Alexandra Daddario: Logan Lerman Lies

Alexandra Daddario: Logan Lerman Lies

Alexandra Daddario cozies up to costar pals Logan Lerman and Brandon T. Jackson in this recent pic from a special screening of Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lighting Thief held at Hollywood and Highlands late last week in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old actress was chosen as this week’s Girl2Watch!

Alexandra shared about her two costars, “One of the most fun times were the first three weeks before we started filming. We had sort of a boot camp to get into shape to do all the kind of the physical activity that we’d be doing on the film. That was really funny. We would be in sweat pants at nine in the morning, sword fighting with bamboo swords, and then recording it, and then watching it back, and seeing what we did wrong and how awkward we looked. There’s a lot of humor in it, especially me. I sort of looked like Napoleon Dynamite. We playfully made fun of each other and had a really good time. That was also a really good bonding time for us.”

She continued, “The first fight you see between Annabeth and Percy, some of that’s a little bit real actually. Logan was kind of lying to me a little bit. I was afraid to hit him. It’s always different when you’re working with the actor than working with the stunt guy. He was like, ‘Oh no, no, I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.’”

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  • Jasha

    Alexandra, has the most beautiful eyes… period.

  • lulu

    Loved this film! They’re all gorgeous too x x x


    I think the casting STINKS for this movie. Logan is great, but the other two?? Sorry, no good. Also I hear the movie is NOTHING like the books…kinda lost interest in seeing it now…but Alex’s eyes…gorgeous…I get lost in them

  • Danni

    She does have really pretty eyes.

  • chelsea

    arabrab – you should still see the movie.

    i’m a huge fan of the book series and though there are some changes, the movie is still a lot of fun and very enjoyable. the cast is perfect. brandon is hilarious as grover. alex is gorgeous and tough but also sweet. and, of course, logan is PERFECT!!

    loved the film!!!!

  • YANN

    I loved this movie so much ,now i am reading the books and the movie is really diffrent from the books. i really like logan and grover is funny, alexandra is nice and strong in the movie:)


    I loved this film!! and logan’s really good in it and he’s gorgeous, i think he looks really good in the film though!!i want to meet them, especially Logan!!love him!! i really want to act!! but well done everyone in it was amazing!!!


    i loved this film so much!! they were all really good int it and logan is gorgeous, i think he looks really good in the film though!!i love him! i want to act!! you all did amazing in it well done!!!

  • Alex

    @ARABRAB: Even though it is different it’s a really good movie and should should see it to support it

  • future mrs. lerman

    i went to that and got to meet them all

  • Serena

    Alexandra’s really pretty, but if you noticed, in all the premiere pictures, she hardly smiles. lol.

  • Serena

    On other sites, I mean, not this one.

  • Loganlover

    @Jasha: TRUE!!!!

  • v

    alexandra is so pretty. she and logan look lovely together ;)

  • artem

    Well ya the movies different but it’s still amazing.The book is by rick riordan but chris columbus directed the movie.It’s like seeing percy jackson from 2 different pionts chris columbus’ point and rick riordan’s point.

  • lyka for percabeth

    oh the casting was really great
    I only thought of the gap between the ages of logan and alexandra,, 23 to 18..
    But alexandra doesnt look 23 at all
    Its like they were just of the same aGe
    Love them both,,..

  • http://facebook mna

    i love this …it is very interressing , alexandra is beautiful , and logan lerman has beautiful eyes…they choose very well the caracters , i am agree with that…about me i ‘ld like to want play the daughter oh athena because i love this goddess, i prefer to play the role of logan lerman …

  • http://facebook mna

    @v: i am agree with you

  • http://facebook mna

    @CHLOE: i think as you

  • http://myspace Konnie Cruz

    @future mrs. lerman:
    on verything u got to see them but there is a girl on he rthats talking to much trash about the new couple on screen n that is logan lerman and alexandra daddario….. n she is also saying she is not that gorgeous wat kind a crap is that…..

  • Danni Adi

    Alexandra dan Logan cocok banget……I love you Alex!!!!!!

  • Sophie newman

    oh my gods…!!!!why do I have to know that Alexandra Daddario is much older than Logan Lerman???!!!it’s very DEVASTATING and FRUSTRATING…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh, well…looks like Logan Lerman is just a younger brother for Alexandra….but they really look good for each other….I wonder who will be playing the role of Rachel Elizabeth Dare in the movie series…..

  • loganLOvealex

    pls let the next movie be this year not on 2012!!!because i hate WAITING!!!alexandra i love your eyes and logan is sooooo…….cute and handsome to!love you both! wish that your both same age…..

  • miranda

    i loved the movie it was the best movie ever i’ve read all the books 3 times my fav one is the 2 book the sea of monsters i own the whole series and i own the movie i watch it all the time

  • “crista”

    i love the Percy Jackson movie and love percabeth!!! i can’t wait for the next movie! of course the book will probably have been better, but the movie will still be fabulous!!!!

  • alexis

    I saw the movie and read all the books. Logan did a great job in the movie. So did Alexandreia. They look great toggether.

  • http://ilove vivien

    Imádom ezt a filmet mert nagyon jópofa és tök jóóóóóó!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maryam

    LOGAN LERMAN and ALEXANDRA DADDARIO are such good acters,theyd make a perfect couple,it doesnt matter if shes a bit oldder then him their still a perfect match,i just noticed,JB got more famous for suddently dating Selena Gomez,if LOGAN L. and ALEXANDRA D. date theyd get way more popular!!!

  • deena

    Logan Lerman is the hottest Jewish boy ever.