Robert Pattinson to Host Hope For Haiti

Robert Pattinson to Host Hope For Haiti

Guess they got over their fake “fued.”

Robert Pattinson is taking on M.C. duties at George Clooney‘s Hope For Haiti telethon, E Online reports.

The 23-year-old actor will be joined by Twi-costar Anna Kendrick, good friend Zac Efron and country singer Taylor Swift, among many others.

The two-hour benefit, which features more than 40 celebs in both Los Angeles or New York, will air on all the major television networks.

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  • kay

    wow didnt kno zefron and r-patzz were good friends lol

  • mel

    Robert pattinson is hot!! cant wait to watch him!!

  • J

    Robert Pattinson skipped all the prestigious award functions but he is jumping at the first chance to help the victims. People need to respect him a lot more.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..”Fake Feud” ? ..Who ? What ? Where ? ZACHARY !! :D ..Yeah, @kay: I didn’t know that either.. haha.

  • @majusstew

    pattinson is mine HAHA ok, joking. but he is the man of my life, love him s2s2

  • Jordan

    Zac and Vanessa hung out with the Twilight cast a lot in Vancouver :)
    Nice that they are all using thier fame to help out others.

  • cc

    Wow… This is awesome! Way to go Robert..!

  • Asya

    Can’t wait!

  • amy

    Yay for zac :)

  • lana

    aww.. Good for Rob :)

  • Luli

    John Mayer also participated. Can’t wait!. It’s very important.

  • anna

    Rob, you know you’re hot and you know i love you!

    I’m sure they all are going to be just great.

  • CS

    That’s great :)

  • Maren

    Rob! If you tell me to give money i will. Just say it :)

  • vanessa

    to everybody who love Robert Pattinson ………..FUCK YOU !!!!!!! :@

  • vanessa

    and to everybody who loves zac efron …………….LOVE U ALL :D (L) (K)

  • sunny

    good friends??? xD i didn’t know that :D haha

    i’m glad that Zac is there !!


    @Jordan: Keep dreaming. They never ‘hung out’ in Vancouver at all. The fake “FEUD” was between Pattinson/Clooney.

  • Celia

    I see their trying to target the tweenies. If Edward cullen asks a bunch of little girls to donate money, they will do it…or they will get their parents to do it.

  • Marine

    It’s Hollywood people. In Hollywood, everybody is friend with everybody. It’s what they all say so…

  • Ashley

    I love zac and rob but I’m a bit surprised they don’t get someone more famous like brad Pitt or Leo or something.

  • tena

    Wow both zac and rob together hee hee the girls will be going mad.

  • naomi

    woo, bring on RObert. ;]

  • katie

    Rob and Zac aren’t ‘good friends’ they’ve met a couple of times xD But I love them both and this is great to hear <3

  • chris

    Robert’s awesome.

  • Natasha

    I am happy to see he is not just another ego-massaging actor. I think award shows like the golden globe are in bad taste, especially when incidents like Haiti are occurring. I was happy he did not attend. I never really liked him before, but this just makes him super sexy!

  • mrsefron.

    ZAC EFRON is the new Brad Pitt. EVEN BETTER.

    LOVE ZAC AND Taylor swift <33333

    When is this gnna be tv?

    Omg if zac goes to new York I need to gooo.

    Ahhhh lovvvelovelove Zac<333

  • SJS

    Wait, what was this “fued?”

  • keith

    Robert Pattinson is THE MAN in Hollywood now! Twilight Saga: New Moon has grossed over $680 million worldwide!

    Zac who? :)

  • hana

    @J: i so agree

  • ashytisdalefan

    yay! im excited!

  • lucas

    wait a sec. why didn’t they invite Rob’s true love/soulmate to be his co-host. aren’t they joined at the hip with their big eternal perfect relationship.

  • wildcats

    soooo excited!!! can’t wait to help!! all my favorite stars will be there!!

  • E!

    @Celia: If its for a good cause why not? At least their actually using that fandom for something important – instead of existing and being annoying.

  • Jayckson Lucy

    Yah, good hearted Rob! I hope Kristen will crash telethon too. That would be super duper awesome.
    I think the Help for Haiti telethon is a really good thing. Sadly I dont have American TV. That sucks.

  • Trey


  • Ronnia456

    What a noble thing for them to do. It only counts when your NOTICED for helping people. This is the second time I’ve seen where Taylor Swift had to be NOTICED for what she’s done. Nothing wrong with it but why the announcement. Everyone in the world knows those poor people need the help without the NAME Tags. POSERS!


    ist good

  • kay

    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: yea haha i like them both though my friend is obsessed with r-patzz though lol

  • sarah

    He jumped at this because it was for a good cause!proud to be a robfan right now…beautiful and kind sigh!

  • Rediem

    I thought george clooney was hosting? And robert was just a participant?
    Anyways i love how Zac is always doing charitable things. He really does have a kind heart.

  • leeloo

    love you ROB! that’s really god that he decided to join this! I’m proud of you!

  • kay

    @vanessa: i luv him and r-patzz

  • kay

    @Marine: quite true