Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Tour Toluca Lake

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Tour Toluca Lake

Taking advantage of the sunny weather, Miley Cyrus leads boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in a bike ride around the neighborhood on Friday afternoon (March 5) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The darling duo star in the upcoming The Last Song as Ronnie and Will. The flick tells the story of a rebellious girl (Cyrus) who is sent to a Southern beach town for the summer to stay with her father. Through their mutual love of music, the estranged duo learn to reconnect.

Miley, 17, will be presenting this weekend at the 2010 Oscars.

“The Last Song” Forever TV Spot
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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Lilian

    what is it with Miley and bike riding with her boyfriends? XD
    love her <3

  • Lydia

    i can’t wait
    m e l so sweet

  • sam

    they are adorable they won my heart. they are a really hot looking couple together. miley looks so happy and liam is really hot. they are so real and good looking.

  • azalea

    another bike riding with her boyfriend
    so cute =D
    love her outfits tho =D

  • truth

    I can’t wait for the movie is driving me crazy to wait so long i want to see how they fall in love and i want to see their chemistry. Miley and liam are one sexy couple. she gorgeous and he very handsome.

  • Mary

    How old is he? He doesnt look like her boyfriend.

  • jessica

    aww they are so cute. love her.
    and she looks really pretty with her hair like that.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Well, Liam does not have a job…..may as well ride bikes like a 13 year old. Wonder if he can sing “Yesterday”, has a best friend named Garrett Jiroux, and will start wearing white t-shirts like Justin Gaston? Yeah, another douche bag lap dog in the making. Only difference, this one has an accent. Mate.

  • Juli


    he’s 19

  • sandra
  • LUCY

    I love them together. Miam are so cute. I think and hope that this relationship will last a while!. ;)

  • Natalie

    Oh how cute. The classic bike ride, runs, milkshakes and then they break up.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Reasonable Doubt: he has a job hun, it’s CALLED ACTING. The only DOUCHE Miley ever dated was that FAME WH()RE JONAS

  • Vic2763

    Well, I guess Liam really is the bf. The’ve done the bike ride together.

  • Emma

    i hate the last song sooooo much cause they bring out so many trailers and make us wait for the movie. I read the book last year and fell in love with it but then died when i found out it was becoming a movie and that we had to wait soooo long.

  • warrior!

    miley looks horrible with her hair like that, sorry dear but you no has the face to put your hair up, makes you look so ugly, your face is fat and big…..

  • leticia

    wow warrior or should I say SELENA Jealous much

  • rikki

    @Reasonable Doubt:

    Ouch! haha SO TRUE though.

  • yeee

    @Reasonable Doubt:
    PUAHAHA! true. and i love how everyone sees the trend/stages she goes with her bf. “the bike ride” has been crossed off the list.

  • rachel

    what is it with Miley and bike riding with her boyfriends? XD+1
    LOVE HER !!!!

  • Megan

    can people shut up and stop criticizing the way she looks. shes out with her bf having funn. she doesnt need to look like shes on the red carpet. relax yourself/
    theyre an adorable couple. im glad mileys happy. she needed that. i love them together. hope it stays like that for a whilee<3
    and did anyonenotice shes got a new bike?? shes not using the one nick or her with the roses and vines on it…lol just sayinn.


  • wow


    yes, so true. Go back a year & this was Justin & she looked much happier with Justin. It’s the accent & the fact that this guy tells her what she wants to hear. Can’t wait for the next movie & leading man & this relationship will be so over. ha. this girl is so predictable. I hate this severe pulled back ponytail she is sporting lately – it does nothing for her face & makes her look old & beat, definitely not a good look for her.

  • http://! fearless

    eew next time try using a bra and stop flashin your n*ipples

  • billythekid

    I just got a case of Deja vu here!


    I disagree entirely with your rant. I think Miley most certainly has the face and looks to put her hair back like that. Every time I have ever seen her with this casual look, I’ve always thought it was sweet and innocent. Fat face? Please, do yourself a favor and stop being petty and using silly demeaning comments that obviously don’t fit to what this girl has going on right now. Please use more relevant criticism that can at least stand up to scrutiny!


    WTF? I’m a guy and I didn’t even notice that. Get your head out of the gutter young lady! Or immature young man, whichever fits!

  • leticia

    fearless are you talking about selena because shes the one who goes out with no bra and see through shirts..

  • Lor

    Hahahahaha this girl is soooo predictable:Oh look i have a hot/famous boyfriend,my boyfriend hangs out with me lalalalala…and 5 or 6 months later they break up hahahahahaha Miley youre almost 18 now GROW UP girl.I’m not a fan of Selena,Jonas or any disney stars but this girl is the worst of all of them

  • m

    Fearless, why do you post shit comments on every Miley post? Are you really that jealous? GRFO of Mileyy posts of GROW UP.

  • Cameron bee

    She looks like she found the love of her life, they are beautiful together !
    Its so simple to see :)

  • rania

    the haters are just Selena or her famewhore Cousin

    Miley and Liam are cute

  • Sketch

    LMAO. At the hate comments made by Taylor and Selena fans. I dont like Miley but this is just plain RUDE.

  • Tiffany

    @fearless: lol wtf? nobody didnt even notice that except u, and her shirt isnt even see through so i dont know how u can see her n*pples? u must be an immature little perv

  • ems

    why bring someone with self respect into this?
    selena’s shirt was not see-through.

  • ems

    @Reasonable Doubt:

    O-U-C-H haha, thats true!

  • Tiffany

    They look so cute on their bikes!!!!!! Get all of Miley’s clothes here


    Okay people, they are not going to break up so shut up. Shes not flaunting him. Theyre just riding bikes. God. Get a life haters! You dont even know them. Maybe he wont be like the other boyfriends she has had. It seems like she mkaes her happy and thats all al that counts.

  • mrs.nickjonas

    Why everytime there’s a Miley post someone brings up selena? come on! Let’s comment about miley and liam here,ok? Let’s talk about selena on selena’s posts…. Stop fighting! Everybody has the right to like them or not! Love both, btw….

  • Bella

    @Reasonable Doubt:
    I agree its a trend she has got going on. She is not that pretty either I cant see what All these guys see in here.
    And no Im not a selena fan either and Im not jealous. I would never want to be her or have her life. I have a great life!

  • lol


    HE”S 20!

  • cam


    Miley fans are much more rude – read some of the posts for Selena or Taylor & you will see. I personally don’t see the need on a post for say Miley to bring up Selena and vice versa.

  • Gossip Girl

    @ems: um yes Selena’s shirts ARE SEE THROUGH perv that’s why her black and blue bras and undergarments are noticeable

  • mileyglamourworld
  • http://google xxwolf

    there no hating on selena n i cant wait tell the new movie come out ill be juging it

  • http://google dragon

    dont hate on selena n besise i like her n also cant wait tell last song comes out

  • caroline

    hes 20

  • missdestinyhope

    @lol: no, Liam is the same age as Kristen Stewart :19

  • aa

    @Reasonable Doubt:
    Miley’s 17, Liams 19
    Obviously Liam has a job, he’s an actor..
    You haters don’t know anything!

>>>>>>> staging1