Fashion Faceoff: Black Halo vs. Bebe

Fashion Faceoff: Black Halo vs. Bebe

They’re almost the same…but they’re not.

Vanessa Hudgens stepped out in a jade one-shouldered Black Halo dress with pleating at the bust when she was globe trotting around the world for High School Musical 3 Senior Year promos. The now 21-year-old actress finished off her look with a skinny belt and a stylish pair of Jimmy Choo “Keira” Shaded Eel ankle boots.

Francia Raisa chose a white Bebe one-shoulder dress just like Vanessa‘s when she attended the 2010 Inaugural St. Jude Children’s Hospital’s “Estrellas Por La Vida” Gala in Los Angeles. The 21-year-old starlet completed her look with hot pink ruffle strapped Bebe heels.

Who wore One-Shoulder best -- VANESSA HUDGENS or FRANCIA RAISA?
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Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Carlos Alvarez/Getty
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  • Listen to mayday parade

    You people are Vanessa bias – Francis looks way better in the dress! The white, tighter fit with pink heels! Perfect!

  • Jess!

    Gorgeous Hudgens! <3

  • Katty

    I like the color is Francia’s better, but Vanessa looks better. I am not being biased, I just like her. I do not like pink, so I love V’s heels more too. Plus her hair. I love her hair, and right there it looks so good. Francia looks good, but she should have left it down. Why keep that sexxy hair up?

  • vfan

    Vanessa definitley. :)

  • noe

    they both look great..can pick who wore it best..both look beautiful


    Vanessa!! I mean duh!
    she looks way better.. well b oth of them didi a pretty good job!!
    But those legs and hair, I mean, Vanessa deffo

  • jessica

    they both look soo bad in those pictures.

  • Katty


    Ness does have better legs.

  • daiiiela

    even though i like vanessa im not goin 2 vote 4 her jus becuz im a fan i think Francia looks better.

  • Angelica

    Obviously Vanessa ppl!!!! whooo! GO V!!! :P

  • Angelica

    Obviously Vanessa ppl!!!! whooo! GO V!!! :D

  • alejaandraaa

    vanessa looks BEAUTIFUL and Francia looks CUTE but i like more Vanessa’s style. Look at who is just better shoes.

  • It’s Little Me

    Definately Vanessa

  • It’s Little Me

    @Listen to mayday parade:

    We have the right to pick our Fav. w/out it being “biased”……obviously i like Vanessa’s look better….how is that biased??? :/ w/e :D besides V looks great most of the time anyways :)

  • Anna

    vanessa. not being biased.

  • Logan

    Both are amazing, but I have to say Miss Hudgens. Francia looks better in it, but the color of Vanessa’s popped out more to me. The white just looks too, eh, plain?

  • lol

    V’s legs are way better

  • vanessa

    Vanessa Hudgens.

    and im not being biased. im not a huge fan of her- i just have the same name.

  • sfddgdhdfhyrthgr

    they both look so good i can’t pick

  • kirreii

    V looks better in my opinion, but I’m not being biased. Personally, I like the color better and the pink shoes justs sorta put me off :P. Not exactly a huge fan of the pink and white combo…

  • Pit

    it is kind of funny Vanessa wore that dress – what about a year and a half ago – then it was worn this week by someone else at an event that Vanessa was attending – just in a different color.

    It kind of shows Vanessa is “ahead of the curve” on fashion – she wears things and other follow her example!! She is fashion forward for sure!!

  • Silvana

    Se ve mejor Vane :) LE queda hermoso ese color
    El otro no m gusta es muy….. d señora…. no sé como q le falta algo….

  • lai

    Vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!

  • lai

    i love Vanessa!!!!!!!!

  • filipino1vanessahfan

    VANESSA!!!!! <3

  • .

    NEVER wear a formal/semi formal white dress (with a black belt) with pink heels….that’s just an odd combo.

    Oh…and what Pit (#21) said!!

  • Jez

    I’m not being biased at all but I think Vanessa looks better.
    I love the colour of the dress, its more exciting than white. Plus her hair is just amazing. Plus the shoes.

    I think Francia was wearing too many bracelets on one arm and the shoes, well I don’t like the style or the colour :\ However I do like the dress but compared to Vanessa’s it just looks bland..

  • Darius

    Vanessa has the cuter face, but Francia fills out the dress better tbh. Both look delicious.

  • vh only

    @Katty: katty, look at the color of the face of francia, it’s kinda white and black but look at her legs, it’s totally black.. unlike vanessa, her whole body’s color is brown because she’s filipino just like me.. hehe.. :D vanessa is better.. :D

  • annie

    Definately Vanessa…

  • lslsharon

    Vanessa looks gorgeous of course!!!

  • Sizuka

    of course… Vanessa…
    white-pink is not a good combination…., it’s just my opinion..

  • http://jjj marcy

    Vanessa of course

  • http://jjj telma

    Vanessa looks better than the other girl

  • http://jjj telma

    more elegant

  • susan1


  • nessa’s lalaland

    vanessa is wonderful!

    but who is the other??

  • anne

    Vanessa by two thousand miles.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    Vanessa ♥

  • daniel

    vanessa looks beautiful on that kind of dress …classy

  • Jenny

    definitley Vanessa

  • Maashong Vang

    Francia Raisa wore it way better.

  • vanessafan

    vanessa all tha way

  • jess!


  • jess!

    she is gorgeous!!

  • jess!

    @Listen to mayday parade:
    oh pleaseee!

  • Emma

    i like vanessa’s waaaaaaaaaay better, and she did wear it first ;)
    plus, vanessa has better sense of color coordination. that francia girl wore white and black with pink shoes??? :S yeh i dont like that so much. plus the dress is kind of plain so vanessa did a good job of letting her hair down. vanessa ftw :)

  • stacycandid

    of course vanessa…she is the one of the most smartdresser in hollywood! fashion teen icon………….

  • ZANE

    Vanessa of course!

  • Nicole

    I love both. but Vanessa because i dont really like Francia’s pink heals. but they r both GORGEOUS !

    i love everything Vanessa wears. like for real, lol :) she would be such a good fashion designer.