Miley Cyrus Rocks Ripped Tights

Miley Cyrus Rocks Ripped Tights

Miley Cyrus keeps it casual with a flannel shirt and ripped tights as she arrives at a recording studio in Burbank, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (February 13).

The San Francisco Chronicle recently praised the 17-year-old starlet for participating in the recent “We Are The World” remake.

They write, “In 2010 Lionel Richie, and Quincy Jones, and members of The Jackson Family joined with a more contemporary set of artists, from LL Cool J to Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, and Barbara Streisand. But of all of the singers, the one who’s got everyone talking is Miley Cyrus.

“The teen pop sensation from the TV Show Hannah Montana sang her heart out and in a way some did not expect. Not this blogger. Miley Cyrus can sing. Some, particularly on Twitter, express the idea in a way that they’re surprised that this 17-year old white girl has a soulful voice. All of it has degenerated into a #WeLoveMileyCyrus v. #WeHateMileyCyrus tweet battle. But even with all of the sex-based marketing, if Miley Cyrus couldn’t sing she would not have top selling albums or singles.”

Way to go Miley!

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Credit: LA/MP/WG; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • bebe

    so true TEAM MILEY

  • alicia

    Amazing girl <3
    Love the outfit !
    So amazing miley is.

  • Lilian

    Love, love the article :D

  • jojo

    she is soooo cute
    love her <3333

  • maggie

    Loving the outfit<3

  • victoria

    Gosh I just love her and I always knew she could sing! :)
    Go baby girl <3

  • ash

    I love her!
    She looks awesome!

  • megan

    I love Miley, She is a great singer and she does not cheat to the people who buys her albums or singles because she can sing

  • Judy


  • leesha


  • izzie

    I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus, to be honest, I am not a fan of her singing. There are times when she sings, I think she tries to hard to hit a note that is just our of her singing range, she should win the prize for worst role model ever to walk this earth. I used to love Miley, but after I seen how cocky, retarded, ugly, superficial, materialized and just plain dumb she is I stopped. If I ever have kids, she will not be someone I would let my kids look up to. My daughter will NEVER in her life date a 20 year old at the age of 15, I would have that guy sent to jail before he can lay a hand on her. She sucked in the song, she seriously sucked.

  • jasmin

    the reason miley is popular is because of the writers who write the hit songs for her. and everybody likes miley. To me her voice is alright. so far she hasn’t wowed me just yet but as time passes singers’ voices get better and i’ll be wait for her voice to become better & to blow me away.^^

  • bebe

    @jasmin: she wrote 7 things see you again and almost her whole breakout album she can write too

  • good-one

    So The San Francisco Chronicle thinks they’re doing balanced reporting by giving equal coverage to Miley haters?

    Is that how they think they make their mention of her, more interesting, by injecting drama? And accusing her of sex-based marketing? Gimme a break. She’s as healthy and wholesome as they come. Detractors tried the same ugly accusations over her sister Noah’s designer fashion line.

    When did you turn so tabloid, San Francisco Chronicle?

  • katherinesanchez.

    So true.She did have one of the best voice on there.
    I was amazed on how beautiful she sang it.
    && ive always loved her but i didnt think she had it in her honestly

    SHE KILLED ITT !! (:

    team miley alll the wayyy!

  • jessica

    that is so true. so keep on hating hater, but she can sing.

  • Bob Brown

    Miley can hit the notes. I actually like when she fudges some high notes.

    Why? It shows she isn’t a fake. The kid’s vocals will mature and expand in time. I hope her writing abilities complement her voice in future ventures. A good Anerican Princess indeed.

    But stay away from poles Miley. The rats are lining up for you.

  • #Welovemiley

    always knew you could sing and I never doubted you :)
    you`re awesome and you just gotta keep believing in yourself
    for the haters, if you hate her why you here? /:)
    if you truly hated her you`d take one look at the title say “ew” then delete the page and never look back. you wouldn`t even read it anymore.
    again, I LOVE YOU MILEY :”>

  • Darius

    I must say, Miley’s voice is improving and I commend her for that. If I was going to listen to one of these Disney backed musicians I’m still rolling with Demi though.

  • mileycyrus

    not to be mean? but i always see miley haters writing, and right now im seeing NICE COMMENTS for once. thanks
    for lovin’ me ya’ll


  • selenafan_delaine

    reserved parking for Mate The Dog and owner

  • rania

    only in Disney can sing Miley Demi Jonas, their albums are not fake

  • JustZGirl

    Miley’s pretty cool
    She’s really pretty
    I love how she helps a lot with charities especially with Haiti

    We are the world remake was AMAZING!

  • reina

    miley does have a unique amazing voice. i love miley especially her style

  • mileyfan93

    Finally :)
    People understand :)
    She Can sing :D

  • jenny

    She can sing but their will always be haters unfortunatle, I think miley has time to blow us away

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever lovedemi4ever

    i love miley she is soo much better than sel

  • ME

    Just saw the video she did amazing! she really can sing. And to the person that said she is only popular because her writers write hit songs for her, you are soo wrong, she writes most of her songs herself.

  • nikkkk

    awww finally, people start to realize that Miley CAN sing and she’s great at it. TEAM MILEY FTW

  • Nkeeyah

    Finally! People can hear! Miley CAN SING. been saying that for years. Go miley! We do love ya


    Okay guys I’m 17 and not a Disney fan and not a Miley hater but she definetely can’t sing!
    If she would go to American Idol she doesn’t even come in the recall she sounds sometimes like a guy and a dying duck and I’m just honest I don’t hate her or love her but that’s the truth and I think little Hannah Montana fans will always say ‘oh miley i love you you can sing ..’ and all that crap but you r just kids and people like Beyonce r singers!

    She isn’t a good actress or singer so she is just famous because of Hannah Montana and little obsessed fans!

  • Heather

    Uhhmmmm she can’t sing and I can’t even say that she should stick to acting because she can’t act so go and die miss s-lutty cyrus!

  • selbetterthanmiley

    hahahah If she is a soulful singer than Selena is the queen of soul!

    Both of them can sing okay but Selena has a soft beautyful voice and Miley has a man voice sometime she sounds good but ….

  • luvsment

    well sorry people. Neither do i like her nor her fashion sense. Hate those ripped jeans. She has no class from all what I can see. She’s a good song writer & not a bad actress. but I dont really have that much of an opinion about her

  • mileysuxx

    Miley looks so ugly without an with make-up and she’s fat!
    Accept the truth lil miley(hannah montana) fans!

    And yup she can’t sing she thinks she’s Beyonce but she isn’t she’s like a female justin bieber he sounds like a girl and miley like a gay!
    swap your voices hahaha oh no sorry to justin he sounds good and is cute but miley is ugly fat and untalented!

  • val

    @jasmin: ignorance is your new best friend xD

    (I don’t like paramore, anyway xD)

    Miley wrote songs like 7 things, don’t you know that ;)?


    Paramore is one of the best bands out there, But thats beside the point. Mileys voice is average at best. Shes a commercial artist which is totally fine but her tweeny fans that claim she has an “ah-mazing” voice need to get their ears fixed. She doesnt write most of her album, her dad does. She only writes about 2. Those who dont know these simple facts need to Stop begging it.
    Miley is evidently better than Selena though, but that still doesnt make her amazing. Shes average. That rocker chick Demi is the only one with the real talent. A shame she is still stuck with Disney. >__<

  • whatever

    Love Miley.
    She honestly has a very good voice.
    And is a part of Many charities.
    No one can deny that she has a big heart!


    Get your own name MORON.

  • missdestinyhope

    @WHATEVER: I’m not yelling at you are anything, But Miley’s dad does not write her songs. THAT’s ONLY IN THE SONG. And Miley does write her own songs. She wrote the ENTIRE Break Out album with the exeption of “Simple Song” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and she even CO WROTE songs for the Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack. So yeah, don’y be confused with the show. Billy Ray does NOT write Miley’s songs. However, he did write a special song for her called “Ready, Set, Don’t Go”, but that’s it

  • Nkeeyah

    On Meet Miley Cyrus Breakout and her next cd Miley wrote a lot of the songs. Do your research.

  • swiftfan

    Of course she can sing…it doesn´t matter if she is a good role model or not …truth is that Miley is the most talented teen out there in the industry.

  • kali

    @jasmin: Are you stupid….She writes all of her songs. She didn’t write the ones on her EP But on het other two she wrote most of them.

  • nat

    YES!!!! i totally agree with The San Francisco Chronicle !!!
    miley does have a good voice and im very surprised and happy to see what shes doign to help out in haiti with all her online ebay auctions!!! Shes truely doing a good thing that not many other celebrities do.
    WAY TO GO MILEY!!!! <3

  • good-one

    @nat: ugh, 100% Nat?

    It just seems to me that The San Francisco Chronicle begrudged Miley her kudos.

  • lifesgood

    awww<3 way to miley:)
    i love how everyone is actually admitting that she’s really good:)
    people don’t have to love or even like her, but don’t take away the obvious and admit this girl has pipes!!!!
    im so proud of her!, her voice has matured alot:)

    im excited tto see how far she gets<3

  • lifesgood

    awww<3 way to go miley:)
    i love how everyone is actually admitting that she’s really good:)
    people don’t have to love or even like her, but don’t take away the obvious and admit this girl has pipes!!!!
    im so proud of her!, her voice has matured alot:)

    im excited tto see how far she gets<3

    Read more:

  • ANA

    well i think she sang great in that song as in all of her songs. i think she’s amazing. and about her mistakes, well she’s just growing up and she will probably learn with them, if she’s a smart person which i believe she is!

    i’m so happy because she will come to portugal in rock in rio and i’ll be able to finally see her!!! =’D =’D

    LOL i know it has nothing to do with the article but i’m really really really really really really happy about it!!!

  • fearless

    miley cant sing, they only used her because she is so popular with the tweens, can’t believe they spoiled such an important song with this sl*tty girl

  • good-one

    @fearless: Yeah, like it takes mountains of courage to insult tweens, popular girls, and Miley Cyrus, all in one comment.