Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Marc Jacobs Mates

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Marc Jacobs Mates

Kevin and Danielle Jonas walk and talk as they leave the Marc Jacobs clothing store in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon (February 28).

Taking a different spin on things, we’re not going to say that there’s trouble in paradise because these two have only been married two months.

Kevin was spotted out yesterday, filming scenes for the upcoming season of JONAS. JJJ would love to know what exactly he and Nick find under this guy! Wouldn’t you?

10+ pics inside of Kevin and Dani shopping…

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  • Maki

    Wouldn’t you be upset too if there were paparazzi chasing after you? =/

  • London Lemming

    “Taking a different spin on things, we’re not going to say that there’s trouble in paradise because these two have only been married two months. ”
    I am guessing that other sources are saying it? But there was no reason for you to include it in this post.While trying to been seen as reputable you have merely provided another insentive for people to add fuel to the fire. It would have been far more classy NOT to have mentioned it.

    On a side note. I rather like Danielles top,the colour suits her!


    I don’t think they’ll be trouble in paradise at all. A couple can walk without holding hands, if anything Kevin looks a bit stressed by something, not annoyed.

    Of course there will be sites who’ll drag up rumours about trouble already but I’m glass JJJ noted there probably isn’t trouble already :)

  • fearless

    @London Lemming: i think the same.. there’s no reason to mention it.. i don’t see any trouble

  • lovebug

    Kevin needs to start spending less time shopping; and more time at the gym. He’s become a chubby hubby.

  • cravinganicecream

    Just because they’re not smooching or kissing all the time doesn’t mean there’s trouble. I love how Dani dresses <3

  • M

    How exactly do you go from walking and talking to saying you’re not saying there is trouble in paradise?? Are there other sources saying it. Even if they were, no need to mention it here, you are just following the rumors then.

  • abby

    I feel like those boot are the only boots she owns. Same for the handbag. Damnit Kevin buy your wife some new shoes and a new handbag lol. ;)

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Thats how being married is! I mean, there are going to be hard times but you have your wife to support you and to help you handle all the stuff, and even if the thing is with your wife, thats how being married is, you have good times but like that, you will have bad times too, it doesnt mean that you are gonna get divorced just because you got mad! hahaha that would be stupid, besides if you love eachother, you are going to go trough everything, and when I say everything is everything! Doesnt matter how small or big it would be, you are going to deal with it! I think everything is going just find with Kanielle…

  • xoxo

    i really dont like this girl..why does she not work anymore? Yes i am aware she will never need to work a day in her life…but at that age you should want to….its good for you, it builds character and allows you to grow up and learn to handle responsibilities…and why is it that whenever these two are shopping…they are at Chanel, or Gucci or Marc Jacobs..???
    and to whomever started to stupid their marriage is in trouble stuff…well couples fight…its normal, get over it..just cause you have a fight or argument (whether or not in public) doesnt mean your marriage is on the rocks

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Paparazzis are really annoying so maybe thats why they dont see that happy… Maybe they just wanted to have a normal shopping!

  • Just Jill

    Google it. Lots of sites are saying that there is “trouble in paradise.”

  • amy

    @London Lemming:

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I totally agree.

    That comment on JJJ about trouble in paradise was so uncalled for. They are only married 2 months & I wonder how other young married couples would act with cameras in their faces everywhere they go. Danielle is much less used to the cameras all over – where she lived in NJ there were not paparazzi following her every step & people blogging & scrutinizing her every move & what she wears & the expression on her face. The paparazzi are bad enough for the celebrity who has “signed on” to be in the public eye – JJJ give these two a break.

  • cam


    Jealous much? No one cares if you don’t like her. I bet you’d be ok with not working & shopping if it were you. Leave them alone. They are fine – just having a conversation.

    and @justjill – All this stuff about google – please! People grow up – they are fine – now if the paparazzi would leave them alone it would be good.

  • Kelly

    Plus if there was “trouble in paradise” Kevin would be spending alot more time with his brothers, and working than with Daniella, also if there was “trouble in paradise” he wouldn’t be wearing his wedding ring, some guys do that when a couple is having problems.

  • xoxo


    okay chill..all i said was i didnt like her…never called her names bashed her or their relationship. And actually no i wouldnt be okay with not working for a living. Again, I dont think shes lazy or anything like that…but I think having a job serves for other pruposes too, like the ones i stated in my first comment. and i never said their relationship wasnt fine, so again..maybe you should read a little better….i said all couples argue and thats normal, that is if they were even in an argument to begin again..chill.

  • pup

    @lovebug: BAHAHAAAA!!!!!! Agree.

  • Joochi

    Danielle is pretty but she has got a bit shnozzle! I wonder if she’s going to get it repaired? Wouldn’t put it past that thought. I don’t think there is trouble in the marriage, it’s just troublesome to have the paps there all the time, anyone can get pissed.

  • lulu

    It’s because apparently they had a massive row in a supermarket because Danielle asked Kevin to get food but he didn’t. Nothing big though, and all married couples argue, if they didn’t, then I’d say there was a problem! But no big deal JJJ x x x

  • Mandy

    @abby hahahahaha right!!!! :P She always uses that bag!! Thats rly funny