Inside Taylor Squared's Smooch

Inside Taylor Squared's Smooch

Valentine’s Day opens THIS Friday and we’re all dying to see the kiss between Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift. But just how did their first kiss go?

Director Garry Marshall shares with E Online, “I always start with the kissing scenes. The first thing they did was kiss. The first three were nice. By the fourth I think they started going together. I don’t know what the hell happened, but somewhere in the fifth or sixth take they were dating.”

Be sure to check out Swift‘s Valentine’s Day interview below!

Taylor Swift on Valentine’s Day
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  • elle

    first … ?
    i’ve always wanted to do that .

    i can’t wait for this movie but not because of these two. because of the other talented actors that are getting overlooked because of the werewolf and the country princess. i love them both but the other actors need some recognition too !

  • annasaurus

    I can’t believe he said that. Hilarious. It was smart of them to use each other for publicity. Who will he target next?

  • Lilo

    She is probably the nicest girl in Hollywood. I love her. I can’t wait to watch this movie.

  • SSR

    Walk it off baby… u r still lmao.. :D That was adorable!!! I want to watch this moovie So badly!!!! :)

  • nikki

    ugh wasnt funny. taylor L isnt that good looking… BLAH

  • tom

    That was a horrible interview.The scene was totally unfunny and uninteresting. I can not wait to see this movie.

  • Darius

    The picture looks akward

  • nathalia Braga

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH loved that scene!!!
    so freakin’ funny
    ‘your still hot baby, your still hot’ hahah

  • madison

    Love Taylor Swift. I think she has a talent in songcraft ,and she understands how to give her songs emotional impact while keeping it fun…But as an actress, i was kinda let down…i dont think she dealt deep into her character…i think they could have casted someone that potrayed the essence of an annoying high school gal that is extremely pretentious..yes, it’s a fun comedy… but comedy NEEDS good timing… and Taylor lacked it in that whole scene.

  • Emily

    Hahah can’t wait to see this movie!

    I think that to the person who said the others aren’t getting enough recognition.. I think they are. It’s just that JJJr is targeted at teens/younger adults, so like they don’t feature too much on Jess Biel and people like that. Not saying they don’t, but that’s why they have JJ.

  • sweetness

    that was kinda cute..walk it off baby you’re still hot….

  • LOL

    LOL in the fifht or sixt take they were daiting LOL, you are hot baby you are hot baby can’t wait to see it

  • Dylan NEW STILL :D

  • fearless

    nice comment of the director LOL

  • anne

    the fact that they’re the same height MAKES it awkward. If I had a reason not to watch this film it would be because of taylor swift, the should’ve chosen another person to play her part!

  • hahA

    @Darius: thank you! I thought it was just me cause the way their hands are. She’s so sweet but looks like she can’t act if her life depended on it. I never thought they looked good together lol. They should of put Vanessa hudgens instead

  • zzzlll100987

    LOL !!! look at their noses , hahaha , nice kiss man !

  • Emily

    Seeing it tomorrow :D yay!

  • zanessa4life

    I love Taylor she is so talented !
    And sweet :)

    Go Taylor!

  • anna

    i luved the scene. ur still hot baby ur still hot. lmfao.

  • b

    I think she can’t act

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    taylor squared=perfecto couple :)