Vanessa Hudgens is Century Plaza Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens is Century Plaza Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens tucks a piece of hair behind her ear as she heads to an awaiting limo outside her home in Studio City, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (January 7).

The 21-year-old actress, looking beautiful in a flowy floral top and new fave Botkier “Morgan” satchel, hopped in the limo and headed over to the Century Plaza Hotel for a business meeting.

Vanessa was spotted out yesterday with gal pals Ashley Tisdale, and Aly and AJ Michalka, grabbing some coffee at Aroma Cafe.

15+ pics inside of flowy flirty Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: Matthew Symons/ Jeff Steinberg; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • zanessa


  • amanda


  • isabela

    she looks stunning!

  • ashytisdalefan

    gorgeous as always!

  • julide

    i love her hair..i just love everything about that chick..♥

  • fearless

    hottie hottie

  • andrealeos

    she is sooooooo cute!!!! zac must love her

  • Vanessa


  • t.

    omg, she looks perfect! :)

  • Jannii

    Wanna see the pics w/ ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Ariela


  • inji

    im lovin these V posts! those heels are KILLER! :O

  • abby

    She always looks so stunning. Just perfect.

  • Katty

    A new movie perhaps?????? Hopefully!!!
    Love the outfit, and the hair, but I wish it was curly. She is more beautiful with curly hair. I like how sometimes she actually smiles at the photogs, most of them might be mean and unrruly, but she tries to be nice.

  • antonija

    she looks sooo beautiful… a adore the ring and all outfit :)

  • Althea

    Everything must be going well for her because she looks really happy. Oh business meeting! A new film perhaps! I can’t wait for Beastly! I love her in Bandslam eventhough there weren’t a lot of scene for her but it is great! I musta listen to the song everything I own about 100 times! Run to listen to that song again.

  • vfan

    She looks beautiful.
    Love her outfit, and i like her hair…different.
    Those shoes are killers, i want them! :)

  • antonija


  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa, just seems to get more beautiful very day , her skin is to die for and she is abousutly stunning and i love want she is wearing. I hope her buisiness meeting goes really well, she sure looks happy, except, i think one of them she saw the paps taking her pictures. I really think her house and Zac’s and andy other actors should be off limits, thats invading their private lifes at home !

  • daniel

    ah haaaaaaaaaaa¡

  • blairr

    hahah this is great, this is EXACTLY how i was dressed today! well i’m sure her’s are designer and stuff, but all in all it was the sameee!

  • Jordan

    Just when I think she can’t get any more beautiful. The hair, the outfit, the make-up and that perfect smile. It’s just not fair :(

  • masbonita

    Love HER!

  • fan

    I thought that the new law went into effect as of January 1 regarding the papps are not suppose to be taking pics of celebrities infront of their private homes. The papps are not even suppose to be camping infront of celebrities private home. The papps are taking pics of Vanessa coming out of her home. I hope Vanessa’s team put some pressure to those annoying papps for breaking the new law.

  • ZNlover

    So gorgeous! Love her, she always look so stunning! Love her!!

  • jess

    she looks stunning!
    I love her hair!

  • Carol

    So gorgeous!!!!!

  • kate1

    Stunning as usual

  • liz

    shjdhsdfdfdk she looks so hot!!! loving her whole outfitt,those heels are killers xD love her

  • Vanessa Hudgens fan

    OMG! Vanessa is the #1 beautifullest woman in the whole world. She dresses as if shes going to event. She looks amazing. I bet she’s every girls dream. :D Soo gorgeous, stunning, and stylish. Love V! x

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    omg she looks so awesome!!
    oooooh business meeting?!
    another movie?!?!
    can’t wait!!

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ fan, maybe ther is two pictures Vanessa look surprize there taking pictures of her in front of her house. I hope they stop taking pictures in front of her or Zac’s house, if there out in public, that is fine, but not in front of their homes , that is were they live, and should be off limits.

  • kgg

    Great to see gorgeous, happy Vanessa going to a meeting. Let’s hope everything went well. Keep smiling, V!

  • kristy

    She always looks amazing. Her outfit is beautiful too

  • Vanessa lover

    She looks so beautiful!!!!

  • roxana

    pretty woman!!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    She can do anything with her hair !! ARGH. I’m so envious of her. But yet, I can’t help but love her at the same time. Lol, she’s like.. WOW. Mmm, she looks like a freaking Goddess. Hm, I see no Ashnessa pictures JJ..

  • Bruna

    She looks soo gorgeous, perfect, a diva…
    she really looks happy, i hope it’s a new movie coming!!!
    love uu nessa

  • Jess!

    business meeting???

  • duda

    omg… i’m dead. vanessa looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. GO GO hudgens. we’re all here for you. kisses

  • Jess!
  • sara12

    love her

  • Jess!
  • ZanessaTwilightX

    Vanessa, Looking beautiful as always.
    It makes me so happy to see Vanessa having so many fans even after everything (lets not go into detail please) but I’m actually really proud to say I’m a huge fan of Vanessa and i think all of her other fans should to because it actually shows how loyal we are and that we are able to look past things and get over it. Also by the looks of this comment bored Vanessa has some really sweet and devoted fans and that makes me happy because she works hard for it and deserves all the love she gets<3.

  • carly

    I love her outfit =D always beautiful

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    vanessa every day more beautiful

  • Sunny

    Vanessa looks sooooo gorgeous and beautiful… gorgeous!

  • Badromance

    She’s gorgeous. I love her top

  • ello

    She has two phones? Is that really nessicary?