Taylor Lautner: Hollywood's Highest Paid Teen Actor

Taylor Lautner: Hollywood's Highest Paid Teen Actor

Taylor Lautner has left Miley Cyrus in the dust, claiming the number one spot as Hollywood’s Highest Paid Teenage Actor, according to DeadlineHollywood.

The 17-year-old Twilight hunk is raking in $7.5 million for his next flick called Northern Lights, a Tom Cruise vehicle to be directed by John Moore that will start production on April 1st.

Northern Lights is about a gifted, young, aerobatics pilot who faces off with his controlling, billionaire father and falls in love with a gifted, female pilot.

Deadline Hollywood says that neither Zac Efron nor Miley have ever gotten a salary even close to 7.5 million for any of their films. WOW!

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  • tom

    He is one funny looking dude. More no talent people make a lot of money in Hollywood.

  • tai

    aww, good for him and FIRSTTT.

  • cynthia

    zac efron hasn’t been a teen for three years….

  • katie

    Good for him. He did a good job in New Moon.

  • annasaurus

    He actually does sorta look like Cruise’s adopted son Connor. They should have just hired him. You go Taylor! I still hope Rob/Kris get paid more than you.

  • TT

    Kristen Stewart is still a teenager…. She made $12 mil for New Moon. …so this article is incorrect

  • nikki

    umm, zac efron isnt a teen hes a sexy man…. taylor just overrated… if he didnt have a body noone would like him… and you can’t deny that…

  • Amy

    couldnt agree more!!
    Personally i dnt even think Zac shld be one the JustJaredJr site anymore, because they are grown adults and it Jared is just making the transition harder by still treating him as a teen.
    Taylor can’t act…i mean…its pretty obvious that without that 6 pack he would be no where, which is messed up in the first place because people shldnt be rated on their body but their ability to ACT.

  • naomi

    well zac’s 22


    This kid is highly overrated but what can I say, he’s laughing to the bank. Everyone has their share of fame, his will soon stop, it’s a vicious world.

  • rocknmovies

    He is as short as Cruise. But he is ugly while young Tom Cruise looked okay.

  • Erin silver

    He Is Always Gonna Be Known As The Werewolf Or Tay Squared

  • nathalia


  • tswiftfan90

    Sorry but I don’t think Lautner isn’t that good of an actor. And I agree, people only think he’s hot because of his body. I don’t find his face attractive at all. The only thing he does in movies is showing his “hot” body and martial art skills. I think Zac Efron (even though isn’t a teen anymore) deservers to be better paid. Ok, people also like him cause he’s hot but at least Zac can really act. He did an amazing job in movies like “Miracle Run” and “17 Again”. No offense to Lautner fans, I don’t hate him or something, I just think he’s overrated and he only gets movie roles because of his “hot” body.

  • shauna

    jesus, all the hate. In case nobody ever noticed, high school musical wasn’t exactly made famous for it’s first class acting either- so the zac efron fans here haven’t really got much going on their side.

    Fairplay to him. I’ve seen his interviews- and at least you can say he’s not as stuck-up as Miley, or as fake as many disney stars I wont even name. The kid’s grounded- thats rare in hollywood. Talent or not, would rather see the money going to him then one of the many spoiled teenage brats *coughmiley* currently roaming hollywood.

  • justine

    @Amy: i agree, zac efron isn’t even a teen so wtf? this kid taylor will soon die down cause i think people are starting to see the uglyness coming out of him, i can;t see him in any movie but twilight. which sucks for him

  • Lily

    Wow Love Taylor <3
    +& All yu haters saying he looks funny thats a naturel way that he or anyone is born you cant help it but taylor has done somthing with his life and (haters) out there just bring him down for no reason. + He didn’t need disney to make him famous too =D

    £7.5 Mil Well Donee =D

  • Jane

    Amazing Taylor :)

    and it says Zac Efron Has NEVER been payed this amount of money for example when he was a TEENAGER so you people saying that zac efron not a teenager anymore need to read the article proberly !!!!!

    Taylor <3

  • Ashley

    I like Taylor but they’re right Kristen is still 19

  • Susan

    I think that article is wrong because Kristen Stuart deff. made more money than him. Taylor has only been in a few movies and he isnt the greatest actor either. His body is the reason why he has been getting so much praise. Zac efron isnt a teenager, he is 22. I think he should be getting paid more because he did an excellent job in Me and Orsan Welles and he got amazing reviews as well, Alot more than those twilight movies. Although I havent seen his other work so im not sure how he did but he shouldnt be characterized with 17 years olds. I think its time that Jared takes him and anyone over the age of 18 off this page. Even though they are ” young hollywood” doesnt mean they should be put in a group with people like Justin Bieber who is 15.

  • chelsea

    man its so unfair how they treat these actors. just because hes got some looks he gets so much dang money. The most talentless actor out there gets all this attention… can’t wait till he just dust under all the papz shoes again.

    and yes he deserved taylor swift the i cant sing worth **** singer.

  • ryanefron

    yeah this is stupid. ofcourse hes being paid this kind of money, again why?
    his BODY. he has NO acting skills whatsoever. lets see how far his abs can take him..

  • http://www.torkmarketing.com/ SEO Queen

    I can’t believe Taylor and Taylor broke up! I thought they were a cute couple.

  • Ze’s lovebug

    oh gosh! i can’t believe people are argueing about this.Zac may no longer be a teen but he was paid high during his teens days at disney. I am sure he gets more now cause he deserves it. he is an amazing actor.i believe soon enough he’ll have his oscar, golden globe or sag nomination like Leonardo before..wait and see..he has a bright future ahead. but was kinda shock that taylor is the highest paid coz i thought it was either miley or the jobros but he did well this year. so way to go for Tay and the rest of Twilight cast

  • Zaina


    so true.

    taylor is very very annoying

  • …..

    i cant believe it! poor miley
    i dont hate him but i dont like him
    he is whatever 4 me but he has
    a strange face

  • Maria

    all Twilight actors are so overrated, it’s ridiculous…

  • me.

    ugh. his NOSEEEE!
    everytime people says he’s hot, i look at his nose to see if he’s done anything new on it. hahahah

    well..i can’t say that he’s a horrible actor, but i don’t think he deserves the 7.5 mill. must’ve been the fame, i can;t wait till the toilight hype is gone.

  • me.

    @Jane: and you need to spell “proberly” PROPERLY. kay?

    …*sigh*. tweenage fangirls. (even if you;re not, you still seems like one by the look of your grammar and such.)

  • hellohello

    Shit that’s impressive. Thank God though. Im not a big Miley/Zac fan, to be honest… They’re too … DISNEY. So Im kind of glad Taylor’s kicking their ass. And truly, I see some potential in him. I may hate Twilight with a burning passion, but since he’s such a good actor, I’m going to try to get over the whole him-being-in-Twilight thing to see what he stars in next. Which will, hopefully, be much better :)

  • gaga

    Why did they put a photo of his ass? They should have put a photo of his face instead, don’t you think?