Selena Gomez is Paris Precious

Selena Gomez is Paris Precious

Selena Gomez strolls along the Champs-Élysées with mom Mandy as they do a bit of sight-seeing in Paris before the launch of her clothing line in Paris on Wednesday (March 31).

The 17-year-old actress took in the sights along the avenue before heading into C&A to launch Dream Out Loud for her Parisian fans.

Selena, Mandy and some pals visited the Eiffel Tour and made a stop at the Louvre Museum to check out some historical art.

FYI: Selena was wearing Melinda Maria’s Mini Pod Bangles in Silver, Teeny Pod Hoops and DL1961 Kate Slim Straight jeans.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR favorite Parisian landmarks?

40+ pics inside…

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Photos: ANG/Fame Pictures, INFdaily
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  • http://justjaredjr shantel

    She looks so beautiful can’t wait till she comes to uk.

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Aw she looks so pretty!
    Selena’s Amazing

  • miss

    i love sel, she so pretty i love all her outfits(: selena is the best!!!(:

  • Kim

    She has to go Amsterdam!

  • nathalia

    she’s sooooo gorgeous. i love her

  • cheska

    Selena is the most beautiful girl in disney,really cute,i love her style is fashionable…

    #weloveyouselenagomez :`)

  • LC

    I love Paris!! It was so cool, kind of expensive for shopping :) but a beautiful city!

  • Marieke

    Will her clothing line launch in other C&As like the Dutch one?

  • me

    one of her best outifts and looks! Love all the pictures, she looks really pretty in long hair. Such a natural beauty! (:

  • Mellz89

    GOGH !! She looks Gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Her…

  • Effy

    she is sooo beautiful

  • hagar

    she is wearing see through shirt with out even a pra
    I’m very disappointed in her

  • valerie Metzger

    to hagar

    stop starting drama hagar. You dont know what you are saying. First of all its spelled “bra” and secondly she was def. wearing one. Third she didnt wore a see-through shirt,it became see-through because of the flash of the camera, happened to me a few weeks ago and you actually couldnt see a thing,js. Sel dresses very mature and covers herself, so please dont make up drama where there is none, Thanks

  • kristen

    yeah i hope she realized her shirt is see-through! haha

  • valerie

    @kristen: Oh come on kristen dont start drama. Sel dresses very age-appropriate and covers herself. Her t-shirt wasnt really see-through, the flash of the camera made it see-through. Happened to me a few weeks ago,actually you couldnt see a thing,but on the pics you could see my belly. But come on that doesnt mean I wore a see-through-shirt,ok. And Sel is def. wearing a bra,js

  • Sarah

    she’s wearing a skin-color bra..

    And she looks gorgeous

  • bebebop

    She has on a Bra its just nude so that it isnt as noticible…hence you didnt notice it..also her shirt is just black but with the flashes it makes her shirt see through..she probably did even know it was see through until she sees these…so not really her fault

  • disneyfan101

    @kristen: she must be wearing a brown shirt under the shirt duh.

  • hannah

    First, she IS wearing a bra.

    Second, her shirt is see through with all the camera flashes.

    Third, it does not MATTER if Selena wore a see-through shirt deliberately or not. She is 17. Leave her alone. As long as there is a bra, the girl is FINE wearing what she is!

  • tyra

    Chill guys there’s nothing wrong with her outfit it’s just because of the camera flashes..and I must say she’s now a real Superstar..the paparazzis are following her in Paris and Madrid 2!
    Watch out Hollywood the adorable Selena is here :D

  • yoyo

    sooooooooooo pretty!!!

  • babybiebz


    I agree!

  • freezy

    she’s so lucky! she got a chance to travel around the world :D I just love her

  • heather

    it seems like she’s having fun so proud of her :)

  • bowwow4ever

    All 3 outfits are looking amazing! She’s so amazing!

  • zara


    yep! America’s Sweetheart n America is missin her :(

  • demi(not lovato)

    Omg I wish I was there with her! love heeeeeeeeeeeer

  • damn

    Damn she’s hot!!!

  • Keira

    hahaha I love all the other names of The Wizards of Waverly Place they’re cool I don’t know why but still :D


  • Gossip Girl

    See through shirts are a NO NO miss Gomez. Especially for women of ur age and audience.

  • itsmeagain

    A T T I C? EWWW

  • cheezy-z

    @Gossip Girl:

    She’s 17 ! And it’s beacuz of the Paparazzis! CHILL GUYS!
    I’m 17 too and me and my friends would wear this 2!
    Sel is lookin stunning!

  • hagar

    well honey is sooooooooo not wearing a bra
    go back and see the pics

  • lalala

    you are so stupid. she’s OBVIOUSLY wearing a nude bra. like seriously you can even see the bra line.
    stop trying to start drama, some of my shirts are see through on camera too but i didn’t even know that until i took a picture so shut up.

  • aa

    I feel like a complete sicko for doing this, but I have done a thorough check on the pics and I can definitely see the she IS wearing a bra. Get over it.

  • Jasmine

    ya is IS wearing a bra..wth this shouldn’t even be the topic of discussion as its kinda personal and perverted of ppl to be discussing that

    and FYI any normal person wearing that shirt would not have to go through this situation as they would not have like 50 camera’s flashing them….he shirt is not see through…its the flashes ppl! came down ….she’s not miley!

  • :)

    @Gossip Girl: It’s not see-through, but it is sheer fabric. Please take a look at the pictures in the airport. You can see it’s black and solid. When you have like millions of cameras flashing.. it’s like almost an xray. I think every girl has worn a black shirt/dress to notice later that under a really bright flash.. it appears see-through.

  • Lexie

    I feel like such a pervert , but she is wearing a bra. you can see the outline of it in pictures. especially in the 28th one. :P

  • ILY22

    She looks amazing at the launch of her clothing line. Her hair and outfit look very sphisticated. How great is it that she gets to launch her line in Paris?!! OMG!! That is incredible! Just to be in the city is a dream for any designer! Lucky her :)

    Will be able to see the pictures of the cothes from the DOL line?

  • mika

    Selena Gomez is SO lucky to be able to tour around SPAIN and PARIS with her family. So so so lucky.

    She looks good with long hair but she honestly isn’t anything special. She’s cute because of her baby face, nothing else.

    The outfits are cute except for the one where she’s in those HIGH black heels, that just looks way too womanly and not what a 17 year old would wear.

    And haha, I felt like such a pervert when I noticed her shirt was see through from the camera flashes.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    I love how bi-polar our generation has become today :) *SARCASM*

  • pauli

    i love her so much….. shes insanely gorgeous…. i kill for all her outfit…. shes sooo fashionable!!!

  • dina

    she is so cute with her mom! and it is not some friends, it is o just one friend and her step-dad!

  • Danielle

    Omg!! Sel looks SO beautiful :) Her mom and stepdad are cute too. I am glad that she is having some free time to visit these wonderful places and learn about the culture of Paris.

  • mech


  • jessica

    very pretty. and i love her style.

  • blair

    Gorgeous! Well, she IS adorable anyway, but she looks really beautiful…

  • babyjoma

    i hate her she broke up with nick twice
    what is her promblem?
    taylor never even loved you

  • swiftfan


  • http://selenagomezcaffefromcarettepatisseerie justin

    selena gomez is the best lady of new york city