Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Ventnor Lovers

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Ventnor Lovers

While costar Kellan Lutz was in Miami heating up JustJared‘s NYE party, on-and-off screen couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were on the opposite side of the world ringing in the new year.

The duo were spotted by a young fan on New Year’s Eve in Ventnor, a seaside resort on the Isle of Wight, 80 miles south of Rob‘s family home in west London.

Jez Harmer, the grocery store manager dishes to People that since then, fans have been flocking to spot the twosome. “All the young girls have been trying to find him. They have been out on a hunt. It’s literally a mystery [where they went],” he shared.

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  • mel

    R-Pattz is hott

  • jocelyynn

    on and off screen couple? was it confirmed yet?

  • chris

    LOL. Stalkers.

  • CS

    it just craks me up that haters still try to deny it.
    They are sooo together and I’m soo happy for them. It’s actually kinda pathetic that i’m EXTREMELY happy for them and that I stoped breathing when I saw the pictures haha<3

  • Nathalia

    on and off screen couple? was it confirmed yet?

  • jessica

    eww rob looks so ugly. he really needs to shave and then he will look a lot better.

  • julie

    im tired that they are hiding all the time. Come clean guys so people will stop talkiing about it!
    and we can move foward to other young actors (lol)

    buttt…maybe they like mistery

  • rocknmovies

    It’s nobody’s business but their own. They are not fame whores, it’s their right to refuse to talk about their personal lives.

  • may

    horrible they sucksssssss

  • Rachel

    there is no prove that they are a real couple, just rumors… but that’s OK. I just loooooove Rob (L)

  • Ashley

    If they’re happy cool.

  • fearless

    @Nathalia: exactly

  • overated.

    Did Kristen even break up with her boyfriend? I never heard anything about a break up. @jessica: Haha agreed. I remember when he looked handsome in Harry Potter 4 that was once upon a time though.

  • tai

    Yeah she broke up with her ex bf in May of 2009 almost 8 months ago. Kristen& Rob have have stated they are choosing not to discuss their relationship with anyone else, expect no confirmations or denials because neither is coming.
    Rob has not mentioned his relationship status since May of 09 the Vanity Fair articles released in November have admitted that the “Im single” quote was from a May Cannes Interview.
    But given the fact that they have been caught together on various non work outings and trips and intimate situations its assumed they are dating.Not many people fly from LA to the UK to New years eve with just a friend. That & Catherine Hardwicke outted them in TIME magazine back in November.

  • Genesis

    people just need to leave them alone, let them live there life and fans need to stop following them around and telling everyone where they are so that million outher people can find them

  • sheila

    its fine to be interested in an actor for their professional life, but all this obsession over actors’ private live is just weird. we don’t know them personally so why the personal investment in knowing who they are seeing in their off time. i’m not saying i don’t come to this site to see pictures of various actors and see what they’re up to or what they’re wearing (obviously, or else i wouldn’t be commenting), but i don’t waste my energy worrying about the status of their relationships.

  • iellidy

    deixa eles quieto,curti o romance deles em paz, e tão bom saber que estão juntos isso e muito legal que Deus os abençoeque sejam muitos felizes.

  • Anon

    Oh please they are just as much PR craved for attention as the rest of Hollywood. And their tactic is to milk the mystery. They both have films due out in a couple of months and the more fans or gossip columnists milk their are they or aren’t they together..the better for them.
    Otherwise no one would talk about them. (and that means they are not in the news) they certainly haven’t impressed the world with their acting chops…so the ONLY attention seems to focus solely on their relationship status.

  • Becca

    Why does it matter if they admit or not? Vanessa Hudgens and Zach Efron never actually publicly announced they are a couple…people just assumed and now everyone has excepted. I don’t see the need for Kristen or Rob to officially announce it.

  • Deen

    I dont want them to be together, because I get sick of all this secret and mystery, I want her to say that she is happy with someone, and the same for Rob. It is getting a little bit annoying actually
    Anyways love them both, and the twilight saga, I’m a big fan.

  • ANDY

    They seem to be really nice people. It’s great if they have found love in real life. Time to leave them alone.

  • Lea

    So together. Cute couple.

  • C is for Clueless

    Jocelyn/Nathalia (same person) wants to know if “IT” was confirmed yet. Uh, only on THIS galaxy, Jocelyn-Nathalia.

  • leeloo

    i love this couple and i really suport them! GO ROBSTEN! <333

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    doesn’t kristen have a bf ???? and they never said they were a couple no matter how much i want them to be 1 !!!!

  • LoveLeeR

    Really ?! Kristen is dating That ?! ewwwww

  • haii..


  • lol

    there’s photographic evidence they were on a remote isle together, give me a break. If you guys don’t think that seems a little odd to do with your costar, then denial is not just a river in egypt.

  • nizzle

    i heard that they are a couple, and that kristen has broken up with her old bf
    robsten are a super cute couple anyway! good for them if they are togther!

  • ellie

    They are not dating. In Oct Kristen said she was not going to answer any personal questions because it would not stop the rumors, so why waste her breath. And that she doesn’t care if people think she’s dating Robert, when she is not.

    They ringed in the new year with half a dozen friends, it was by no means anything romantic. They are friends that’s all.

  • twilightsaglover101

    their dating? yes!!!! in yo face sis haha!!!

  • twilightsaglover101

    @CS: umm ok but breathe now cause we cant lose a twilight fan…and a robert+kristan forever fan either! XD and dont think ur pathetic cause i held my breathe when i heard it was just a rumor and i held my breathe when i saw a really cute picture of them!

  • Paulina

    Soo if anyone saw cute picture of them can he/she show it here or something? becasue I didn’t see it and I don’t believe this bulshit here no ofence becasue I am fan of them =] I mean it’s their life and they can do what they want but if they choose that job (to be actor) it’s normal that people are interssted in thier life but they shouldn’t make up stories if there is no proof -.- it’s just my opinion

  • tai

    She said she would not answer the question because she wasn’t to keep something for herself”you have to own what you own and I’m choosing to keep that to myself” look it up its in print and on video. She never says she isn’t. Also the only thing she denied were the tabloid reports of pregnancies and weddings.
    They have in the months since been spotted holding hands in Paris, spending the holidays together in the UK and dining in NYC(over the course of a week) well after New Moon promo was done. Also Catherine Hardwicke director of Twilight confirmed their relationship to TIME magazine, it was not some tabloid piece but a genuine statement to a legitimate news source from a person who knows them personally and professionally.
    They are not going to confirm and they shouldn’t have to but those who think they have denied a relationship are kidding themselves.


  • tai

    wanted to keep—not wasn’t to keep.


  • Juliana sampaio BRASIL *-*

    Robsten s2

  • Rachel

    Vanessa and Zac said in a magazine that they were a couple. I’m not obsessed, I just think people should serch first and then say if they are or are not a couple. I’m shure thay Rob and Kris don’t like those rumors. If it’s true, that’s great; but maybe it is not true…

  • Rachel

    “search (I wrote too fast)

  • Evie


    why are you so sure she broke up with her boyfriend? stop talking about them like you really know what’s going on! you’re living a fairytail!

  • http://justjaresjr debbs

    all i know is they seem to be VERY happy with each other and if they are happy so im i . i wish them the best of luck this year and cant wait to see there new movies coming out this year they say that they are best buds well you know what they say about how being friends first make even better lovers ( well help relationship last longer) good luck you 2 and Kris you take good care of our Rob.

  • sheila

    @Rachel: well, it actually took zac efron and vanessa hudgens quite a long time before they actually confirmed they were dating. there seemed to be quite a bit of “proof” before that, but they didn’t actually come out and confirm it for ages. i actually don’t know why fans think its within their right to demand that these people confirm anything publicly when it has nothing to do with their professional life. so what if it drives you nuts that you don’t really know for sure or if you think its all being kept a mystery for publicity or just for their own sanity. at the end of the day it is their lives. by confirming, not confirming, sneaking around, not sneaking around etc. they aren’t doing anything that hurts anyone, so why worry about it?

  • ninnia

    I am from Europe, I dont know who is Zac everyone taliking about.. but I know Kristen and Robert… I like them, dont care If they dating, just like them :)