Chloe Bridges Was Almost Mitchie in Camp Rock!

Chloe Bridges Was Almost Mitchie in Camp Rock!

Chloe Bridges keeps it classic in a fitted black dress as she steps out at the opening night of STOMP at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday night (January 26).

JJJ recently caught up with Chloe, 18, and Demi Lovato, 17, on the set of Camp Rock 2 in Canada and were surprised to hear that Chloe was almost Mitchie in the original DCOM.

Demi dished to us, “She auditioned for Mitchie — it was down between me and her for Mitchie – and I remember meeting her at the auditions and thinking she’s such a sweet girl and she’s so nice. [The next time] I met her for the first time after the auditions was at dinner one night for a cast party, I didn’t even recognize her because she grew up and got really, really gorgeous and she’s so nice – she’s awesome.

“Then it dawned on me the next day — I was, like, oh my gosh, we’d already met! I felt so embarrassed. I went up and told her, we laughed about it and we’ve already become really close friends ’cause she’s just hilarious and she shared awkward moments with me and it’s great. We’ve had fun.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK Camp Rock would’ve been like if Chloe had won the role of Mitchie?

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  • reni

    she looks so old..

  • Krista

    im not a big fan of her…i dont think she’s THAT pretty. im glad demi got the role of mitchie instead of her.

  • Lauren

    i don’t like so much her … i prefer Demi \o/ my diva

  • jonaslover1993

    @reni: i know i thought she was like 30 when i first saw her

  • Alexa_r

    Demi was perferct for mitchie

  • mc

    good demi got the role…
    jemi is perfection, too bad they dont realize that… joe and demi open your eyes, ok? ok

  • Soy

    probski bad because Demi is amazing and the one and only Mitchie

  • hahaha

    It would have SUCKED.

  • tom

    She needs to dress down a bit. She looks like Fran Drescher.

  • lily

    She has like no shape to her legs

  • Sofifreydel

    Nothing against her,, she looks like a really cool girl, but DEMI IS THE BEST !!! I love the chemestry between Joe & Demi


  • lulu

    Everyone should stop hating her- it’s not about how you look, it’s about your acting. And if she was Mitchie, you would’ve said the same about Demi. I think she’s quite pretty, lips are a bit big, but she has nice eyes. Just wait until Camp Rock 2 comes out and then see what you think of her x x x

  • fox

    you children are ridiculous. Chloe is a very beautiful young girl!!! strange, i feel like I’m looking at a potential Angelina Jolie, perhaps its the lips. Chloe is gorgeous and theres nothing wrong about her figure. Most girls would KILL to look like her!!! i think she wouldve done a great job as Mitchie, although im glad that Demi got it. Their both attactive young women and i cant wait to see them 10 years from now, bcuz im pretty sure, they’ll be 10x’s as beautiful. and FYI she doesnt look like Fran Dresher….she looks like Chloe Bridges =]

  • sheila

    @tom: hilarious!

  • Patrice

    I think that Demi is perfect for Mitchie. Her and Joe have a LOT of Chemistry. The movie would not have been the same or had people wanting to see a continuation of Smitchie romance if not for the combination of Joe and Demi. Chloe is attractive and seem nice but it would not have the same CR if she was Mitchie. Whoever picked Demi had VERY good instincts.

  • tofl

    fat lips

  • Nelle

    That chick has some big lips

  • Lisa

    1 she is sorta pretty
    2 she looks old like some ppl say
    3 y is her hand plunged all the way in her sid
    4 she talks weird but can really sing
    5 imma change numba 1 she is georgeous! :)
    6 I don’t really like her for some reason.

  • Lisa

    total demi wanna be. Demi dresses like that.

  • nathalia braga

    I swear I dreamed that Chloe got the role of mitchie instead of Demi!!
    I woke up and was like ‘whaaaat?’ hahah and now i see this!! wow! haha I think she would do a great job as mitchie but im glad demi got the role instead of her. I bet she’s going to rock in Camp Rock!!!

  • Andrea

    I can’t stand her. I don’t like her. I think she’s just a girl that it’s takeing advantage in her friendship with Demi & The Jonas.
    I don’t know how I’m gonna watch Camp Rock 2 knowing that she will be ‘the love’ of Nick. U_U

  • nicole

    she looks like a clown

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    botox much?

  • jb

    yo I think it would have been such a great movie if she was mitchie. DEmi suxs so she made the movie sux. FUCK OFF U JEMI FANS. N U CHOLE BRIDGES HATERS AND DEMI LOSER LOVERS.
    oh I’m not the real so don’t so crap.

  • Miley,Taylor,Demi,Selena Fan!

    She looks like she could be Angelina Jolie’s daughter! :o

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    haha heres a great post! honestly if khloe would have starred in Camp rock instead of demy then the movie would have been way worse then it was already. that movie was pure swizz cheeze as it was no one needs he rear end in there trying to get her jump star into the disney drain. demi’s voice is like like umm 100 and chloes is like 40. thats a 50 percent diffrence so obviously demys better. i dont see whats so special about this girl. shes sucha fame eater! all she does is eat fame plate after plate. she thinks that being in camp rock: the last performance is going to make her like julia robertz or something. i bet shes pretending to be friends with demi just to eat another cheeseburger of fame. i was an extra in camp rock: the last performance because my parents own the lake they did some filming around. yeah they have alot of money lol. and i met khloe and her mouth took up her whole face she was so loud and fake. and she deff got a boob job and botox!

  • jules

    Um is she a hooker or what?

  • buzzPD

    Chloe is pretty and sassy. As life goes on and most of these Disney stars are going to have fat chubby faces, Chloe will maintain her classic look.

  • Miles

    This girl Mitchie = EPIC FAIL!
    Demi is MUCH BETTER..
    Thanks gosh they make the right choice

  • kar

    mini Angelina Jolie. lol :))

  • haley

    she looks like megan fox


    Shes PRETTY. I hope she can actually act and doesnt ruin the movie.
    love Demi .x

  • Mm

    Wow! She looks like Angelina Jolie except younger….Maybe she could pull off action movies. They said there might be another Tomb Raider but they needed a “younger” Lara. She should apply. JK But she does have VERY similar apperance. And she’s not that ugly, either. But yeah Demi was good for the role but Chloe is good for the action movie’s xD

  • Jana

    Demii is perfect for Mitchie…
    And i kinda don’t like Chloe…. I don’t know. She’s akward.

    Demii is the best. Love her. She should come to Germany :D

  • aria

    she seems sweet and is pretty.

  • MCRFREAK_2007

    WOW. she looks. old. and her lips are a little too big for her face.

  • http://hi5 camila

    quuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeee fea es para mi nickkkk!

  • lol-ing

    @tom: haha she does look like a young fran drescher!

  • Joboots


    Over your head,eh Andi????

  • alison

    Seriously? Guys. Stop hating her. She loves what she’s doing. And I think she’s amazing.
    I agree when you say Demi is a better Mitchie and I can’t even think of Camp Rock without her, but I think Chloe is a really good actress.

    She’s perfect for Dana.