Ashley Tisdale: Sharpay Returns!

Ashley Tisdale: Sharpay Returns!

Everyone’s favorite love-to-hate character, Sharpay Evans, is coming back!

Ashley Tisdale has inked a deal with with Disney to reprise her role as Sharpay in Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.

The DCOM’s production will begin this summer for a 2011 premiere. Ashley will also exec produce the movie with HSM alums Barry Rosenbush and Bill Borden. The flick was written by Robert Horn.

Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures follows the thespian who is about to meet her destiny on Broadway, and luckily, theater lighting highlights her hair and skin tone beautifully. Her big break comes after a talent scout spots her performing with her dog Boi at a charity gala, and now there’s not a marquee big enough or lights bright enough to contain the glorious fame she plans on having. Sharpay and Boi head to New York, but theatre is a dog eat dog world, and nothing turns out as Sharpay expects, especially when she meets her match in a rather daunting Broadway starlet.

The Great White Way is all Sharpay’s ever dreamed of, especially since she already has everything else. Life in the big city is a shock, but there’s an even bigger bombshell when Sharpay finally realizes the Broadway role is really for Boi, not her. Putting her disappointment aside, she sets out to make Boi the most fabulous canine star to hit the stage, with the hope that his fame will become her fame (after all, she is his entourage and she holds the leash). Before long, Sharpay makes a new friend in a student filmmaker, Callem, who finds her to be a fascinating subject. Meanwhile, Boi finds puppy love on a Big Apple adventure of his own.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure?

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  • fifi_

    cannot wait <3

  • anouschka

    arghh , ah come on everyone from HSM moved on why doesn’t she?
    Okay i love all three the movies , but another new one with ONLY sharpay?
    I say NO a big NO
    For her “disney carreers”" it’s good
    But for het mature carreer no!

    greetz from the Netherlands ( europe ).

  • Talia

    Omg omg I never thought anyone from HSM would ever go back and have anything else to do with it so exited fr it such a shame it’s not
    in the UK x x

  • xx

    I think her show could work and possibly ask V or Zac to make cameoss..

  • tess

    WOW!!! I can’t believe!!

  • Bea

    Cool! She’s amazing!

  • Geekay07

    awesome…. so excited!!

  • taylor

    Is Ashley confirmed to do this? I though it was just based on Sharpay and they were getting someone new to play her. It will l be a little hard for Ashley to fit it in with Hellcats filming at the same time. Not to mention she’s said a hundred times that she’s done with Sharpay and HSM. I don’t know, she’s been rumored to do so many things, I’m not really going to believe it until it comes straight from her mouth.

  • SSR

    No.. I thought she MOVED ON! I’ll still watch it but i think she should take more mature roles

  • kami

    really? i think this is not true. she wouldn’t do this would she?

  • emmy

    I know it’s one day early, but could this be an April Fool’s Joke? I want to see a source for this.

  • Vanessa lover

    I would have never of thought that one person of the hsm cast would actually go back and do something with their character.

  • joceelyynn


  • bruno

    I CANT BELIEVE IT! hope its true! i really wanna see this!

  • emmy

    And what about her hair? She just dyed it back to brunette. I doubt she’ll dye it blonde again, but then it wouldn’t really be Sharpay if she’s not blonde. It’d just be weird.

  • mike

    wow exited to see it sounds great

  • DisneyTeencentral


    I hope so!

  • jess

    wow, this is really true?

  • Just Jill

    @emmy: The source is Disney Channel. The press release was just sent out

  • abby

    This is just down right a BADDDDDDDDDDDD idea. WTF happen to Ash wanting to be more grown up roles? More movies? Why is she falling back into the Disney trap?

    Is this like the only offer she got? If so as much as I love as he career is going no where. :(

  • Sierra

    YAY i can’t wait

  • ILY22

    The concept would work, there are plenty of HSM fans that would support this movie and would be looking forward to see something new from the HSM franchise.

    Personally, I’m surprised because it seems that she was trying really hard to separate herself from anything that had to do with Disney, for example her hair. When she launced her 2nd album, she just kept saying over and over again how she feels more like a brunette and she was elated when she found out that she gets to keep the hair colour for Hellcats.

    Although, I’m not sure what the big deal is. She can just colour her hair back anytime. IMO I think she looks good with brown hair but stands out and it looks better when she is a blonde.

    I do hope that she isn’t too proud to reprise this role because she did do a fabolous job with it! I guess we will see :)

  • What?!?!

    This is a joke right?!?!

  • lol

    I’m sorry but this has FAIL written all over it

  • pam

    Can’t blame the girl for going back to what works for her. As for the hair, Sharpay could wear different wigs – she is a all about the show after all.

    Though it is such a shame Ashley did that Nylon interview where she said she graduated from her HSM role. I suppose people could argue she won’t be in high school in this. Of course die-hards fans would forgotten about that already or forgive the Tizz for the fib. At least she hopes so anyway. So far, the target audience for this movie are overwhelmingly excited for this project – more so than that HSM4. Though I’m afraid this would probably end up going straight to DVD or staying a DCOM.

    And here I was having high hopes for Ashley. She is starting to sound desperate and pushing or trying so hard. I blame it all in the pressure of having CAA as her agency. They are trying to make her a star fast. I guess I was wrong when I told someone she will be the one amongst the Wildcats to really hit it big. I guess I have to wait a lot longer for that to happen now since even if this project proves to be a success – it would definitely box Ashley in the role for a long long time.

  • taylor

    OK. I just read her rep confirmed it. This sucks.
    But whatever, it’s not really that big of a deal. She can do whatever the hell she wants, it’s just a movie. She’s probably getting paid millions for this, so I can’t say I blame her.

  • abby

    @pam: Sad part is everyone thought she was going to be like the big breakout star of the cast and turns out Zac and Vanessa are. I think everyone knew Zac was going to make it big but everyone thought it was going to be Ash who made it big with him, not Vanessa. Kinda sad. She’s the only who’s been doing this forever yet it seems like all she wants to do with work for Disney the rest of her life. Sorry Ash but that can’t happen. HSM cast are going to grow up, move on and become adults (most already have). Fact of the matter is she can’t hold on to the HSM fame forever.

  • Anna

    what as all that crap about her wanting to break away from disney?
    is kenny directing it i wonder?

  • http://sdad unknown92

    It’s not a HSM movie, get lost.

  • M

    Can’t get any other jobs, can she? This is stupid, sounds stupid, looks desperate, everythign in one.

    Go and find some roles that will challenge you and make you at least try to become a real actress.

  • abby

    @Anna: Most likely not. Kenny turned down HSM4 because the real cast wasn’t doing it and he wanted to do other non Disney stuff. So he most likely wont be directing it.

  • musicgirl

    hahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahah ! FAIL!!!!!!

  • sammie

    I love Sharpay. She was the best part in all HSM

  • 2bedatcool

    what a loser zac and vaness makin movies lucas own his production company corbin is on broadway and now she is going backwards good luck jhoney

  • musicgirl

    okey no but seriously, i really dont understand, she has talked so much about how she wants to be a more mutture actress and get out of disney, soo,, but whatever:)

  • Amy

    This is stupid! Yes I know HSM is popular but this is ridiculous. They should have stopped it at HSM 3 but they have to try and squeeze everything they can out of the popularity. People are going to end up bored soon!

  • Emily

    I feel like she’s doing it, if it’s true, because she gets to help produce it. They probably offered her a lot.

    I love Ash, and I think that she’s been trying to grow up. But she’s still associated with Disney, and this is an opportunity for a new movie.

  • hellnoooo

    I can’t believe it! I mean I would probably watch it because it is in connection with HSM but I’m sure even the most die-hard fans would spend their money and time on something else instead.

    If the shooting date were 2009, I would say OK, why not. But by 2011 almost everyone will have forgotten who Sharpay Evens had been. And I really doubt any of the original cast members would make a cameo, Lucas included. He didn’t attend any of the premieres after all because I think he wanted to let the franchise go (I know that he was shooting a movie but he could have arranged to go to one of the prems).

    If Ashley gets only bad scripts to read or roles to play, she should reconsider her career and fully turn to producing. If she wants to have a big name in the industry one day, she should forget about this movie, in my opinion, because the only thing she will make is a fool of herself.

  • annasaurus

    Hey, as along as she’s getting paid, don’t begrudge her efforts to stick to CW shows and tv movies.

  • Jez

    Is she having trouble getting new movies or she’s just choosing to go backwards? I seriously think she should let go of the HSM Franchise (or Disney Channel all together) and take up serious roles that could actually get her somewhere. But whatever, it is her career and all and we can’t tell her what to do and what not to do. Good luck Ash.

  • AShley P.

    OH wow. I was excited until I heard the plot. REALLY? Oh god.
    I love ashley I REALLY do but this is just like a no. It sounds horrible. She should keep trying to get away from disney.

    It’s like once you’re in you’re in for almost life..unless you do nude pix or drugs or some crazy stuff like that.

  • ep

    i don’t get it. i don’t get what kind of career she’s trying to develop for herself. she’s a decent actress so i have no idea why she wants to continue to stick with disney when she’s half way to 30. hsm was great for it’s time, but don’t you think the well is tapped out and now it’s time to move on?

  • so bad

    Except for a lot of money and the call of fame, i don”t see the point for ashley to reprise the role of sharpay! There is no challenge, like she ask for months! She has to be coherent between what she said and what she is actually doing!

    If she wants to stay on tv, it could be a good choice but a role to a DCOM, really? If she doesn’t manage to have mature projects, she have to change her team with people who really believe in her and her talent and who have ambition for her!

    Just hope, she is happy with her actual projects!

  • http://... me

    I don’t know, or care, about the rest of you guys… but, I can’t wait.

  • Oceania

    Yey! More Sharpay! <3
    Ashley has a lot happening now, what with Hellcats, and staring in this movie and being the executive producer of the DCOM! Isn’t it also confirmed that she has a part in Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D as well. And her latest album went gold-certificate. I don’t understand why people are bad-mouthing her? If it is what she wants to do, than that is perfectly fine. I wish her the best of luck with all her current and future projects. Disney is what made her, and what’s wrong with going back to work for Disney? Nothing! HSM was a fantastic film, and I know that Ash said that she didn’t want to portray Sharpay again, but she didn’t say that she WOULDN’T play her again, so really.. no fail, lying, or anything.
    Congrats Ashley for getting this role, and being able to be a executive producer too! GL

  • Phil

    I thought that another segment of hsm will be too much…
    but I never thought that the stroy could trun this way…
    and i think that’s really AMAZING!
    I can’t wait to sharpay in her new world that will be NYC.

  • peggy


    April Fools in tomorrow not today

  • ashytisdalefan

    lame. ashley is way too old and people will not see her as a serious actress anytime soon. But hey, I still love Ashley but in my opinion it is a bad career choice..

  • Marwa

    she is 24, SHE WILL BE 25-26 BY THE TIME THIS ‘MOVIE’ GETS FINISHED.. is she that desperate for work.. seriously? no seriously? no seriously? everyone slams brenda song for being with disney, and she JUST turned 22.. umm what the hell?

  • kgg

    This is toooo funny! First, Ash is saying one thing and meaning another about everything in her life. Tweeters beware! Secondly, she’s too old for the part, and this sounds like a desperate move on her part. Thirdly, no one but little tweenies will be watching this movie and I think she’s doing it for the money. Whatever, she needs to rethink this whole going back to Disney move.