Kevin Jonas is JFK Cute

Kevin Jonas is JFK Cute

Kevin Jonas keeps a hold on his shoulder bag and jacket as he arrives at JFK airport on Thursday morning (March 11) in NYC.

The 22-year-old musician looks to be carrying pup Riley in an LV carrying bag.

Kevin and brothers Joe and Nick will be heading to NYC again next month for T.J. Martell Foundation Family Day, where they will be honored.

Check out the video below where the JoBros dish on how you can make a difference:

The Jonas Brothers — T.J. Martell Foundation
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  • jaya


  • florencia

    yes … he is … !!!!! <3

  • Keys

    He has really packed on the pounds since the marriage.

  • ornella

    love him so much …

  • @kevjonasfans

    I love him! he’s so beautiful♥ its been a long time since i dont see him alone (:

  • lulu

    aww ther all so cute i just wana hug them all! x x x

  • arrowhead

    ewww isn’t he too old for Disney now

  • Bethany


    You are right. He is so sexy. Wonder where Danielle is, but he is amazing :)

  • Jenna

    haha wow marriage has made him a little chubby. but I still love him

  • jessica

    idk why eveyones making a big deal. i mean hes not that fat.

  • Rain

    @arrowhead hes younger than half the people that were in HSM! Monique Coleman is in her late late 20s!

  • Mary

    cuttie! anh hot! love him!

  • Brian

    Love The Jonas Brothers!!!! Wish Nick Jonas would have done more solo dates though so I could catch that show :)

  • jonaslove

    I love him!!! I love all Jonases ( mama & papa J included) PLEASE vote for them for KCA!!! they deserve favorite music group!!!

  • Amanda

    Bah hahaha I think since he got married hes just letting himself go…START WORKING OUT SON!

  • cam

    not really. a lot of the disney stars are older than him. Jason Earls, Ashley Tisdale, & Demi’s co star on Sonny to name a few.


    if he wasnt with danielle and i wasnt with joe LMAO i’d so marry him.


  • aliceec


  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @arrowhead: Arrowhead, be nice. He’s not too old for Disney. No one is too ld for Disney.

    @aliceec: Kevin is pretty amazing isn’t he, but Joe is my favorite hence my screen name. :)

  • your mother

    Tiffany is only 2 years older
    not a big difference

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Brian: OMG, Brian, do you own the site Just curious cause of your link. If you do I follow you on twitter.

  • Jonasbrotherslover!

    I was about to say it looks like hes gain a little weight since he married

  • Bethany


    Aliceec, he is my fav Jonas too! He is just too hot for words.

  • Carla

    He’s gettin fat :e

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Kevin seems a little bit tired… maybe it was the flight, too long maybe, about him gaining weight, I dont think he is actually, I mean, he is just an average guy! If you got to notice a love handle, then he would be chubby, but for me he is in a good shape…

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    HAHA! oh my gaush like do you see him! he shouldve auditioned for a role in Alvin in the chipmunks! he looks like a chunky monkey! he probably smothers shanelle in bed when their getting down. that poor girl shouldve ran when she had the chance. “cute” not even i guess cute if you enjoy chipmunks with chest hair and a jew fro! lets stop posting about this overweight white bread with hair, and move on to more important things like joe and i’s sex tape where nick makes a special apperance ;) i kid you not that this is something to look out for. Its called ” jonas brothers make a sandwhich” IN STORES APRIL 3RD ! go out n get that shit! i look hot n will signing the dvd in nyc on april 12th at conway!

  • maggie

    Kevin’s a lil bit chubby.. but Danielle on the other hand is SO SKINNY!!.. LOL but whatever.. I <3 JB!

  • jasmine

    What is Danielle feeding him these days ? xD

  • kLaaRii

    Kevin I love youuuuuuuuu!! <3<3<3<3 i luv jobros 4eveeer!