed to end on good terms.

  • Jenny

    It was never brought out to be official so i cant say but i will say that they looked like two random people stuck next to each other but lets hope if the rumours were true Taylor s stays of the boys for a while first joe the lucas and then taylor(maybe)

  • Amy

    Well Taylor Lautner always gave off the gay vibe so this does not surprise me one bit. Swifty needs to find a REAL man. What’s up with her bad taste in men…first that Jonas brother than this gay dude. I guess it’s all good since we get good songs out of it but still…

  • nat

    i think they did the normal thing like ppl do they go out to see where its goin,kiss a little but try to figure out if theyre actually gonna date which they probably did but she probably felt like he’s 17 and im 20 so thts wat probably happened but we’ll see on the next album

  • nat

    i dont think she still likes joe but with her and taylor l. she probably felt like he was to little for her i mean u cant blame her if she did cuz she needs someone on her level. But we’ll see on the nxt album lol

  • http://www.df.com Taylena


  • Musicgirl

    You cant believe ecery thing you hear they could still be togrther or they couldnt i mean isnt he fliming a movie over in cancun and so the paprizzi prob needed something to keep something goin or get them to admit yes we are dating or no were not and it said a sorce not her camp and it also a friend which one????and usually they say someon close to swift…..but idk if they are or not but i wish them the best even if tey are or not together.lol.i love both.lol

  • Dalovely

    First off Taylor L is 17..Is this major news that he and a 20 year old Taylor Swift split up?

    Second..acording to the “reports” he was more into her than she into him..so how would that make him gay? It would be the reverse.

    Third….How long do you think it will be before both will meet some other guy/gal to begin dating..Less than a week?

    Fourth is Taylor Swift someone so many guys want to be with? Ok just for the fame of being with her but…really.

    Fifth. Taylor Lautner is hot…but he’s a little sweetie too. There won’t be a shortage of young girls hitting on him.

  • http://www.celebuz.com Silly face

    wow that was quick and i was just starting to like them together o well
    he cant stand being single i bet in a couple of months he’ll either be with another girl

  • Lina

    well i think they never dated!

  • Em

    @Alycia: yeah that’s true….joe, lucas, now taylor

  • ilovezanessaxo


    They are no Zanessa….

    They probably when on like one pizza date, and T-Swift thought she fell in love.

    People are so lame thinking they were together….they barely dated.

    And now bratty T-Swift is gonna write a song about a vampire…or wolf…or whatever the hell he is.

  • Ananya

    taylor looked way better with selena. taylor swift must have never taken him seriously because he’s 3 yrs younger. she needs 2 lay low 4 a while. maybe THE ONE for her has been there all along

  • iam

    hmmm i never believe that they were daiting soooooo…anyway if they were daiting it was fate to end bc he is only 17 and she is 20…
    Taylor L is freeeee again =P

  • ilovezanessaxo




    LyK omG loLz HoW kUUuUTE wUd DaT BeE?

    ^ For those of you who do not read satire, this is meant as HUMOR.
    I hope no one actually though they were serious, although I bet Twifty sure did. She’s probably going to devote her next album to this “horrible breakup.” This is almost worse than when she broke up with…*GASP* A Jonas Brother…

  • http://yahoo.com lil d

    taylor l. seems lie a player

  • iam

    btw maybe she writes a song abt this

  • Shelby

    Hes gay right?…………I mean……he’s totally gay……and every gay guy as a best girlfriend………..I mean he has to be gay….yup that its…..hes gay and there is nothing wrong with that……..they just both wanted to see other men….

  • mrs.nickjonas

    She must be a little sad about it, but she will probably write a great song about it so I’m excited! haha Just kidding… But they know what’s better for them… And I totally agree with @Karely :)

  • Misa

    ANOTHER PUBLICITY STUNT BY MISS SWIFTY. Sorry Kiddies, but i saw this from MILES away. For a girl, Taylor Swift is a PLAYA! >.<

  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    It really amuses me how a lot of people say she’s been dating all these people and how they’d rather TL be free. Seriously, if the girl and him were happy, why fantasize that you’ll be the next “Ms. Taylor Lautner?” And as for her dating “so” many people.. There have been, like, three: Joe, Lucas & Taylor. Have you seen Miley Cyrus? And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I’m just saying that compared to other people, Taylor’s dated very few people.

    And Taylor’s over Joe. Please, just move on. It’s pointless to keep bringing him back into the picture. I don’t want to believe T squared is broken up, but we’ll see.

  • :}

    Hahaha so True!

  • J.J

    @amy taylor lautner is not gay i dont know why you people say that !!!!!!
    it drives me crazy. if your so sure he’s gay why don’t you prove it?

  • ems

    @alycia: i think your confusing her with miley cyrus

  • http://www.google.com SoFun471

    YAY… I like them both seperately but NOT AT ALL together. He was so better with Selena… Him & taylor s were a really wierd/ random pair.

    BTW Jenny, hahhahhahahhaha

  • tlautnerlover

    aww they were the cutest couple ever!
    i cant believe it

  • Hill

    YES!! It finally happened someone pulled the plug on this ridiculous relationship!! Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of both taylors but they didn’t make a cute couple!! I see a friendship bond between them but nothing more they were simply co-stars that kissed in a movie!! Come on people not everyone falls in love ends up with a BradP&AngelineaJ or a ZacE&VanessaH relationship!!

    They broke up waoh!! I call dips on Taylor Lautner!!

  • Hill

    No way beautiful abs don’t show up on gay dudes like that!!

  • daniella!!

    well she’s like 20 and he’s like 17……that’s just a lil weird…..and then yea sure they would have made a nice couple i’ll give that to them….but i knew right when i heard they went out on their first date that this wouldn’t work……taylor swift is busy with all her concerts and tours and writing songs while taylor lautner is keepin it real with his twilight role and other movies….there’s just not enough time in the day anymore! Honestly i know that the thing with taylor lautner and selena is ova but they made a gr8te couple! IZ to bad! :-( o well sorry it didn’t work out you guyz! AND BTW TAYLOR L IS NOT GAY!!??

  • http://- Mellz

    YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!
    i never like this couple !!!!!!!!
    but i love both of them…^^