Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Rock the Houston Rodeo

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Rock the Houston Rodeo

Justin Bieber jumps high in the air as Selena Gomez sings her heart out at the Houston Rodeo in Texas on Sunday night (March 21).

JJJ reader Jessie writes to us about the concert, “It was amazing, there was a 72,883 attendance record and they were both AMAZING! I wasn’t that close but because of the way the stadium is arranged and with the spinning stage, it’s a great show from anywhere. It was both their biggest crowd they’ve ever performed in front of and they each did something special for us. Selena explained that she was named after a ‘Tejano Singer’ as she said it, Selena Quintanilla, and she performed her song ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom’ all in spanish for us and I was extremely impressed. Her voice was flawless!”

She continued, “Justin decided to jam the heck out of the guitar at one point and everyone went crazyyy, I didn’t know he was that good!!! He also did something very sweet and unplanned right before he was about to leave. He stopped the background music from his band that was meant to be played while he made his exit and told us that it was the biggest crowd he’d ever performed in front of and that he was extremely thankful and wanted to do one more thing for us. He went on to explain how he was just a Canadian boy from a small town and that he was discovered on Youtube by singing ‘With You’ by Chris Brown! He sang it a capella for us and I’ve never heard him sing so good! Also, at the end of the video a girl got past security and ran up and started climbing the screen on the bottom to get to the stage but she was intercepted by a bouncer and dragged back to her seat, haha. You can see it happen in the bottom right corner towards the end!”

Check out all the videos from Jessie below! 20+ pics inside…

Selena Gomez Covers “Bidi Bidi Boom Boom”

Justin Bieber Drums

Justin Bieber – “With You”
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Photos: Mark C Austin/startraksphoto
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  • jess efron

    uhm i love Selena so much

  • julie

    aww, i <3 justin

  • cheskasg

    selenalenaa i love my girl

    you rock.sound amazing :)

  • p.diddy

    Selena is improving she sang it very well and Justin ehm I don’t like him

  • yhanie24

    i really love you Justin Bieber ♥ wish you could the Philppines too. dont forget to pray and TAKE CARE always. :D

  • yoyo

    Selena is so pretty and so talented! I was there and she sounds AMAZING! And Justin looks so damn cuteeee I don’t like him but I think he’s cute both were amazing the best rodeo OF ALL TIME! The Jonas and Demi can’t compare ;)

  • babybiebz

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah Justin :D I love him and Selena to! My favorites they break records man they excpected 70,000 but there were like 76,000 ( Justin said it) RESPECT!

  • freezy

    I hate Justin :/ He’s arrogant but because of Selena I’m starting to like this boy I don’t kno why :D Anyways Selena is an amazing singer!!!

  • Danni

    I’m sorry but Selena does not have a good singing voice. I think she needs some more voice lessons to make her voice stronger, she’s using her ‘upper head’ register instead of her diaphragm.

  • damn

    The cutest teenies is Hollywood ;)
    Gotta love them like candy hah and Selena looks hot

  • kendra

    I love them so much! Thank you for this wondeful expirience

  • yhanie24

    i really love you Justin Bieber ♥ i wish you could the Philippines too. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. :)

  • Cheesecakefortaylor

    Everyone who say that Selena can’t sing is obviously jelous! I mean Leasten to her she sounds soooooooooo good! Not the best singer but defenitely a good singer! I’m gonna buy her every single album and support her!

  • tales

    selena can’t sing. she didn’t even hold the song and she was out of breath and she didn’t even hold the long note selena quintanilla held when she sang and the twirl she didn’t even do it complete. selena don’t copy a dead person please .

  • swifty


  • Parislovesselena

    Selena is something special she is just awesome! Can’t wait for her europe tour she is already very famous but she will become a real superstar!

  • Liltwist

    My cuties :D So sweet and very talented

  • kendra


    Of course she can’t sing like the other Selena but she was not that bad! I was there and she sounds amazing! You are just searching for something bad to say! She’s amazing accept it please? And she did a cover because she respect Selena Q.!
    You jealous people should just shut up!

  • Selenaruleez




  • mileysuxx

    She is just perfect! Love her and Justin is cute like a lil baby and sings good :)

  • beatrice

    justin is amazing :) selena is good too :)

  • selenaQ.RIP


    Well I saw her live and she did a pretty good job! I love Selena Quintanilla and her songs and I can tell that Selena G.’s spanish has improved and she was very good! Maybe you should first listen to it ;) beacuse if you listened to it you couldn’t tell all these lies!
    The fact is that Selena is improving with every show and she has a wonderful voice! I’m not a obsessed fan but I like her because she is very sweet and talented!

  • Nelenahater

    OMG OMG OMG :D she is so amazing and justin 2! there were so many people they are real superstars!!!

  • Nelenahater


    I know by the Demi and Jonas Brothers Rodeo were not so many people!
    Selena and Justin are better and more populair!

  • selbetterthanmiles

    Selena is adorable!!! I will always love and support her she’s gorgeous and Justin is good to :) Watch out Selena is coming this is gonna be her year with her tour and movies YAY she deserves all the success!!!

  • Tiffany

    I wish I was there to see this concert! Selena is so talented. Get all of her clothes here

  • bowwow4ever

    My mom gave me 2 tickets so I went there and I totally loved it! I like Justin’s songs and all but Selena killed it she improved so much she is now a profecional(sry if I spelled it wrong) singer!

  • NYC

    Selena did hit the high notes SO good! 1:56 AMAZING! Way to go Selena!!

  • mizzzloveitall

    Justin Bieber is so cute and Selena Gomez is really pretty i love all of their songs and they are one of my favorite singers but Justin Bieber comes first on my list of favorite singers AND TELL ME WHAT YOUR FAVORITE JUSTIN BIEBER AND SELENA GOMEZ SONG

  • pauli

    @Cheesecakefortaylor youre so rigth….. i couldn´t be more agree with you!!!

  • pauli

    selena is sooo amazing and i love how she sound, and always looks so damn gorgeous ;)

  • pauli

    oh btw for @tales get out of here, youre so to much jelous of selena, sooo shut up you idot!!!

  • tales


    sorry but am used real singers and I expect someone who has a record to be a great singer not crappy like I just heard and she didn’t even sing spanish well.

  • tales


    I sing better than her there is nothing to be jelouse about trust me. It is sad that real people with amazing voice like I see in my music class don’t have a record deal when someone as bad as her gets one.

  • Danni

    I gave an honest critique using musical terms that any trained musician would know and I’m jealous. Please! You tweens are rididculous. She doesn’t have a strong singing voice and with some lessons she could improve drastically was and still is my point.

  • jenny

    Danni: what do you think about justins singing voice? do you think he can sing? if you dont you must be hearing bad, cuz justin bieber can sing


    Justin Bieber is sooo hot !!!!!!!!!

  • blaireb

    @tales: it’s great that conceited, cocky, self-absorbed people like YOU don’t have record deals, because it just shows the great the world is. :)

    You think you’re a better singer than her? Hahaha! Doubt it.

  • koolkat

    @tales: I’m Hispanic and speak Spanish and I can tell you right now that Selena sang that song very well. She got most of the pronunciation right and is improving a lot. If you don’t like her, then kindly GTFO. No one wants your negativity.

  • koolkat

    @Danni: Excuse you? How dare you call us “tweens” for expressing our own mind? Just because you don’t think she sounded that great, doesn’t mean you have to insult us just because we don’t agree with you! We all have different opinions!

    Selena sang that song amazingly and I’m proud of her! :)

  • flyaway

    Selena is not the best singer in the whole entire world, but she can sing and people need to give her a break, because she has been improving a lot lately.

  • http://facebook ade 24

    justing its a very good singing .i love him .jul 25 20010 he going too be in phoeniz az (formerla glendale arena) i going too see him

  • my

    @tales: Shut up and stop hating.

  • cam

    Love her – Love “Naturally” & glad to see & hear how well she is doing. I love that she & Justin had the biggest audience at the rodeo. Good for them! Justin B. is cute too.

  • swiftfan

    selena looks so cute! =D

  • Danni


    I’m a music teacher sweetie, I know good singers when I hear them. Justin is okay but again needs some vocal lessons and his voice will sound much better once it drops and he completes puberty.

  • Danni


    Eh and I disagreed! And I didn’t insult anyone until one of you lame kids implied that I was a hater after I gave an honest critique on how she can improve as a singer. And this is a blog site, not her fan site. I don’t have to “GTFO” of anywhere. Hence the beauty of the internet.

  • shutup


    haahhahaha okay maybe I would believe you but justin really? he sounds like a girl sometimes…and I like selena’s voice her voice isn’t that strong but that doesn’t mean that she can’t sing! Go and die that’s all i have to say!

  • zena


    I’ll assume you’re joking, right? Demi/Jonas brought in 72,475 people, setting the highest record at that date. If a few hundred more did end up showing to Bieber/Gomez, I’ll assume that the little fan girls were out in full force.

    I still can’t understand how or why girls pass out over this guy, and start physical fights. It’s just ridiculous.

  • mika


    haha, NICE!

    Anyways, no matter how hard Disney promotes Selena, i’m still not buying it. As an artist, it’s pretty bad to act and start a singing branch. Just stick to one thing. It’s obvious that Selena is trying to milk out all of the money she can right now while she’s famous.
    And this is my honest opinion and in no way am I saying she is not talented, she is … just in acting.