Justin Bieber: Black Eyed Peas Date!

Justin Bieber: Black Eyed Peas Date!

Justin Bieber leads a mystery date back to the car after they enjoy the Black Eyed Peas concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (March 30).

The 16-year-old musician was spotted out earlier in the day at his condo before heading to an appointment with his whole family.

Be sure to catch the videos of Justin‘s live Q&A session with Ryan Seacrest at Disneyland on MSN!

10+ pics inside of Justin Bieber

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Credit: Rachpoot; Photos: GSI Media, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • nikki

    he has an odd looking mouth and nose.. there pointed up..

  • Lisa

    Haha. Scooter braun (Justin’s manager) posted on his twitter that the girl is his girlfriend and justin was just walking by her. Check out his twitter: http://twitter.com/scooterbraun

  • Shel

    Isn’t she a little TOO old for him anyways?

  • yvette

    Whatever is right. I hope he does have a gf so that all this nonsense hype will go away and these teeny girls with shut up.

  • lucia

    she is his manager´s girlfriend!!!
    btw… he looks so cute :))

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    PLEASEEEEEEE tell me thats like his babysitter or something. She’s a grown woman (looks like she’s in her mid 20′s) therefore it would be really perverted if it was his date.

    He’s just a young boy. He shouldn’t be hanging out with woman almost double his age.

  • beatrice

    that girl is scooter brauns girlfriend!

  • ms. a

    she looks WAYYY too old for JB.

  • http://www.theentertainmentempire.com Trey

    And oh well, you people go right ahead and hate.

  • naomi

    who’s the boy in the pictures with justin?

  • jessica

    hes so adorable. ah i just find him so cute. and plus his songs are awesome and very catchy.

  • helen

    oh god, this is so wrong. I mena, I know it’s not technically wrong, but it just doesnt feel right! he’s a kid! he’s a baby kid, for crying out loud, he can’t go round on dates with girls who wear wooden heels.
    though i dont think it’s his date. she looks way older than him.

    but at first i was really creeped out.

  • marie

    they are not holding hands girls… they are both grabbing the car door

  • Jasmine

    its scooter’s girlfriend (justin’s manager) check it out on scooter’s twitter and he will say something about it

  • What?

    Go to this flickr..it has alot of information,on all of you favorite celebrities..



    thats sad that he can’t even stand on his back porch without having people start taking constant pictures of him

  • john


  • Pinky

    It’s either his mom or his manager’s girlfriend No way Justin will be dating someone as old as that. I least I think he won’t.. but really I don’t think that’s his GF lol shes too old, and stop spreading gossip Just Jared without not enough proof to back you

  • Lexi

    Oh gosh… I hope it is Scooters GF. I can’t really tell from his tweet, but yeah, she looks like a miniature 30 year old! xD
    And the boy in the pics with Justin is his best friend Ryan…. (at least I am pretty sure it is Ryan. I can’t remember his name… xD)

  • Bieber Obsessed

    Thats Scooters girlfriend.
    And they are from when he was filming Bieber or Die.. OMG.. they are so funny :P x

  • http://malm elin

    hi justin!!

    l love your songs<33 and you are so sweet<3

  • BieberGirl

    haha thats Scooter’s GF ! dont be sad lol

  • abby jb

    @helen: he is 16 years old

  • abby jb

    @helen: he is 16 years old

  • Marguerite

    Lmfaooo , oh woow rumors are so funny!

    Scooter Braun , justin bieber posted some tweets on twitter.

    she has known him since he was 12 and is like a big sis or a momma to him. paps got some pics and this happened. haha.. http://bit.ly/cXZN5o

    she is freakin out…last week they said our 30 year old publicist was his girl because they crossed the street together. this is just funny

    just goes to show you that you cant believe the BS you read sometimes…people just make up stuff sometimes…but this one is funny. lol

    Those were the tweets from Scooter .
    So guys dont freak out and bash on him

  • I Luuuuuv jb X

    It sais even on the newspaper tat :( x
    I Luuuuuv u JB i wanna be ure One Less Lonely Girl :) x

  • victoria

    my love minha prima te ama

  • http://yahoo.com sophia

    wow she is? I wonder if he is still dating? What do you think

  • http://biebershorty Selena mockingbird

    this is crazy she looks like she on drugs and way older than she is.
    i have to say if justin like her than he’s a bad boy!