Demi Lovato is Habbo Happy

Demi Lovato is Habbo Happy

Demi Lovato holds onto a red Habbo UK pillow as she visits their offices in London on Monday evening (January 25).

The 17-year-old singer hosted a chat at the location with several of her fans. JJJ hears that the waiting line to get into the chat was filled with more than 500 users and that it was so crowded you really couldn’t see Demi at all!

Demi was bombared with questions and answered most of the simple ones like what her favorite food was.

Check out Demi‘s interview below!

Demi Lovato – Habbo UK
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Photos: INFdaily
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  • diane n.

    she looks so… different?

  • Zion

    She looks great– love her hair

  • Georgina

    She is looking soo beautiful she has grown up very nicely :) just hope her attitude stays like her appearance aswell as her friendshhip with selena :)

  • khim

    love you demi…im not kidding shes prettier than selena

  • team_Memi

    she looks different but in a great way. she’s so stunning and I love her for being real. I love how the way she looks now.

  • haley


    dont force her to be friends with someone she no longer wants to be friends with! what if someone force you to be friends with someone you dont like wouldn’t that be annoying? I just hope for Demi to be at best at whatever she wants to without fake friends surrounding her.

  • Nicole

    I used to love Demi, and I still love her music.. but I just feel that she’s starting to let everything get into her head. Not just about her relationship with Selena, but her overall attitude.. I don’t know but something’s different about her. :/

  • tia

    shes beautiful!!!

  • john

    team DEMI but i love semi

  • kris

    she is so beautiful

  • missdestinyhope

    people are so DOUBLED STANDARD these days. If Selena wantsto have more than one best friend, it’s approvable by the fans. But if it is Demi who wants to have more than one friend, All of the sudden she’s the enemy? Just because the two don’t communicate anymore does not mean that they had a fight. Maybe the two just lost interest in each other ya know? How would you feel if ur BFF (SELENA) ditched you for somebody that’s more famous than the both of them put together! (TAYLOR) think about how Demi feels and stop looking at Selena like she’s the perfect ANGEL from HEAVEN


  • Danni

    How about none of you know what’s going on in their personal lives…so you really should all mind your business.

    By the by, who says you have to pick sides. Can’t you like both of them…sheesh…kids these days.

  • martina

    im so mad at because yesterday i started to queue at 2.30 pm and i had 150 people before me and i was waiting for 1 hour and half and then when i had 30 people before me, habbo signed me out! i tried it for 3 times and it was always the same thing
    i couldnt talk to her! im still angry!

  • leticia

    so dava o brasil… fazer oq ne?!!
    she’s different but still beautiful.. love her

  • LC

    @Danni: i agree with you :)

  • nathalia Braga

    she looks really different.

  • Andrea

    I´m so mad, i missed it, Demi looks GORGEOUS
    SHE´S THE BEST <33

  • Mariana

    She´s Awesome, love her outfit
    Demi fan 4ever

  • Sofi freydel

    Demi´s my role model i´m a biggest fan of her she´s an awesome and talented person

  • Diana BDF

    she´s so cool love her :)

  • m

    She looks really HOT!

  • Wise

    I think it’s funny how ppl can sit here and write paragraphs without knowing what happened at all. Like seriously get a life. Focus on yourselfs like Demi and Selena are focusing on their selves pursuing their own careers. Do the same maybe you’ll get far in life too!


  • kerry

    First of all its none of your business, we don’t know what happpened between demi and selena. and it happenes to everyone, do you know that not all friendships are meant to be forever? And how do you know that demi didn’t dump selen? What are you god? Let’s not pick sides because we don’t know the whole story. And you can have more than one bff, how old are 5? I swear kids these days are getting more retarded every single day.


    Wow, shes HOT. Who cares about tht rat faced Selena?

  • Danni


    Was that really necessary?

  • Jenny

    Its a shame people are hating now and forming teams its a shame that people are immature enough to do this Demi and Selena are both amazing young women who have had a rough time recently and it takes time for this sort of stuff to get better. Anyway back on the topic Demi looks amazing Demi really has found herself hasnt she she seems very individual and isnt following the trends anymore but i mist admit she looks VERY pale sometimes maybe its the contrast in the hair and skin

  • romina

    She’s gorgeous!!! very cute!!! it’s talent, fu ck all the haters, get a life losers! world peace hah haha….enough!

    WE LOVE YOU DEMI!! you are the besT!

  • naty

    she’s gorgeous!!!
    i love her!!!

  • Danni


    I agree with you 100%. I think she said that she stopped doing the tanning thing.

  • Clémence

    I like her, but she’s so different. I don’t want to judge her, because I don’t know her, but, sometimes, I think that I miss the old Demi.
    Even if I don’t like her new hair color, she’s gorgeous in this photo, really.
    Sorry for the bad english, i’m french :)

  • aleXXX

    she’s amazing!!!

  • http://iamgettingsotired emily

    shes gotten so tall sense the firsts camp rock movie

  • haley

    stop critisizing Demi!

  • Georgina

    selena isnt fake she is a lovly person with great morals and i think it would be good to get that friendship back (if its gone) because they have so much history 2gether

  • Carlos

    @WHATEVER: U need ur face smashed in