Keke Palmer Wins NAACP Image Award!

Keke Palmer Wins NAACP Image Award!

Keke Palmer is completely shocked as she accepts the award for Outstanding Performance In A Youth/Children’s Program during the 2010 NAACP Image Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Friday night (February 26).

The 16-year-old actress, wearing BCBG, beat out Selena Gomez, Caitlin Sanchez, LaShawn Jefferies, and TeenNick chairman Nick Cannon for the honor. Keke even joked on her twitter to Nick, “Just spoke to Nick Cannon told him he better not win over me tonight! lol, he and I are nominated in the same category for children’s TV.”

Check out Keke‘s acceptance speech below! 20+ pics inside…

Keke Palmer Wins NAACP Image Award, 02/26

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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • jasmine Lim

    i mean…. seriously??
    true that others deserve to win sometimes, but i really and honestly find Selena Gomez’s acting extraordinary and extremely difficult to imitate while others are just really pretty easy…

    i mean, well, i HONESTLY think that Selena should’ve won… :(

  • leesha

    She deserves it.

  • Karry

    I haven’t seen Keke act cause I haven’t watched the show. So I don’t know if she deserves it or not. She seems like a sweet person, though. Otherwise, I thought Selena should’ve won! :)


    Yea. True True I believe keke did deserve to win it. But . . . . I still wanted selena to win =P

  • Laney

    I was so happy when she won! I think Keke really deserved it.

  • Anna

    wish selena would’ve won but keke’s cute. haha.

  • swiftfan

    Don´t want to be rude or anything..but I think nearly everyone expected and wanted Selena Gomez to win. Her show and her movies have been so successful, and this is because she is such a great actress and a very special girl…but congrats to Keke.

  • pauli

    uhmmm wth? selena shoul´ve won!! shes the best…..

  • Nessa:)

    to tell you the truth i don’t think Selena Gomez should have won because everyone expects her to win everything shes nominated and its good that they see KeKe palmers acting instead of the actors that are always on the spotlight and always get followed by papz its good to know they don’t get pressured on what fans say the look inside the picture and to put the spotlight on other incredible actors don’t get me wrong i love selena just don’t get mad because she didn’t win one award trust me shes going to be many other awards shes going to win..

  • elle

    I’m not sure you guys know what you’re talking about. Keke has been in great movies and she had a great performance in Akeelah and the Bee while Selena was still doing things like Barney. Keke has had this award coming and she deserves it so much more than Selena. Selena has to do more than to be Alex Russo to deserve this award.

  • Sarah

    There was no chance Selena would’ve won this award. This award show is for coloured people, just like the Alma awards is for Latin people.
    Weird that she was even nominated..

  • supportive

    I love Selena but I’m so happy Keke won! I think she has incredible potential thats often over looked in Hollywood. Selena has received several awards and I predict she will continue to do so. Congratulations Keke and I love the both of you!

  • Loren

    Whatever Selena should’ve WON!

  • Kathy



  • Kyle

    Ms. Gomez was robbed!

  • koolkat

    @elle: Excuse you, it doesn’t matter how many movies Keke or Selena have done. They were each nominated for their acting performance on their show and that’s it. Personally, I think Selena is the better actress on her show than Keke is on her show. But I’m actually happy for Keke, because she seemed really happy and excited for this award.

  • elle

    It’s just annoying to me how everyone thinks Selena deserves everything. There are other great actresses out there, I just think Selena gets way too much attention and actresses like Keke need recognition too. I am a fan of Selena’s, there are just other’s out there as well.

  • koolkat

    @elle: Well, Alex Russo is a difficult character to play than True Jackson. Selena is the complete opposite of Alex, which is why people think she deserves that award and I agree with them. Alex is this sassy, mischievous, trouble-making, rebellious girl who’s tired of being in her older brother’s shadow. There is so many layers to that character, it’s a hard part to play.

  • Lu

    @Sarah: Latinos are also colored. The NAACP has strived for equality for all races, so I don’t think it’s weird that Selena was nominated.

  • Naomi

    im glad that keke won.

  • LSP


    “Colored people?” Wow, why not try a term that isn’t so old-fashioned and ignorant, like “African-Americans.”

    Selena was nominated because she deserved to be, just like all of the other nominees. Take some time to become educated.

    Congrats to Keke!

  • elle

    Well, maybe the NAACP Organization decided Selena hasn’t played Alex to her full potential yet. None of us are acting scouts or anything so we can’t say who deserved what. Obviously Keke won for a reasona and Selena lost for a reason. At least she was recognized for her talents. There’s always next year.

  • Courtney

    God I love her! Shes got such a warm heart. :)

  • MollyMakeout

    are you guys serious?have you ever seen keke act? she is AMAZING and shes also been in feature films unlike selena gomez who is a one trick pony all she does is deliver semi-witty lines while keke on the other hand has played a whole spectra of characters. at least know both sides before you make a judgment

  • miss

    awww im very happy keke won, when i was watching the show last night i told my sister i dont care if selena wins or keke, she agree too. they are both great actresses. so i was gonna be happy either way i love selena and keke too. so im very happy keke won and i loved her speech you can tell she was really happy to win her award lol it was funny and keke’s cute. im a big of selena’s but she cant win everything keke’s a great actress too!(:

  • rania

    Keke really deserved it.

  • jesse

    That is not fair keke won last year for true jackson v.p last year and the show just started and wizards is getting better so how did selena not win.

  • maddie

    I’m glad Keke won, she can actually act :)

  • Darius

    Glad Keke won tbh.

  • dally

    LMFAO at all the crying little babys saying selena should have won wah wah wah LMFAO at you fools

  • jasmine

    Seriously people Miley and Selena can’t win everything let Keke have aher damn moment of glorious win she deserved it! People *roll eyes*

  • elle

    LOL, i agree. Just in a nicer way.

  • sunni

    wow uu people think keke won because of her race
    we’ll some of you do, if you listened to when they
    said selena’s and keke name in nomniee lots
    of people clapped so it doesnt really matter god

  • Disneyfan101

    You are always making bad comments about selena. Get a life.

  • jasmine

    You guys need a lot of growing up to do. Can’t you see and realize both Chile and Hawaii are suffering right now with the devastation of Mother Nature and all you guys can complain and moan about is that Selena lost to an amazing and beautiful well deserved actress Keke Palmer. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves…

  • adam

    @jasmine im not ashamed :)

    nothing i can do about what happened. take it up with god if you have an issue about what happens in the world.

    but nice to see you left out Haiti your just another hot topic hopper.

  • chris

    So happy she won! She realy deserved it:)

  • Joochi

    Congrats to KeKe, she well deserves the award. As for Selena, she is still Disney and hasn’t done serious moives, of course the youngsters will agree but give Selena some time and she’ll follow in Miley’s footsteps and be considered for an award. Not because she gets nominated that she deserves the win, I’m pretty sure that the NAACP knows what they are doing so no need to get hot under the collar, KeKe is well deserved of the award.

  • Kyle

    keke is hot

  • tru

    both girls are great at what they do. i don’t think selena is whining about not winning, she was probably just as happy to be there and be recognized for her work. both girls are deserving of the award so it doesn’t really matter who won.

  • sfddgdhdfhyrthgr

    she tries to hard when she acts so i don’t think she deserves it. i don’t even think a lot of people watch that show

  • Blueyes

    @Sarah: ummmm we don’t call black/african-americans “coloured” here in america. selena totally should’ve won. she is so much better.

  • teo

    A little mad because Selena did NOT win, but I guess this is a big achievement for Keke because she is “colored people”.
    Always I will LOVE Selena… she is the MOST TALENTED and EVERYBODY knows that. :)

  • Amanda

    She tottaly deserved it. Selena doesn’t know act. It is very easy act like Alex Russo, because she is just like a normal teenager. But True Jackson has something special… Keke has done important carachters in movies, Selena has not.

  • go keke


  • gold baybay

    Keke Palmer has been acting since she was very young. She deserved this award. Selena Gomez didn’t. Ever seen Akeelah and the Bee? Amazing. Keke’s worked with Tyler Perry and the character she played was completely different than her Akeelah and The Bee character and her True Jackson V.P. Also check out the video “Runaway Love” that portrays her as a true actress. While Selena is clearly the more popular one, Keke is just, amazing. I mean, Selena’s only been in WOWP.

  • cupcakes

    i think selena should’ve won because selena is an amazing actress
    i mean keke is a good actress. some of u say keke is better then selena gomez becuz shes in more movies but it doesnt matter how much movie someone’s in. n some of u say that selena is only in WOWP but come on that show won an EMMY did keke movie/show win any award like emmy so clearly selena should’ve won

  • Sam

    Keke is so adorable!! Congrats to her :)

  • fell

    @gold baybay:
    selena started acting way younger on barney so clearly selena has more talent.

  • dally

    @fell hope your being sarcastic because no one learns how to act on fricking barney!!!! LMFAO

    keke has had a lot of REAL acting roles outside of disney compared to selena who has not had any real acting roles outside of disney “barney” “walker texas ranger” sorry doesn’t count.

    will these selena sped ever get over the fact selena lost! go cry on selena-fan like the rest of the people their non stop complaining over selena losing.