Kevin & Danielle Jonas Salute Doug Morris

Kevin & Danielle Jonas Salute Doug Morris

In their first major event as a married couple, Kevin and Danielle Jonas keep close as they arrive at the Salute To Icons Honoring Doug Morris held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday night (January 30).

The twosome were accompanied by Joe Jonas at the event which honors Doug Morris, the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group.

How adorable can Kevin and Danielle get?

WHAT DO YOU THINK Danielle will wear to tomorrow night’s Grammy Awards?

10+ pics inside of Kevin & Danielle Jonas

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Photos: Larry Busacca/Getty
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  • tara

    damn they are one good looking couple.

  • fearless

    LOL at her face when they are kissing, poor kev he is the one that loves most in this relationship .. oh and btw tell your wife to cover a little bit more her boobs

  • diane n.

    they are so adorable! (:

  • ME

    HER BOOBS? She dont even has boobs, i think she could be dressed better, she deserves a pretty dress not that!
    And yes, it looks like Kevin is the one that loves the most between Danielle and him D:

  • aww.

    they are so cute together.
    and danielle looks gorgeous.
    hmm. wonder if shes gonna walk the carpet with them at the grammys?

    Fearless: hmm i dont know why you would say that. you dont know them personally. so you wouldnt be able to know. i think they love each other. my opinion. and in MY OPINION i think she looks beautiful in that dress. js js.

  • carly

    #2, now don’t go hating n Dani’s dress. Not my favorite looking dress BUT I have seen stars with high priced stylist looking 100% worse.

    It was Dani’s first red carpet give her a break.

    They all look super happy, that counts way more than a dress.

  • oopsie

    haha! I’m sure the kiss was just forced since it was for the cameras.. she knew him before the jonas brothers got real big. but still I’m not used to the fact that he’s married yet.

  • selene

    awwwww love it!

  • Nazeefa

    AWWW! Danielle is absolutely GORGEOUS! Kevin & her are just so adorable. I’m SO happy for them! =]

  • Bethany


    Nazeefa, I agree. Kevin and Danielle make me smile :)

  • mimieux

    Well she looks very pretty. Kevin looks handsome. And joe…wooo he looks amazingly gorgeous!!!

  • oh yeah! Your mom.

    haha i’m such an 11 yr old boy.
    but i love how she’s actually smiling.
    Also her eyes look so sparkly so her
    make-up did her justice.
    && the kissing pic just made me LMFAO.
    lyk it looks extremely forced no disrespect towards Kevin
    but it just seems like he’s trying to flaunt that he’s married
    Overall extremely cute couple. Wish them the best in life.

    PS: I’m actually a 16 yr old girl not an 11 yr old boy just being just making a reference. NOT THAYT ANYONE CARES.

  • Paulette

    que guapos se ven Kevin y Danielle en la foto y ademas se ven súper elegantes pero al parecer Joe no los Quiso dejar solos.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @oh yeah! Your mom.: You just redifined the definition of idiot. Its your picture now in the dictionary.


  • ashytisdalefan

    cute couple! and it does look kinda forced but i doubt it is.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @ashytisdalefan: Dani, could have gotten caught off guard too. LOL Its cute though.

  • tweenscreaminginmyear

    Kev. and Dani looked like they were laughing and having a good time. I think she was in mid laugh when Kevin leaned in for a kiss.

  • tweenscreaminginmyear

    Her dress, not my favorite, BUT they look like they are having a super good time.

    Afterall her first major event. Not all dresses are a hit.

  • faye

    i’m surprised they are actually somewhere other than the mall.
    i kid i kid people but they are always shopping, am i right or am i right?

  • faye

    what up with him pointing out his finger?

  • sds

    good lord she is an ugly duckling

  • Bethany


    sds, I think its you thats ugly

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Bethany: lol thank you, Bethany. LOL

  • Kenielleftw


    Yes, thank you! That’s what I thought when I saw the kissing picture, too. Dani looks like she was caught off guard by the kiss and started laughing. They’re too adorable. =) <3

  • kay

    theyre a beautiful couple!!!!! gosh they r awesome…. i bet ya if they had kids they would be beautiful…. i mean seriously zac wen r u gonna propose???? u and nessa can b just as happy lol.. nah jk its theyre choice….. idc as long as they stay close lol.. same to kev and dani!!! U GUYZ ROCK!

  • al

    Ugh… 21 is waaaay too young to be married. Don’t care what you 11 year old girls think about love… marriage is about being mature too. Something two people at 21 are not. Divorce by 25. Still children..

  • cam

    That is a ridulous thing to say – the kiss was a surprise in front of the cameras & so she was half laughing. Her dress is gorgeous perfectly acceptable & how in the world do you think you know who loves who more. Get over yourself.

  • jonaslove

    Awww, They look great together, you can clearly see how much love they have for each other!! Kevin looks AMAZING in black ( my favorite color for the Jonas boys) Danielle looks lovely, my mum was behind me when I saw these photos and said she was incredibly pretty and loved her outfit. AS for Joeyy, he looks HOT as always, but he has better looking suits but definitely NOT COMPLANING<3 I love you JB & Danielle

  • Clémentine

    Danielle and Kevin are a so cute couple. They’re really beautiful. Kevin is perfect with this suit and I like the dress of Danielle. So lovely ^^
    And Joe, hottie of course :D I just prefer his black suit, lol.
    Can’t wait to see all of them tonight for the Grammy !!!

  • mika

    Dani is showing too much

  • Kenielleftw


    He was pointing his finger to show Dani which camera to look at! Aww. :) <3

  • Michelle

    Wow, Dani is looking goooooood (: That dress fits her SO WELL. Imagine being her, one day working as a hairdresser and the next day standing next to Fergie married to the most wonderful man in the world. Whoa, I’m kinda jealous.. She’s awesome though. :)

  • lolz

    Dig that gold, Danielle!

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