Miley Cyrus Wants To Keep on Learning

Miley Cyrus Wants To Keep on Learning

Miley Cyrus and Nicholas Sparks stop by Good Morning America to chat about their new movie, The Last Song, with host Robin Roberts on Monday morning (March 29).

The 17-year-old actress and author opened up about what they didn’t want in the movie.

Miley shared, “I didn’t want singing to be something I always rely on. Music is my passion and probably what I’m best at but acting, I still have so much to learn. With music too, I mean, I learned a lot. I want to keep on learning.”

Check out the rest of the interview below!

FYI: Miley was wearing Melinda Maria‘s Oxidized Link Ring.

Miley Cyrus & Nicholas Sparks – “Good Morning America” – 03/29

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Photos: Ida Mae Astute/ABC
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  • caro

    she is just so pretty :DDD

  • tess

    miley is really good in such talk shows!!

  • sophieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    She is so talented and she is so beautiful
    She deserved the award selena won! selena didnt deserved it

  • Anna

    this movie needs to come out already, and then go away. cause if i see another advertisment/ commercial for that movie i may scream.

  • leesha


  • mika

    get rid of the extensions, please.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Music is her passion, but she is quitting? I think she is quitting because her loser boyfriend Li-Tard is only good at acting (if you can call what he does acting). She is sacrificing her talent and career to come down to his no-talent level. Sad. Guess what Miley? When and IF you decide to play musician again, we the fans may NOT still be here. Oh, and Liam sucks monkey butt. Ugly, low brow troll looking kangeroo. Yes, I went there.

  • lol

    she can’t sing even sing lol

  • mika

    @Reasonable Doubt:

    OMG HAHA, that’s SO true.
    The ugly troll looking kangeroo part was the BEST part of your comment there. Well done.

  • victoria

    i love miley, and i am so looking forward to this movie!
    and she is quitting singing, she is just taking a break.. and jeez, please have a little bit more class, thank you.

  • Anh

    OMG…people..give her a break. She just has like a Big hit Party in the USA not long ago. Let her take a break. What’s wrong with acting. Plus…at least she can act and sing….many celeb out there who can’t sing still sing and no one say anything. Stop the Jealousy..PEACE out

  • jessica

    im not a such a huge fan of hers but i love her interviews. there so interesting for some reason. i just have to watch it.

  • Jess!


  • Jess!


  • mileyroxx

    @Reasonable Doubt:
    she doent know singin…..DO U F*N KNOW???????????
    liam is kabgaroo(plzz learn 2 write first..)..den tell me….r u pig…??o sumthin mch hillarious den dat…
    i dont understand why god created some animals lookin lyk humanz wid NO BRAINs ON…
    get lyf u D*head..

  • http://sooo xp jonas

    sooo cute ilove you miley <3

  • Mileyrocks

    Totally agree with Anh…
    at least she can sing AND act many celebs out there *cough* selena goatmez*cough* should just stick to acting..
    I love Miley and she’s right

  • fjfjf

    to the two people that called liam a kangaroo yes thats how you spell kangaroo the first person spelt kangaroo “kangeroo” and the 2nd person spelt kangaroo “kabgaroo”
    your both idiots.
    how can you describe someone as being a kangaroo just because hes from australia. and im from australia too. so its just annoying me, leave him alone i think he’s doing a good job.

  • kriti sharma

    she is gorgeous and most beautiful and most kind hearted person i had ever seen. i am u r huge fan i love u lot miley and i was suppose to attend the first show at theater but my mom dont let me so cause my sis got married so love u pic the last song keep going sweety ur fan kriti age 15 love u have a britter futre klove u sweetie :)