Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Arclight Date Night!

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Arclight Date Night!

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are all smiles as they head out to the movies at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood on Saturday night (April 10).

The duo took in a late showing of Dear John. Joe, 20, was seen out earlier in the day heading to a photo shoot in Hollywood.

JJJ hears that after Joe landed back at LAX on Friday night, he went straight to the Sonny with a Chance set to surprise his sweetie. How cute!

More pics at X17!

Joe and Demi go to the movies
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  • Peace Out

    They are sooo cute <3
    Finally i can see Joe with a smile on his face again with her *.*
    also Demi looks very pretty with that make-up, she should wear that more often, less black ;P

  • Prettigurls

    There so cute together :-* the hottest couple of this year!!!!!

  • cris

    cant believe how cute the aeee

    Some say they saw Dear John and Joe gave her the “Dear Joe” poster to her
    some other say it was the last song… any ways… they are amazing together.
    So cute :)

  • jessica

    what happened to joe?
    he used it to be so attractive. now he looks kinda ugly.

  • Anabelle

    awwwww They are so cute <3333 they make me smile :D

  • ryann

    Demi’s hair.. .yikes!
    They look very cute together.

    I just find it weird how Demi used to be so different. Like when they met, during the first Camp Rock movie, her look wasn’t as Hollywood-friendly and she was very simple. Her jokes were kinda corny and there wasn’t any meanness in her.

  • cris

    @jessica: you really think so??
    Wow I find him more and more atractive every day!

  • romina

    aww!!! cute couple ever!!! jemi is true love!!!!

    demi come to argentina!!!

  • Chelsea

    awww sooo ADORABLE :) haha i wonder what movie they saw??! haha CUTE :)

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Demi has a beautiful smile… I have to tell you that when you want to get a girl, you see how often she smiles or laughs… seems to me that they are very happy and enjoying themselves there!

  • Gossip Girl

    They’re so RIGHT for each other! LOL! Back off JEALOUS JONAS fans!

  • Chris

    they are perfect together!

  • JEMI

    actually, they were BOTH doing the photoshoot earlier yesterday, that’s why Demi’s hair looks weird. People are saying that it’s for Teen Vogue but it’s not really confirmed.

    Anyways, they are just so….CUTE xD

    forget brangelina…JEMI is the new power couple!! hahaha

  • chris

    So tired of these two. They are perfect for each other. They both love attention. Give me the cute, talented brother, Nick, any day. We get that this site loves Jemi. But please no more. Enough is enough. It’s fine if they “love” each other. But Kevin and Danielle have true love. This isn’t it.

  • Minh

    They are sooo adorable!!! THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER

  • Elly


    Agreed. I don’t know what is going on here, but honestly, I thought Joe was better than this publicity nonsense. Paps conveniently at the movie theatre? Hmm. Yah, wonder who called them….

    Disappointed in their antics.

  • Liz.


    take the cute talented brother Nick? good luck with that. i’m sorry but i really don’t think Nick knows how to put a girl before himself. Nick has a dreamy, sensitive side but it’s more of a facade. in relationships, he seems like he would be vain, selfish, and controlling.


    CUTE. wonder which movie they say .. demi looks nice .. shes evolved into this rockstar .. lovesit!
    joe jonas is mighty fine too!

  • Mika


    Nicely said.

  • m

    They are the cutest! And you can see that they really love each other<3

  • nathalia


  • sarah

    they’re adorable <3

  • Anna

    demi’s laugh is annoying and she sounds like a man. but her hair looks cute.

    still dislike that girl very very much.
    how come joe isn’t getting shiiiit for changing his hair style like zac’s?!

  • Anna

    i mean you can just TELL demi is LOVING the attention. there is no doubt about it.

  • gabi

    I can’t wait to see the photoshoot of Joe!! sure he will look gorgeous at it

  • Luis F. Gomez

    hahaha I just saw the video… look at Demi when she hears the screaming girls… she got scared hahaha poor Demi…

  • Brenna

    “Jemi” might be the stupidest sounding couple name I’ve ever heard, and I’m definitely not a fan of either of them, but I do think they are perfect for each other.

  • SSR

    What happened to Demi’s hair?

  • jessica

    @chris: i so agree with everything you said. jemi is obviously for pr. i mean cmon on its so obvious. you have to be blind not to see that. there not cute at all either. and quite frankly im getting sick of both of them.

  • becca

    i love them as a couple but joe looks like an asshole..he used to be so friendly. Ughhh :/

  • rai

    those paparazzis as so annoying,i feel bad for them ;/

  • candy

    puke. im kinda over these two. the more i see them, the more fake they look.


    This couple is GOOD LOOKING AND HOTT,, Demi´s GORGEOS,, LOVE HER !! AWW joe´s so sweet with her GF


  • Diana

    aww Jemi, LOVE THEM,, i´m always with a big smile on my face when i saw them together !!!

  • Ronnie

    Hm, Dear John is not showing at the arclight cinemas, so they must have seen something else.

  • Mika

    Demi’s laugh is SO annoying. Honestly, Joe how can you deal with hearing that all the time?

    I can’t wait till CR is over and they can just stop drop this act.

  • anonymous

    So who told the paps where they were going!!! Gross dating your sister Joe!! Makes you look like a pedo!!

  • http://j chelsea

    demi loves the attention and joe is getting gayer everyday

  • jonaslove

    Joe is sex on legs. And that is all I have to say about him :)
    Demi looks gr8 I actually like the outfit, the hair and the makeup but especially the outfit, finally something that is not black and kinda laid back, she looks really cute, I’m addicted to Jemi now, they are a power couple for sure, and they make each other smile :) but for me their best pictures were the ones where they were kissing in the cafe :) CUUUTEEE :)
    But if she breaks Joes heart I’ll hunt her down!!

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @JEMI: And that is only in the teenage world. Nice try.

    Joe and Demi will never compare to Brad and Angelina as a couple.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @jessica: I’m with Jessica on this and I’m not jealous either. Just what i see.

  • dadf

    yeah they both love attention WAYYYYY too much, and thats not a thing. ehhh, i guess some people just dont wanna be private, although i would really love it if they did not smooch while they shopped for grocery.some people think its disgusting, and no offense to you little ten year olds.

  • Ashley

    He must really like her to see that movie.

  • Alyssa

    I love love love Them together :)

  • Patrice

    Cut out the envy of Demi people. Joe and Demi obviously came from that photoshoot and that is why Joe still have that hairstyle and Demi still have on that type of makeup. Joe and Demi have been friends a loooong time and there has always been rumors about them. I am sure EVERYBODY have heard it even when Joe was dating Taylor and Camilla.
    So this is nooo surprise or PR that they are dating now. Teenagers do show some type of affection in public. Get over it. The paps are like dogs, they are always hanging around places in CA or business employees call them.

  • Jay

    Jemi Forever!!!!!!!!!! To the supporters of Jemi, I love u all & keep doing what u do. To the haters, SHUT THE F**** UP!!!!! This is a real relationship between two people who love each other!!! PR and Camp Rock 2 have nothing to do with this relationship!!!! So shut up!!!!
    I can’t wait til CR 2 is over & they are still 2gether!!! Then all u haters will shut your mouths for good!!!! PEACE OUT!!!!

  • Jay

    Jemi Forever!!!!!!!!!! To the supporters of Jemi, I love u all & keep doing what u do. To the haters, SHUT THE F**** UP!!!!! This is a real relationship between two people who love each other!!! PR and Camp Rock 2 have nothing to do with this relationship!!!! So shut up!!!!
    I can’t wait til CR 2 is over & they are still 2gether!!! Then all u haters will shut your mouths for good!!!! PEACE OUT!!!!

  • James jonas

    I hope they get married someday so all of you can shut up!!!!! To the the supporters of JEMI, keep doing what u do. To the haters, SHUT THE F**K UP!!! PR has nothing to do with this relationship & neither does Camp Rock 2!!! Two people fell in love with each other get the hell over it!!!! I bet all of u haters said the same crap about Zanessa!!!
    JEMI FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace Out!!!

  • winona

    I love these two together but just observed that it appears Demi is looking a lot like Camilla. The eyebrows n such. Do you think Joe is molding her to his liking?

  • ariel

    @becca: Dude i know, he looks like an arrogant somebody. What’s with the walking ahead of her? He almost walks like he doesn’t want to be near her…joe. walk slow, hold her hand, smile at her more..and learn how to kiss LOL.