Zac Efron Learns To Surf

Zac Efron Learns To Surf

Zac Efron shows off his chiseled chest in a bright red wetsuit as he participates in Oakley’s Learn to Ride surf session event held at Sydney’s Bondi Beach in Australia on Tuesday morning (February 16).

The 22-year-old actor joined professional surfer Layne Beachley, and on-air personalities Maude Garrett, Nikki Phillips and James Tobin.

The event will raise awareness for the label’s charity OneSight Foundation which aims to help improve vision for those in need world-wide.

35+ pics inside of surfing stud Zac Efron

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Credit: Scope Australia, Sergio Dionisio/Getty; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Trina

    HA, that is funny. James Tobin, the economist is dead. The James Tobin at this event is an Australian host on children’s TV and music programs.

  • erica ;]

    Read about this in the paper. Wooo!

  • jo


  • emily

    niiice :) but wheres vanessa? is she just like walking around australia? or was she watching te event?

  • kami

    wasn’t zac “teaching” others how to surf at this “learn to ride” event? there are no pics of him surfing. right?

  • lizzy

    He’s in Sydney atm? Since when? How come all the girls aren’t screaming about it at school?

  • kgg

    yes, Zac was actually teaching others how to surf, not learning. Please change the headlines, JJ. Vanessa was not at the beach today, but then Zac was working and also being hounded by many teens and tweens while he was on the beach. Btw, he looks great and hope that he and V will be able to get some sun somewhere, somehow and come back with nice tans.

  • mykamicks

    Too hot for red color… Go Zac…It seems his enjoying the waters..


    zac is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Just Jill

    @kgg: The headline is fine

  • Kezzie

    i wish there was pics of vanessa

  • go sox

    Zac looks great in a wetsuit, and the event looks like it drew a lot of people!! I’m sure Vanessa stayed back at the hotel or went shopping. This was Zac’s event, and she would have been a distraction. People should know by now, that these two always are considerate of the other’s obligations, and don’t interfere. That’s how it should be. Once he’s done with his commitment, he can do whatever he wants. Which I’m sure will involve Vanessa.

  • mony

    chisled chest? where exactly do u see his chest JJ, he is in a suit.

  • kami

    if i were vanessa i would be getting a very long, relaxing massage at the hotel while zac was doing this event. then tonight they can have a romantic dinner somewhere.

  • Justzgirl


    Zac’s amazing and so talented!!!!
    Im happy that he brought Vanessa along to Aussie

    I love Zanessa!
    Zanessa forever!

  • mzindochick


    dang it. I thought he was going out to be shirtless but I guess it is a little chilly here in sydney, especially near BOndi.
    lmao. I swear everyone in my class was talking about. lmao. but its such a shame on such short notice. ==’

  • Kezzie

    go sox
    i totally agree with you

  • craz

    Zac looks really nice and hot and easygoing. I’d like to say it’s not fair he’s already taken, but I believe Vanessa deserves him.

  • sheila

    he is not actually wearing a wetsuit. he’s wearing a rash guard and board shorts. the rash guard protects you from getting scraped up by sand, etc.

  • Pit

    There are a couple of pictures from later when Zac is joined by Vanessa – it appears he is even kissing her.

  • hunny

    There were tweets that Vanessa was there but not on the actual beach. Also an Australian newscast (according to an acquaintance of mine) had footage of her there.

    And how good does Zac look? I mean really.

  • hunny

    @Pit: I just saw the kissing pic. Too adorable. I have a new fave picture now.

  • Kristen

    where is the pic?

  • Laura

    where are the pics?

  • Pit

    I saw the pic on the ZF Forum but it seemed to be from a news source in Sydney?? Not sure. They were at the Bondi Beach Italian Restaurant either just before or just after the event today.

  • ANNE.

    That’s my boy!

  • Karen

    The boy has definitely put on some upper body muscle. He must have gotten some pointers from Taylor Lautner’s trainer! LOL

    No, he really is looking wonderful and I’m sure that Vanessa was somewhere around but far enough away as to not draw attention away from Zac or the event that he is there to help promote. It seems that they both have enough people around them to take care of them and keep them safe.

  • KAtty

    It was Zac’s charity, not V’s. She wanted the spotlight to be on the charity event, not her relationship, which is the best thing to do.
    Love him, he looks so good in red.

  • Evangeline(:

    Okay, first…Zac is really, really fine!
    & Second, I think he’s amazing for helping out with this, he has such a clear, pure heart and I admire him for it so much! I wish all celebs could be like him, he’s just so amazing.
    & Also I think it’s so cute that Vanessa’s gone with him, well just to be with him, it’s so cute, there so in love and I hope they last forever <3

  • Jordan

    What I would do to that boy, can’t be posted here.
    Vanessa, I love you….But I would totally shove you off a cliff to get to him :)

  • London Lemming

    @Just Jill: The title is a tad mis-leading. He was teaching people to surf if i am not mistaken,he was not learning to surf. unless you were just trying to be creative with the headliine?

  • dadf

    only 31 comments for such amazing pics as these? wow, what happened? zac looks GORGEOUS btw and it was so nice of him to do the event.

  • lala

    MAN i looove him
    he’s looking so goood
    i wish him all the best!!

  • maeli

    zac is hottttt

  • justine

    Zac efron looks so yummy here :D oh myy

  • nikki

    OOOMMMGGG zac efronnnnnnnnn<33<333<33333
    hes killing me with the HHOOOTTTTNESS!!!!!<33 hottest guy ever~

  • nikki


  • justine

    @nikki: no way girl… LOL im already gonna be mrs.efron :D

  • nikki

    @justine: hahahaaha we cann sharee himmmmmm <333!!! hes sssooo FINEE!

  • justine

    @nikki: LOL XD ok we can share him.
    he is fine XD so yummy and delicious!

  • nikki

    @justine: you can say that again! he keeps getting hotter ans hotter every time i see him! vanessa has no clue how lucky and hot zac efron is <3333 OMG i hate her HAHAHAHAHA