Demi Lovato: Burgers at Big Boy!

Demi Lovato: Burgers at Big Boy!

Demi Lovato shares a laugh with a gal pal as they lunch at Bob’s Big Boy restaurant on Saturday afternoon (January 16) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Later in the day, the 17-year-old singer stopped off for some free swag at the HBO Luxury Lounge and even got her hair done by stylist Johnny Lavoy.

He tweeted a sweet message to Demi, saying, “You so pretty. My job was easy.”

15+ pics inside of Demi Lovato

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  • Jasmine

    Sigh* very bummed that Demi and Selena aren’t close as they used to be anymore.

  • Marc


  • Marc


  • http://deleted Yay

    Who’s the girl with Demi?

  • lulu

    what is that girl with demi wearing?!

  • pouty

    fake girl, fake smile

  • nicole

    POOR DEMI , BESIDE THE JONAS BROTHERS AND MILEY SHE HAS NO FRIENDS AHAHA what big dubble chin irrelevan bitch. i seriously cannot stand thi hoe, please go back ti suckin trace cyrus dick

  • Golfie

    Demi is not FAKE!!..
    For Me….
    Her smile is so REAL..n Friendly

  • lovleyy

    It looks like Tiffany Thornton, Demi’s cast member.

  • Kayla

    Demi looks soo pretty here, and all you haters, i dont know why you hate her!
    Havnt had a Demi post in quite a while!

  • tia

    shes beautiful!!! and amazing smile

  • GaGa

    Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez chatted with J-14 about their issues with friendship. Demi revealed: ‘There are times when even if you’ve known someone for a long time, you change. Just because we were best friends doesnt mean we’re always going to stay best friends.’

    Selena added: ‘I think [ending friendships] is naturla and people have to go through it. They may have hit a rough patch, but the girls know that regardless, they’ll always have each other’s backs.’ Do YOU think they are still BFFs just taking ‘a break’?

    We’ve known this.
    I don’t think that Demi’s changed that much, I think she’s always been kinda like this, but she couldn’t show it because she was new at Disney. She seems to have a lot of false friends though. I guess Sel has warned her but Demi wouldn’t listen & that’s it.
    I don’t mind her drinking & stuff, it’s normal for people in that age. There’s also a lot of rumors about her taking drugs now & having sex with older men, I’m not sure if that is true, people surely make up a ot of rumors now because everyone knows she’s been cutting.
    I don’t blame Miley.
    I feel like crying now.

    … & sorry for my bad english.

  • hollywoodgossip

    demi looks great in these pictures.

  • selaly

    She would be a nobody without JB, Sel, and Miley.
    Seriously, I tried to like her when she was with Sel, they were so funny and hilarious in those youtube videos, but I just couldn’t help it.
    She seems REALLY REALLY fake!.

    I have never liked her.

  • true

    oh ya’ll need to stop hating because demi is not fake.
    she is beautiful and I personal think she made her name for herself .
    I love miley and selena too but demi is more talented than both of them. and i’m sadden aswell to see that she isn’t as close with selena, i wish they would just get over what ever happened and make back up.

  • simon

    she is so pretty . And look at you haters , if you hate her why are you wasting your time here

  • sheila

    i feel like her outfit is a bit severe for her.

  • haley

    stfu u guys! she looks so happy with this friend. Dont force her to be friends with someone she doesn’t want to be friends with anymore.

  • Joy

    how do yoiu even know shes fake? you don’t even know her, you don’t know selena, you don’t know JB, you don’t even know MILEY CYRUS. don’t judge anyone till you KNOW THEM.

    wow you guys are all ‘FAKE’
    lmfao :p

  • leanne

    @pouty you don’t know her.

    @nicole umm, have you seen her twitter? she has a lot of friends. A LOT.

    think before you type it, bitches.

  • naturaally

    @leanne Yeah. Friends who are famewhores. Would you REALLY call them friends? & we don’t just look at a celebrity and all them fake. I used to love her – even OBSESSED with her. But now ? Selena is better. It took me 2 years to realize how nasty she was. If I don’t know her, then how did I know she’s changed ? Don’t ever say “WE DONT KNOW” someone, unless the person just hates her for no reason. But I have a reason to hate her. Everytime I see her now, the only two words that I managed to get out of my mouth are “What happened to her?” Not lying.

    P.S – I regret putting her name in my youtube name -___-

  • ems

    i love demi and now that she’s hardly with selena its sad ,. they are amazing together, but is it just me or does demi need more colour in her life, she seems dull , always wearing black xo

  • kris

    why i am not surprised that the haters on this post are selena fans…

    Love you demi

  • jessica

    omg stfu you stupid selena fans. demi is not fake and she can have more than 1 best friend. so please gtfo before you embarrass yourself, oh too late you guys already did. omg selena and her stupid fans are getting on my last nerves.

  • Alyssa

    You guys need to stop hating. so what if she changed?
    a lot of people change, people lost friends.. not every
    person will stick with you. i like Demi and her music
    she’s very talented and she’s far from fake!

  • gigi

    im a selena fan and im not hating on demi!!
    just because ONE selena fan hates demi doesn’t mean we all selena fans hate her!!
    btw shes really pretty and nice :)

  • curious

    what bag is demi holding?

  • bella

    hermosa demi ,me encanta como te vistes ,amo esas botas y esos lentes ,super fresco ,que bella tu casaca ,siempre lo digo uno se viste cool y se siente bien cuando se pone lo que le gusto ,por eso siempre estas contenta ,me encanta verte feliz demi ,eres mi idola y la favorita de disney ,gracias por las fotos ,super diva demi lovato ven a america latina y encantanos como lo hiciste el año pasado ,I love demi forever

  • thedallasrecords

    hanging out with Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama

  • cassy

    damn she’s ugly


    She´s so beautiful
    Love you Demi
    You´re the best <33

  • sofy demi4life

    Love her, she looks gorgeous as usual
    Can´t wait for CR2

  • rose–disney stars fan

    i like demi and i think she’s an amazing person…………in my point of view…………and thats all i can say from what i know about her!!

    i would really like to see selena and demi together again…….BUT THINGS CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marius

    I love demi from all my heart and i am a big fan of her. I write this message but i can’t stop crying. I dont know demi from a long time but i love her from the first time i seen her. I hope that he don’t take drugs because drugs don’t make the life more beutiful or better. The drugs will ruin careers even lifes. If someone think that the corect price for a illusion its his own life that person really need friends , real friends that will do anything just to se you smile. But i have to approve that in our days real friends are very hard to find. But you know something ? the Lord is the best friend of anyone of us. Some of us know that , some of us dont know that , but some of us dont want to know that. Think at this because the Lord want only what is good for you and is permanently there where we need Him. Im so sorry that im not there to help her when he need , i want to be a real friend for her. I want all the good things for her , i want to see her smiling in any moment of my life. And im sure that all of demy’s real fans , the people that really love her , the people that like her how she is , feeling the same. But the drugs isn’t a way to be happy or to feel better. The drugs is a dark part of anyone’s life. Don’t let the drugs to thake the control of your life. I hope that demi will find her real friends and to discover the Lord , the best friend of anyone of us. If you see this message , demi , i want you to come back with good news. We like you how you are don’t become someone that you not , dont change. Thanks for all and i hope that good news will come soon.

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