Zac Efron Really Wants to be Spider-Man

Zac Efron Really Wants to be Spider-Man

Zac Efron, David Henrie and Logan Lerman — the three big names we’ve seen attached or mentioned when it comes to the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. But just who do you think wants it most?

Zac, 22, dished to 2Day FM‘s Kyle and Jackie O Show that he still wants the gig. He shared, “To be honest that would be a dream come true. I haven’t heard anything but of course any young actor would love to fill those shoes and they are big shoes to fill.”

He also had to squash any more rumors about him returning to East High School, saying, “I don’t know what else we could do, we graduated High School. It might be a bit redundant, we’re a bit too old and pretty soon what’s to stop us from doing Retirement Home Musical.”

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  • maddie

    Zac needs to be the next Spider Man, David is too full of himself, and Logan, just no.

  • Lottie

    I don’t want zac to be spiderman. I don’t think it will help his career. At all.

  • jasmine

    *hysterically yells, “YOU WILL NEVER BE SPIDERMAN , NEVER !”
    okay, a little dramatic. i mean, love you to death zac & all of the other guys wanting the gig . but i really just want an unknown guy to get the part. a guy with a clean slate. not that there’s anything wrong with zac, but honestly , i just don’t see him as spiderman . something about the idea just pisses me off. no offense. maybe logan, but just because he was so good in percy jackson. zac is too much of a big shot to be spiderman, you know ?

  • KAtty

    I just don’t think it would be good…. a lot of fans are angry they fired the original actors, and bringing Spider-Man to high school, I don’t know, I just don’t see it as a good career for him.

    He’s supposed to be playing a sixteen year old in the movie, and while many actors portray someone younger than themselves, I just don’t see Zac as sixteen. The youngest age I see him as is eighteen-nineteen. That’s a good thing, a lot of people don’t want to be like Sterling Knight who is twenty one, but I can picture him as sixteen easily. I love Sterling, I think he is a wonderful actor who can do better than DCOM(s) and should move on to bigger and better things, but Zac doesn’t look sixteen like Sterling could.

    I think Zac would be a great Spider-Man, he would do good in the action scenes, and has the acting chops to pull it off, but so many fans are mad Tobey’s not coming back. It’s always been Tobey, it’s not like Batman or Superman, or even the Bond movies that always change the main character and can pull it off…

    I don’t want Zac to take a blow in his acting career because this movie might fail… not because he’s the actor, but because of the whole firing ordeal…

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ‘Retirement Home Musical’. Haha, Zachary’s a class act. If he is the next Spider-Man, two things will come out of it. 1. It will be another big hit for Zachary. 2. ..Well, I’ll just say that it won’t be a hit. Either way, I go where Zachary goes !! Us fans got his back. :D

  • Katty


    It would be better with an unknown… David Henrie could do it because if you don’t want DC you don’t really know him, like many adults don’t know him…… I just feel uneasy about Zac being Spidey.

  • Ashley

    I think Zac’s just being polite. He should start his own franchise not do one that’s already been done.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    If Zac is spider-man, than I might actually watch the movie..

    but Zac, ever heard of High School reunions?
    I was thinking they should have like a High School Musical Reunion movie, 5 years after the 3rd movie to make it seem like a real have the whole cast come back and remember the times they had at East High..just like a real high school reunion..that would be cool..

    but either way Zac you are so hot..

  • abby

    Oh lets faces it if any of them were to get it it would so be Zac. He’s the only one out of the three of them who has any type of real career. My vote goes for Zac.

  • brit

    I love zac, but i just think those shoes are a tad too big for him to fill.

  • angeliz

    Retirement Home Musical’ THAT FUNNY !
    !! i just think that he sthat kind of actor … he’s of a classic/romantic or adventure at the jungle kind of actor … and david is stong and more of an action movie actor !!!

    But they r both really talented ( prefer DAvid H. !! ) and amazin actors !!!

  • Unbelieveable

    No stay away from spider man in fact there should not even be another spider man that franchise is a train wreck right now. The first one was awsome, the second was average at best, the third one was so bad I left in the middle of it and tried to get my money back. Zac stay away and just let spider man dissappear

  • Ashley Tisdale fan


  • angeliz

    @maddie: DAvis is sooo not too full of himself !!! hes like the only one of alll of them that do good thing for the community !! hes hot,funny,strong and an amazing actor !! I really think that the only one out of the 3 of them tthat can puul the character is David henrie !!

    I mean I not saying that zac is bad … is just that hes not that kind of actor !! DAviid is perfect for it !!!

  • Katty


    Haha. High School Reunion… if it got picked up by a major distrubuter, like Universal to work with it, so it wouldn’t be so cheesy (I loved the movies, but they were a little cheesy) that would be very interesting. I doubt that would happen, though, six year olds would still want to see it, not that that is bad, it is a good series.

  • Ashley Tisdale fan

    Joe Jonas Wants to Be Spider-Man too =/

  • abby

    @Ashley Tisdale fan: haha sorry but out of all of them he is the last one that would most likely get the part. A. he’s not a very good actor B. he’s way to much like a girl to pull off the part.

  • Karen

    I’m wondering a couple things here. One is, I’m wondering if Zac knows that the new Spiderman is going to be a reboot and that they are planning to take Peter Parker back to school and make him a 16 year old? Maybe Zac is under the impression they are still going to be playing Spidey as the age they left off with in the last movie and have Spidey with all his powers and doing all the action stuff… I think that may appeal to Zac as it would be an action type movie and one that has a built-in adult fanbase.

    Also, I’m wondering if he would like the prospect of working with some well known director whom he would feel would further his career. SOOOO, maybe he is just not up on the latest of what the franchise is planning to do with the character of Spiderman. And what gets me is if they take the character of Peter Parker back, what are they going to do with him? After all Peter Parker would not yet be Spiderman or have these powers or be able to do all these stunts. Wouldn’t that make the movie take on a whole different plot? What would they do with him? That has never made any sense to me. What Spiderman is all about is him getting “spider” sense and then being able to use certain abilities, etc. It’s just stupid. I

    I don’t think Zac would really like going back and playing a 16 year old kid who doesn’t get to do the Spiderman stunts. When he talks about having big shoes to fill I just think he is talking about the challenge it would be to fill Tobey’s shoes—which is correct and it would be a concern—and thinking they are just looking for a new actor to CONTINUE the Spiderman saga, not that he would be playing out a whole new storyline of a young teen.

  • Muse

    I had nooooo idea that he and Vanessa were even in Australia!!! I’m so close. I wont stalk them though….
    Ha, love this couple. It would be really different to see Zac playing Peter Parker, after Toby made it his own, but thats what actors do. They convince us and play characters that set out to challenge themselves and introuduce us into their new light.

    Love Zanessa. Wish I had the chance to see them in Sydney. Might just do that…. ;)

  • mmmac

    Zac and high-school-anything is not the right move for him if he’s trying to move on with his career. HS is the only thing ppl can associate him with. i though Logan’s performance in Percy was just OK. He’s not the best choice either. David would have to be my number one pick. He’s a great actor and has all the kind humanitarian-type of qualities in real life as does the character Peter Parker. I can totally see David in that role. Oh, and not to forget, his bodacious bod in a spidey suit! :P

  • abby

    I’ve never seen more then like 15 mins of Spiter-Man so I have no idea what the story line or plot is about. Haha you can bet I’d see it if Zac was it in. ;)

  • abby

    Haha I said Spiter-Man lmfao. I ment Spider-Man.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Im seeing the movie no matter what! I mean… Zac is a pretty good actor… but at the end we will maybe see a new face taking that role… who knows??

  • tessa

    Logan Lerman for Spiderman!!! :D

  • chelsea

    I agree. I love Zac and I’ll be behind him in whatever he does, but I can’t picture him as Spider Man. Don’t get me wrong, i would TOTALLY watch it if he actually did get the role, but I think it’d be good to get someone unknown to do it C:

  • j

    I’m sure he does i mean please all the spiderman fans will hate him for doing that role
    … we kinda won’t the Toby to still be spiderman

  • Just Interested

    LMAO him? spider man?
    i don’t think so

  • Trina

    I honestly don’t think Zac wants to do Spiderman. He gives the same politically correct answer every time someone asks him about the part. He said basically the same thing when asked if he was doing Pirates of the Caribbean. He will never answer a question with Yes or No. He hums and haws and says something like, “Yeah, that would be great. I wish it would happen.” Sort of like he doesn’t want to SHUT any doors or alienate anyone.

  • Ahley

    IVAN HOEY woul be the best Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

    Ivan Hoey ( ) sould and would be a great Peter Parker he is 15 years old, and he basicly sums the comic book Parker all up! TAKE A LOOK AT HIS SITE OR MYSPACE.

  • pup

    Efron as spidey FTW.

  • vh only

    im sure that logan lerman will portray the role as percy jackson in the 2nd part of the movie and david henrie isn’t fit for the role and so,


  • carla

    i think Zac will make the best looking spider-man ever!!!!!

  • Pauline

    Agree with Trina

  • amy

    i think he’ll make the right choice!
    How cute is that picture!? He gets better looking every day!

  • Risa

    I like Zac but I really hope he isnt the next spider man…..I THINK DAVID HENRIE has more of that type of look and would be wayyyy better as spider-man!!so, DAVID HENRIE FTW!!!!!!!!!

  • pop86

    Zac is just being polite. Actors do that when they interviewed about a project that they have no intention of doing so don’t get worked up over nothing people.

    BTW: Zac looks hot in a black t-shirt.

  • Divine Goddess

    i LOVED tobey as spiderman. SOMEONE BRING HIM BACK

  • 2bedatcool

    i hope you guys all know that @mmmac: disney just bought the spider franchise so they now have influence over who could be place which would prablt mean zac. hes there most faemous star and withthe most experience

  • sheila

    personally, i think he’s just being polite with his comment. this is sort of what he did with pirates of the caribbean. i think he knows he would come off sounding rude if he said something like, “i would never want to do that role.”

    his comments don’t mean at all that he is being considered, has been asked to do the role or would even do it if he was asked.

  • sheila

    oh, i see i basically gave the same comment as trina. sorry, wasn’t trying to rip you off…i just didn’t get that far in reading the comments before i made my own.

  • me.

    i love zac to death. i’d LOVE to see him in a superhero movie.
    but spiderman? no. especially not him.

    david henrie suits the role, i guess. NOT SAYING THAT I AGREE ABOUT THEM REMAKING SPIDERMAN THOUGH. tobey is peter. nuff said.

  • ann hudgens ♥

    NO WAY! I don’t want him to be spiderman! Even he would be a VERY SEXY one haha but no…I love zac but i don’t think this is a good idea..on the other hand if it is what he wants…we can’t do anything about it.

  • Janae

    I don’t care what the Disneyheads say about David Versus Zac, it’s always Logan Lerman for me because he can do ANYTHING. I mean, this is Logan Lerman we’re talking about the man is a legend in the making. I don’t know why he’s not well-known yet, I hope Percy Jackson changes that.
    Anyway he would be an awesome spider man because he’s pety much awesome at every conceivable thing under the universe.

  • Van Nguyen

    Zac is trying to be grow up
    he need to be the next Spider man

  • Troy


    Actually Disney bought Marvel Comics which publishes Spider-Man but the movie rights to the characters were given to other studios long before Disney ever entered the picture. In the case of Spider-Man that studio is Sony Pictures so Disney does NOT have a say as to who gets cast in the reboot.

    As far as Zac playing the role is concerned I think if the plan was to keep Peter Parker in his twenties then I would say “Go for it, Zac.” He definitely has the “everyman” appeal needed to do Peter justice. If that were the case then I think Zac would be great in the role.

    But since they plan on taking Peter back to high school I don’t think it would work. As Karen suggested maybe Zac is not up to date on what the plan is. He’s made it pretty clear that he wants to get away from the teen roles.

  • Rain

    LOL retirement home musical oh that would be an hilarious sketch on SNL if anyone from HSM franchise movies ever hosted lol

  • Jordan

    I don’t think he really wants to be Spiderman. He says stuff like that about all the things Interviewers ask him about. He’s just to nice to say “No Way Am I Gonna Play Spiderman”. He’s just to nice to make it sound like he’s trashing anyone or anyone elses project

  • the fan

    what the heck is up with the real spider man? (actually I don’t like him but I don’t know why they want to change spider man)
    I have no Idea about these three guys…

  • duuumm

    i honestly think that he didnt really mean what he said. i dunno, its hard to explain. i mean, he’s just THAT guy, the guy who always has good things to say about everything, even if he doesnt mean it. and i think right here, zac is just trying to be nice. i doubt he will take such a risk as this for his career. the spiderman movies are just another franchise. hes already done a franchise before and knows what it can do.

  • Nikki

    I have never seen spider man in my whole life.. but if Zac was the new spider man, I would definitely go see it.. But if he doesn’t get the part, I’m not going to be disappointed, because I’ve really never seen him playing a spider man movie