Kristen Stewart Celebrates Birthday in Budapest with Robert

Kristen Stewart Celebrates Birthday in Budapest with Robert

What a way to celebrate!

Kristen Stewart jetted halfway around the world to celebrate her 20th birthday with “boyfriend” Robert Pattinson in Budapest, Hungary, Life & Style reports.

A source told the mag, “They spent the weekend together, then flew back to London. He was pleased she made the effort to travel all the way there ” they had a romantic time. Rob played the guitar, and they just chilled out.”

But Kristen may have some competition. Another source shared that Rob met another girl at Teddy’s in February in Los Angeles. They shared, “He made a beeline for the girl and asked to buy her a drink. This woman didn’t even know it was Robert,” but after some small talk, “they kissed in the club. He texted her that night, saying he wants to hang out when he’s back from filming in Europe.”

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Credit: Alexandra Beier; Photos: Getty
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  • Liah

    The last bit is stupid. I doubt Rob kissed some random woman. Who is this woman anyway? What a reliable source!

  • kathey

    Rob wasn’t even in LA in February. What’s going on? His mgmt. trying to promote a player image for Bel Ami?

  • maia

    “they kissed in the club. He texted her that night, saying he wants to hang out when he’s back from filming in Europe.”

    bahahahaha what a bullsh!t!

    Rob and Kstew are together. Period.

  • Dianne

    c’mon JJJr..ur better than this! why post a tabloid story?!?!!?!! i dont get it! u dont need to post this to get hits from people to read the site! I’ve been a fan for years! dont disappoint me!

  • liza

    I washappy with the story until I read the last part!!! how can you post that jared?!?!?! He is with Kristen!!!!

  • Abi

    Rob and Kristen are TOGETHER!!!

    as i recall rob wasnt in LA in feb he was in london…WITH kristen and then went to NYC WITH kristen!!!!

    obv. a very reliable source…….

  • ta

    as the guy hasn’t been in LA at all this year, he was in NY highly doubtful!!

  • jenny

    Um, I guess it would be credible if Rob was actually in Los Angeles in February..LOL, Nah, not even credible then.

  • robsten

    sorry but in February Rob was in Europe. He is in Europe since Christmas LOL please check better our sources lol

  • lol

    Rob in LA in february? LMAO , thanks just jared for this huge bullshit…apparently you don’t know who is Rob..he was busy with his BA filming, we gothis pics everyday on set..nice try though

  • Adriana

    When was Rob in LA in February? Hasn’t he been filming in London and only came to the states in March for the NY premiere in March and then back to London. Can we stick to facts and not fiction please!

  • beth

    He wasn’t in the country in February let alone in some club in LA.

  • Bree

    too bad he was in europe already working in February

  • lauren

    and apparently, hes together with leighton meester aswell

  • memi

    I dont remember Rob at LA on Febuary….Stupid SOURCE !!!

  • SUE

    OMG! Garbage time once again. When will it ever stop? Rob hasn’t even set foot in the L.A. area since Dec 2009. Why are people so insistant upon making Rob look to be anything other than what he is? He is in love with Kristen and totally devoted to her. Funny how everytime they are seen together on their own time all these fake accounts come out of the wood work. Jealousy? Maybe. Hate? Maybe. Hyenas…most definately!

  • um

    I dont think rob was in LA in feb. bel ami started shooting the beginning of feb. he basically been in the UK since the beginning of the year except for the remember me press in NY.

  • Kate

    Oh, Life and Style. Simple math: Rob hasn’t been in LA since before Christmas. If you’re going to make up a b.s. story, at least make it geographically possible.

  • Honey

    Exactly Bree!!!This story is so stupid..I mean, They could cook up better stories! In February Rob just couldn’t be in LA, because he was in London already filming Bel Ami. And, I want to remember that until the end of January -before going to the Sundance- Kristen has always been with him : from Christmas to the end of January when she went to Sundance while Rob stayed in England where he even did “Help for Haiti”, remember? :) And he started shooting Bel Ami in London. Then Remember Me short promotion -with Kristen by his side in NY, obviously and then London for Bel ami again, and then Hungary,- Bel Ami-… and then..Kristen, Kristen,Kristen again..and now: London and Robsten, again!
    Sooooo this rumor is just another fake, stupid one!
    Go Robstennnn!!!

  • yaay



    GET UR FACTS RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  • puaena

    Not that facts really matter but Pattinson’s only trip to the states for 2010 has been for the Remember Me premiere in NYC in late Feb. He was already filming Bel Ami in early Feb (start date 2/7 if I remember right; pre-production was prior to that). How could he have been in LA at a club when he was working/filming in London?

  • Thia

    Umm, Rob was in the UK the entire month of February. Left LA in December and hasn’t been back since. As if this extremely private star would just walk up to some random chick and kiss her in a bar.

    Sorry, but your sources are crap.

  • C


  • rita

    Rob was in London since dicember, BS, don’t you have something good to talk about?

  • ker

    I’m slow, so when did kristen and robert start dating? lol

  • annasaurus

    This is stupider than the Star reporting because at least Star didn’t give a date for the supposed rendezvous and Life/Style can totally be disproved. Life/Style really is the worst of all the tabloids because they don’t have any exclusives outside of the Kardashians.

  • Dany

    Hahaha the last part is ridiculous! Kristen and Robert have been together for months. Even now they are together in London =)

  • Elizabeth

    What BS. Rob was photographed on numerous occasions in London in February. Also, at the end of the February Kristen was there with him at the BAFTAS and then she then flew to NYC with him. STOP WITH THE LIES!

  • They’re More a marketing

    Strategy Than a Couple

    Robsten is just a publicity stunt to sell the Twilight franchise:

    BuzzFoto Blind Item revealed: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

    “They’re More a Marketing Strategy Than a Couple”

    “We don’t even know why the magazines keep pushing it but this couple who are said to be romantically involved are actually (anything) but. Sure, they’re having fun playing with the press but it’s only because they’re told it would be a good marketing strategy for their career. Everyone around them knows, however, that they’re just friends, not lovers. One in all the media buzz is actually rumored to swing the other way.”

  • Jess

    Rob was in London in february but somehow he hooked up with this girl and Leighton Meester in LA? Me think some people need new jobs.


    what is this more LIES about Rob….he wasn’t even in LA in February …he only came back to the US on a sunday, 28 february, with Kirsten and Tom and it was for the Remember Premiere in NEW YORK CITY…YOU MORRONS.


    what is this more LIES about Rob….he wasn’t even in LA in February HE WAS IN LONDON, SHOOTING BEL AMI…he only came back to the US on a sunday, 28 february, with Kirsten and Tom and it was for the Remember Premiere in NEW YORK CITY…YOU MORRONS.


    what is this more LIES about Rob….he wasn’t even in LA in February HE WAS IN LONDON SHOOTING BEL AMI…he only came back to the US on a sunday, 28 february, with Kirsten and Tom and it was for the Remember Premiere in NEW YORK CITY…YOU MORRONS.

  • London Lemming

    JJ you’ve sunk to an all time low with this post. Unfounded rumors, pure lies. You really are getting to be no better than the Tabloid trash which is already out there.

    As for Bel Ami Wrapping as the last bit of your post claims. It’s a complete falsehood. Bel Ami is not set to wrap for another month.

    If your gonna post stories like that at least do some good journalistic investigation and check out your source!

  • Naomi kane

    The last part about Rob and that girl is a pile of Crap!
    He wasn’t in LA in February he was in London with Kristen at the BAFTAS then they were both in New York then he came back to London!
    I thought JJJ didnt post Tabloid stories! :(

  • aten


    aww thats really saud

  • Hannah

    I don’t think the source is not correct! Well if Kristen was with him. So there!!!!

  • Amalie

    Seriously, what a crap.
    check your source next time Jared.

  • yaay

    Someone please tell life&style that rob hasnt been in la since december 2009
    And in febuary he was only in ny for a few day for remember me promo and that his
    family, friends & KRISTEN was there 2!!!!!

  • sarah

    rob and kristen are together that the end of the story
    ppl who don’t see it or don’t want to see it can suck it up

  • Charli

    @maia: So why is there no photos of them doing all this ‘making out’ that is always talked about. why haven’t they admitted they are together. There’s no logical reason not to just say ‘yeah, we are dating’ and move on.

    You are the one that needs to get over it and realize that they are not Edward and Bella and yes they are just friends.

  • Charli


    can’t believe that someone that posts with the lame name Robsten doesn’t remember the huge to do over the two of them on the same flight from London to NYC for the opening of Remember Me. which was after Christmas.

  • Charli

    @SUE: why do you insist on forcing this whole “he’s totally in love with Kristen” down folks throats. When has Rob ever said this. Not sources, but Rob. Direct Quote, video preferred. When has Kristen said it. When has anyone backed up claims of them kissing etc with actual lip on lip undisputed, very up close and clear photos. Heck the shoots of them allegedly at the airport in Budapest are so tight you can’t tell where they are. they could have been recycled photos from anywhere.

    Edward is totally in love with Bella. Edward is devoted to Bella. Edward would never cheat on Bella.

    Robert however, is not Edward. and Kristen is not Bella. So what is true for their characters is not automatically true for them. Not matter how much you repeat it.

    When one of them goes on tv or is in a video on a website saying it is true, then you can talk. Until then, you are just as bad as the tabloids

  • Charli

    @They’re More a marketing:
    You are right about one thing. All the folks around them know they are just friends. All the sources are nameless cause they are made up
    But they are not playing anything. they aren’t pretending to be a couple. they are being themselves. very good friends that happen to spend time together, hold hands, crash on couches etc. they just also choose to ignore the media because they know that if they tell the truth that they aren’t dating no one is going to believe them anyway.

  • kiki


  • TheReal411

    Rob is not a player–he is a shy nice guy. Kristen and Rob are ONLY good friends…like they said over and over. Click on the link to see what has really been going on. The truth always bubbles up once lies are told. Photos and body language don’t lie.
    Kristen looked really bad and changed last year after she did The Runaways. She did not look like a girl in love. She and Rob behaved like close friends at Comic Con. The sightings of them and rumors only started after pics of Kristen and Nikki surfaced and the TMZ pipe smoking ones of her. Every photo of her and Rob showed nothing. The famous kissing at Kings of Leon—heads close. The even more famous hand holding leaving Paris on New Moon tour—was faked and still only showed Rob clutching his hat. Her hand was moved but still was just near his wrist even if it was not altered.

    They keep their distance. There is an ease and chemistry between Kristen and Taylor that is not there now with her and Rob. She looks and behaves like a jilted girl around him. Rob took Camilla Belle to Twilight premiere and after party. They were seen out together several times before New Moon started. There are pics of them together in June 08 in NYC with friends. Kristen made her money off the Twilight fans that are mostly young and moral and her fans from Speak etc. She has an obligation to behave in public and while in the line of work. It goes along with the big bucks. After all, Kristen has a high school education, she could be flipping hamburgers. A little grace and gratitude is not too much to expect from stars. Kristen’s fans watch what she wears, says, does and how she uses her star power. So far, she cut a ribbon for Diabetes Walk and looked pissed doing it..

    Kristen chose to appear in Runaways, a very R rated movie that did not do well. She is without clothes, french kisses and does pole dancing in ‘Welcome to the Rileys’. She had/has a young teen fan base. She will have a hard time getting a new broader fan base because of her controversial print interviews, combative hostile attitude and insults to the fans. She said they were “f-ing psychos” when they have been just loud, kind and supportive. She has tried to do damage control recently but it may be too late. She rubs people the wrong way and stammers, spaces out and is odd in recent interviews. The director of New Moon told Pop Sugar that she has the foulest mouth of the entire cast and crew. What producer will take a chance on her when she got caught toking and drinking under age before Twilight and announced to the Canadian press “We are, we aren’t , I’m a lesbian” and essentially, “F” everyone. See Entertainment Weekly -Kristen sounds off about Rob.

    She is a foolish and unprofessional girl.. Rob was so much cooler when he was not linked to her. Rob has been mercilessly maligned in the gossip rags and accused of everything under the sun. He is not gay, impregnating women a womanizer, a drunk or a loser. He is what he seems…a nice decent guy in an overwhelming situation. Kristen and Rob have little more than acting and music in common. She helped make Rob more serious. He helped her be less serious. Rob and Kristen can be friends without being involved. He has someone else and so does Kristen. Let it rest and just enjoy their performances.

  • What a crock

    These two together would be the same as Taylor Lautner dating Lindsey Lohan….just wrong.

    Kristen is using Rob to cover for her personal life just like she did Michael.Kristen changed after The Runaways with very out Joan Jett,
    Things are not as they appear. Rob is taken and it is not by Kristen.

  • Jayckson Lucy

    Two words about Life & Style: gossip and rubbish.
    It’s always bull shit.
    Although I do believe Kristen celebrated her b-day with Rob, which I think is pretty damn sweet.
    Not because of Life & Style oh so amazing and realistic story. Just because of the photos.
    Robsten all the way.

  • deeq

    RP was in NYC for 30 secs for the Remember Me premiere in FEB he was with KRISTEN , I’m absolutely certain she let him out of the hotel for a quickie with Meester or WETF her name is , that’s how they hooked up. That BS story is totally valid! WTF

  • R/k

    Message from Rob and Kristen for the haters and especialy to Happyfeets