Joe Jonas Spots Paul McCartney!

Joe Jonas Spots Paul McCartney!

Joe Jonas gets wide-eyed after meeting Paul McCartney at the 2010 Critic’s Choice Movie Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on Friday evening (January 15).

The 20-year-old musician suited up for the award show to support lil’ bro Nick and The Administration, who were serving as the house band for the ceremony.

Joe and his musical brothers will be returning to the Houston Rodeo in March with BFF Demi Lovato. He shared with the Houston Chronicle, “I’ve got cowboy boots and a cowboy hat I like to wear when I’m home in Texas. I can’t promise that I’m going to be in boots. We’ll see what my brothers say about that. If they’re for it, I’ll be rocking it full-on. I’ll even have the NASCAR sunglasses — I’m going to go there. You’re not even going to recognize me. I’m probably going to ride bulls while I’m there, too, just to fit in.”

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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • jessica

    joe looks hot.


    My Husband is so sexy!!

  • Jonasfan555

    joe you are amazing I love you

  • tori

    Paul Freaking McCartney man!! Lucky bastard!! It is my dream to meet a Beatle!

  • RanRan

    joe you make my heart melt! <3

  • chris

    Nice they could meet but I don’t think either one looks that great in this picture. Now Nick looked good at the awards.

  • sepideh

    Joe loooks hot and this picture is amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • fearless

    he looks good.. but pls SHAVE

  • YoureGross


    Nick blows, Joe rules. Nick needs to accept that’s the majority opinion of non-teenies and move on.

  • Sonia

    Joe looks amazing….no he is breathtaking!!!!

    Love this boy…if he has a gf, she’s a damn lucky lady

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Beird… interesting! He met Paul McCartney… wow I think thats a huge fact! Greetings from Guatemala!

  • ftooneta

    lookin’ hot ;)<3

  • Ella

    Joe Jonas is LOVE. That’s it..!! <3

  • hollywoodgossip

    Mccarthy totally legend.

  • lulu

    ahh! a jobro AND paul mccartney! i love them both! x x x

  • Jess

    It is my dream to meet a Beatle!!!! :O

  • ya

    He is so cute! I love him
    hope to see him soon^^

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    OMJ Joe Jonas looks just Wow soooo HOT!
    loving all the pic, his smile, hair, suite <3 Everything about him! is just Amazing

  • amy

    What an honor to meet Paul McCartney. I would be stunned. Paul McCartney (the Beatles) are legends – I bought all their CDs that were released in the fall.

    Joe looks great growing a beard. He is by far the best looking of the JB.

  • maria pia


  • kae

    i love her, Joe jonas is amazing
    & i love the beatles & i love paul mccartney

  • lucia jonas

    he looks so good!!

  • oopsie

    ok first, SOOO EXCITED ABOUT THE RODEO!!! Even if my tickets aren’t the best… second… I LOVE PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are like my two fave male musicians in the same pic. awesome awesome awesome.

  • veroo

    SO hot!

  • @joepancakeface

    @joepancakeface follow me !! to get scoop on joes pancake face

  • conitaa

    @jessica: @jessica: he doesn’t look hot … he IS HOT !!!!

    You Gotta Love Joe Jonas <3

  • hahaha

    hahahaha… Joe looks like Mr. Bean… hahahaha… the only thing that is missing is teddy… lol…

  • jonaslove

    God!! I can’t get over how good he looks, I am so happy he met Paul McCartney, they’ve been dying to see him since the Grammy’s but didn’t get the chance :) I’m so proud of him it must be an honor meeting a legend. I love you Joey

  • jonaslove

    PS: TOTALLY loving the tie, and GAAAAAAAAH, I missed his smile *sighs*

  • me.

    joe looks sooo manly (+ hot, duuuh) and more his age right now.
    remember the flat ironed hair in 2008? UGGGH. it’s torture to look at.

  • me.

    …but i hope he’ll shave.

  • really?!?!

    Really, people?! Freaking Paul McCartney, a legend…no, not just a legend. One of the THE musical legends….and so many of you are commenting on how ‘hot’ Joe Jonas looks?! That’s so absolutely ridiculous. That’s just proof to me that I better make sure all of my ‘ducks are in a row’ because the generation that’s supposed to take over this country and make decisions for me later on is going to piss everything down the drain…because “Like, OMG! Joe Jonas is sooo HAWT”.

  • agus

    the main picture looks like Mr. Bean


    jOE Te AMOo!

  • faemma khan

    joe u r awesome man

  • cassy

    lol i just realized, who rides bulls?

  • Nazeefa

    Joe Jonas &&&&&& Paul McCartney???!!!
    That’s a dream come true.
    Both my favorite singers from my favorite bands.

  • Cheyenne

    Joe Jonas, I envy you so much for meeting Paul McCartney. Lucky duck. This picture made my life.

  • jo

    oh a fabulous musician with a… disney star?

  • Fabio

    This Jonas fellow should be bowing in front of great Paul McCartney!

  • ashley

    @Jess: you mean paul is so damn lucky to meet a jonas!! :p

  • michelle

    my two idol i love them together they are perfect

  • http://Seledemi Selena gomez

    Well, first of all I want to send some greetings to all my fans and friends who now are reading this note some derrepente not believe but that is it goes to a page like this do not, and also meant that beathels still very good though only this Paul McCartney and Ringo Star, the band’s Beathels remains good and Joe Jonas is one of the best singers besides me of course ha ha ha but seriously we all want a lot of fans, friends, etc. and think its cool that they both take a picture is serious and well just wanted to say that and for those who want to know my cell phone and you never know and as well I think I may know some people may not be as bad not ha, ha, ha good bay.