Jonas Brothers Celebrate Easter at Angel Stadium

Jonas Brothers Celebrate Easter at Angel Stadium

Joe Jonas holds onto girlfriend Demi Lovato as the duo finish up their Easter Brunch with family at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Sunday afternoon (April 4).

Earlier in the day, Nick, Joe, and Joe performed at Angel Stadium.

According to the OC Register, the JoBros performed “Hold On,” A Little Bit Longer” and “Gotta Find You.”

After their performance, the musical trio, Frankie and Danielle headed to the Four Seasons Hotel.

Joe got an Easter basket – did you?

FYI: Demi is wearing a Black Floral Strapless Party Dress from AMI.

10+ pics inside…

Jonas Brothers Celebrate Easter

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Photos: Mindy Schauer/OC Register, INFdaily
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  • Camila

    they’re adorable (: i love jemi

  • Christina


  • nayll

    yay! we need more and more JEMI! <333

  • me

    so adorable. what’s an easter basket?

  • Bethany

    Jared, do you think you can stop always giving Kevin and Danielle the small picture. They are the ones that are married after all

  • marilyn

    Egh, demi and her pale look bothers me. And nick…I just want to go hold his hand.

  • ino
  • ino
  • Bethany

    Really Jared? You wrote Nick, Joe and Joe? Your distain for Kevin gets more obvious by the day

  • j4zmyn j0ker

    Nick, Joe, and Joe? Really? Did anyone else catch that typo? Or are they really trying to ignore poor Kevin? -_- Joe is so adorable. :3

  • Amy

    Love jemi!

  • cris

    So… PR stund???

    I love them. so freaking cute!

  • Njonas

    I was at the Easter service and I GOT TO MEET THEM :) I also took a picture with Joe and Kevin and gave nick something

  • Vanessa lover

    Nick, Joe, and Joe? Serious?

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Nick, Joe and Joe so obvious right u mean Kevin right!
    Joe looks hot once again Jemi :/ they all performed so good :]

  • lorettagallo

    OMG JIME so inlove!!!! ilove them so much they make my day complete >>>3thanks justjared u rock!

  • Sketch

    She looks so pretty, I like it when he skin is pale and not all tanned because its a contrast with her dark hair. Not cool. But Jemi are so cute. But didnt they perform make a wave?

  • :)

    im sorry but this relationship is a farce…. end of story.

  • lulu

    you missed out kevin, seriously, it’s like you have a problem with him jared, kevin’s awesome!

    and i really want to be with nick, he looks so lonely! x x x

  • m

    They all look great! Love them!

  • neena

    Demi seems….intense. LOL.Not so sure Jemi is one for ages, but as long as they are enjoying themselves!

    And Joe…well, what a good sport! :)

  • Ella

    I wonder what kind of foods did Mama Denise put on Joe’s Easter basket, ’cause he said on his tweet that it made his tummy happy!! I can truly imagine Joe’s reaction when we got the Easter basket!! We all know him.. He’s our 5 year old little boy.. ^^

  • Ella

    aww for Jemi.

  • nathalia Braga

    awwwwwww! joe and demi are cute together! (:
    love them!!

  • Jana

    I kinda feel sorryy for Nick… This must be so akward for him. Joe and Demi. Kevin and Danielle. I would totally be with Nick ;D

    Aww, Jemi <33


  • tinsky

    kevin’s wife looks like janice from “friends”…..

  • sofia freydel

    Demi´s so GORGEOUS,, Joe´s lucky to has a girl like her
    JEMI <33

  • NIkka

    The Jonas brothers look so cute:)
    Please do this survey:)

  • christy

    Joe and Demi is awkward for all of them because Demi is always all over him. Please no more Jemi pictures. She seems to cold in these pictures. Everyone else had some expression. Nick,Kevin and Dani looked so cute in these pictures. And I’m positive Kevin and Dani were holding hands too. Saw the Easter performance online, and Nick sounded so much older when he spoke. They sound really good but Nick I loved Nick singing A Little Bit Longer.

  • Tasha

    How Cute is that!
    lol Joe got a Easter Basket! Wonder’s what he’s going to do with it!? (Just Wonders)
    anyways…Cute Couple ^.^
    Jemi and Kanielle! = Love!
    Lol Nick,Joe and Joe!
    yeaa very funny Jared!

  • Anna

    hmm, Demi hasn’t seen the paps yet so that’s why she’s not smiling and all over joe.

    but i love her hair here.

  • rukawa07

    LOL. irrelevant people..jbs are not popular anymore. kthnxbye.

  • Bethany


    Christy, Kenielle is the better couple

  • http://j chelsea

    okay, first jared is completely obssesed with the jemi thing which is total BS.. second kevin&daniella are the main couple cause they are married..

    a lot of people here agree that demi is pushy and@Anna: i totally agree. so stop the posts of them forcing us to like them.. i cant imagine how the jonas family accepted all this staged publicity@christy: i agree with you with the demi and the faces thing

  • anonymous

    As much as I love both Joe and Demi… these are to say the least, weird.

  • brenda

    Demi looks…..I don’t know, a little bit selfish

  • lol


    Totally agree, I’d say alot.

  • Amy

    if jemi wasn’t an official item, no one would be saying these bad things about demi. and everyone know it.

    jemi ftw!

  • Bethany


    Amen to everything you said. Jemi no doubt wont last past the summer, Kenille is the real deal.

  • loly

    my lovely foeever joe jonas ========ilove you joe jonas for ever

  • mech


  • Anabelle

    You guys are all just jealous of Demi. People suddenly hate her just because she is dating Joe. She is my idol and I can’t stand it when people start talking shit about her. Demi is dating Joe so GET THE FUCK OVER IT!! Best friends can fall in love. After knowing my boyfriend since I was 4,we always said we were only best friends but feelings changed.I’m happy for Joe and Demi and you guys should be too.Why would they be for publicity when Joe and Demi are well known artists?? If it were for PR all this dating shit would’ve been back when CR1 came out.All you guys probably said the same thing about Zanessa and look at them now!! BTW Kevin and Dani look so adorable together <333

  • jessica

    one word ew.

  • Anna

    COME ON. they have a million reasons as to why they would have them use their “relationship” for publicity!
    the jonas brothers aren’t “the jonas brothers” right now. they are fading! and demi is no mega superstar.
    So THAT is why they need this to help boost ratings for Sonny and CR2.
    And for people saying that if it was for publicity they would’ve done it with CR1. well the jonas brothers were actually relevent then. they were as big as they ever were during that time. and Demi already had Selena working on getting her to fame. Demi Lovato tried to make it on her own without the help of the jonas brothers and selena. but now she dumped selena and is needs to date a jobro to get back in the spotlight.

  • Anna

    & she also latches onto miley.

  • jakelyn

    they messed up at the beginning they said nick joe and joe lmfao

  • Ronnel

    I WAS THERE <33

  • Chelsea

    It really sucks that so many people went to the Sunday service just to see the Jonas Brothers. Saddleback is my home chuch and I wasn’t even able to get tickets to go. I think people were way to caught up in the JB’s & not JC. Sooo annoying.

  • pandora

    Even IF they are a genuine couple just cannot see past the brother and sister image that they have always put forward plus she is very young at 17 and he’s nearly 21. Joe you need to get away from the whole Disney scene if you want to be taken seriously for your music and acting. That means dumping the 17 year old Disney kid.

  • Jen

    What’s up with Joe’s look??? I think in 5 or 10 yrs he’s going to pull a Ricky Martin presscon and everybody will have the same reaction… “DUH we knew that”