Selena Gomez: El Hormiguero Honey

Selena Gomez: El Hormiguero Honey

Selena Gomez gets her groove on as she appears on the Spanish TV show El Hormiguero in Madrid on Tuesday afternoon (April 13).

The 17-year-old actress is making her way around Europe, promoting her debut album, Kiss and Tell.

Sel recently caught up with Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown host Jake to dish on Radio Disney Jams 12. She shared about hearing her songs on Radio Disney, “It’s amazing. Disney is where it all started with me so being able to be recognized by my fellow Disney people is a good feeling.”

25+ pics inside of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez catches up with Jake

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Credit: Michael Murdock, Sean Thorton; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • dude


  • swiftfan

    wow she looks beautiful in these pics, Did she sing at “El Hormiguero”, we need a video =D

  • pauli

    shes insanely gorgeous!!

  • pauli

    my godnees she looks sooo stunning and complety flawless!!!!

  • jessica

    she looks completely amazing. i love her hair and outfit, and HER !!!!

  • Mika


    These photos are the BEST I’ve ever seen from her.

  • pauli

    @Mika complety agree!!!

  • diane n.

    She looks gorgeous!
    i love that dress. (:

  • pauli

    nooo seriously i just can stop of look this amazing pictures!!! its absolutely breathtaking!!!

  • harley

    she looks gorgeous. i really love her outfit.

  • kirreii

    omg, she’s so gorgeouss!

  • Danielle

    Selena’s looking beautiful as always!! Spain fans love Selena very much <3 I am glad that her talent is recognize by everybody. Now that she is done with the promo tour Sel is ready to shoot her new movie :)Good luck Selena in Monte Carlo!! <3

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    loving the dark eyes and dark wavy hair on selena! she looks so beautiful! <33 It makes her look very grown up!

  • SSR

    She looks soooooooo goddess and queenish. She looks completely beautiful! I lover her eye make up!!!!!! OMGG I cant get over how pretty she looks :D

  • Allie

    ah! so pretty! That’s the Alice & Olivia dress I was going to wear to a Gala this year!

  • jake

    omfg is dat selena?!?!?!?
    i just just effin jizzed in my pants

  • Mellz

    AMAZING !!
    she looks GORGEOUS !!!
    gosh love her :)

  • barbii


  • Bea

    @swiftfan: she sang a bit of naturally in spanish. She’s amazing! :)

  • Barbara antonella gonzalez

    Selena Gomez i love your music,sos the best actris y cantante of the world.sos my example to folow,i love your videos,as actuas and as sing.SOS THE BEST we love you ffa in ARGENTINA bie♥:)!!!♥♥

  • sss

    Wow. Shes stunning!

  • sss

    Does anybody have the video but with subtitles?

  • Ella

    Reminds me of the Jonas Brothers when they guested in that show.. ^^

  • Chexy

    Gorgeous ! I love Selena

  • Cody

    Se is the best

  • ally

    ok she is…somewhat.. reeeally skinny actually. I mean she has never been fat or something but this looks almost unhealthy. maybe because of her promo tour and the stress, but she really has to be careful. she’s a pretty girl but she would look a lot healthier with a few pounds more ^^

  • ems

    she is just born for this job, absolutely beautiful.
    and the thing I really like bout her is that she doesnt boast about it and lowers herself and wants other girls to feel comfortable in their own skin, she doesnt try to outshow anyone. God bless her!

  • LA

    @ally: I’m compleatly agree wit you.. she looks too thin..

  • pauli

    plz she always always has been skinny, shes no anorexic or something like that c´mon dont be such a jelous, shes just perfect and her body is healthy!!!

  • LA

    @pauli: well, it’s just our opinion and we didn’t say that she is anorexic bcause this is a horrible thing so it’s not good to make jokes about that..

  • yoyo

    Guys really? Selena is tooooo skinny and Miley has a perfect body? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU! Selena is just thin and Miley is fat! THAT’S THE TRUTH AND ACCEPT IT and Selena is lookin healthy and abosulutely amazing in these pictures!

  • Heather

    OMG! Is that really Selena? She’s looking stunning! She’s soooooooo beautiful!

  • P.Diddy

    Baaaaaaaaam what a girl

  • Babybiebz


  • bowwow4ever

    Sel looks like an hot angel haha I luuuuv her :D

  • Taylena


  • Justinbiebersucks

    Why is she so pretty? I’m jealous haha but still adore her :)

  • blaire

    simply the best -> Selena!

  • SelRulezz


  • demi(not lovato)

    She’s looking amazing!!!!!!

  • keera

    I just love diz gurl I really don’t know why but she’s too cute and she is really talented the only disney star I actually like hah

  • Jeminmileysuxx

    I love her hair !

  • LilTwist#1

    She’s such a sweetheart you gotta love her

  • Tyra

    She’s awsome!!!

  • selena_argentina

    selena was hilarious in El hormiguero here is the link And dont miss the part when she sing a little bit of naturally in spanish AWESOME Selena Rock!!!

  • selena_argentina

    i actually think that she is a little bit too skinny maybe is all the stress of the tour but i still believe that she is beautiful inside and out. And i cant wait for hear Naturally in spanish the full version when she sing sound really awesome!!!

  • jasmin

    Selena is a very beautiful young woman.
    Come on guys Selena has always been skinny. Even when she started WOWP.
    It’s just the way she’s shaped.
    I think Selena has a perfect figure.^^

  • damn


    I love her body she’s thin but still looking good :D
    And WOW Selena is looking so hot in these pics!

  • cheesecakefortaylor

    I love Sel since I saw her the first time and I still do and I will always support her because she deserves it … She works really hard and I think she deserves more respect than other stupid celebs ;)

    #TeamSelena & this forever ;)

  • zyed

    She makes me speechless……….