Bid On Miley Cyrus's Grammy Dress and Help Haiti

Bid On Miley Cyrus's Grammy Dress and Help Haiti

Miley Cyrus has one big charitable heart.

The 17-year-old actress/singer and mom Tish have organized an online auction where you can bid on several items and help Haiti victims at the same time.

Miley shared with People mag, “Ever since the earthquake, I’ve been trying to do my part to help the people of Haiti ” and I wanted to do more. Everyone has been so generous. My mom and I started calling and texting all of our friends to see if they’d like to be a part of the auction. Demi [Lovato] was one of the first to respond. Hugh Jackman was also excited to donate something.”

Others doing their part to help out include Nicole Richie and Joel Madden and even Britney Spears.

To check out what you can bid on and win, head on over to The auction will start tomorrow, Monday, February 8th.

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  • Vulgarjonasyo

    ew! who would buy her dress? gross

  • leesha

    @Vulgarjonasyo: jealous much?

  • T_JBMileydemi

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she’s so amagazing ♥ i hope that work for Haiti they need it

    I’m so proud of her

  • sarah

    me ! , i love her dress , sorry you need glasses haha stupid hater , gross your mom ;)

    she is the best ! and she has a big heart
    i used to hate her but i love her now ! :)
    go miles

  • lic_merry

    Waoooooooooo! amazing Miley :)

    ♪We are the Champions .. my friend ♪♪ SAINTS Amazingைღ *♥*

  • jojo

    i am in
    love u miles <3

  • Criis

    Very sweet of her.
    and the fact is what matters.
    Very good for Demi to. i think Miley mention her cuz she is one of her closest friends. and there havent been a lot of moving about this with her :)
    anyways… i like them very much .

  • lifesgood

    aww i love her dress!!
    im totally gonna try to bid something lol!
    awww she’s soo awesome!!! i love her !!
    she does everything she can to help, every little bit counts:)
    <3 she has a heart of gold:)

  • takeabreathXO

    I totally want that dress!! I love MILEY! <3 Everyone that says she is a slut is just jealous of how pretty she is!! I love her confidence! Ever since she stepped out of that “little” girl stage, of Hannah Montana, I loved her. She is showing her “sexy” women side more, and its great!!! Shes soo confident and a great rolemodel. People also says she dresses weird? Well its her life, and she chooses what she wears. and it always happens to be something on the weirder side? well its nothing compared to lady gaga and katy perry! Haha. and when your famous, you tend to wear outstanding clothes. so thats good! LOOOVE HEERRR! <3

  • xoxo

    @Vulgarjonasyo: it doesnt matter whether you like the dress or not…its for a godo cause, im not a miley fan, nor was i a fan of her dress, but i think what she is doing is amazing. there are people out there that love this girl and that dress and if they are willing to pay money for it and then have that money go to haiti, then so be it…get off your high horse!! At least she is using her stardom for something good!

  • Nicole

    miley is the sweetest I LOVE HER

  • victoria

    i want that dress!
    i love miley, she is the best <3

  • Sa5m

    love you miley

    you always do good things

  • Chloe

    How do you get into her actual ebay store?? When i click on the link it just takes me to a page but doesnt show what she is auctioning

  • holly

    there is absolutely no point to hate the dress just because you dont like miley! the designer of the dress is an amazing designer!!! HERVE LEGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • team_Memi

    I want miley dress. she’s amazing and so sweet. Fuck you haters because you’re jealous.

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    Aww how sweet :) , love miley, she’s so beautiful.

  • smileyface19

    if u don’t like miley thts ur opinion i personaly luv her but u should not be maen to others who like her

  • http://donthave #2 miley fan

    This is for the cause, if i could i will bid her clothes not to wear them, cuz im a boy, just for the money i don’t want clothes i can buy myself so … don’t talk like that @Vulgarjonasyo !!!