Demi Lovato is Oceans Away

Demi Lovato is Oceans Away

Demi Lovato gets aquatic with her green and black BCBG dress as she arrives at the premiere of Disneynature’s OCEANS held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (April 17).

The 17-year-old actress, wearing Melinda Maria‘s teeny pod bangles, recorded a special duet with boyfriend costar Joe Jonas for the film titled, “Make A Wave.”

OCEANS, directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, boldly chronicles the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the waves.

The documentary opens on Earth Day (Thursday, April 22).

FYI: Demi wore a Skova serpent ring and Tom TomDance All Night” earrings.

35+ pics inside of Demi Lovato

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Credit: Mark Sullivan; Photos: Getty
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  • PrettyPurple96

    Preeetttyyyy <3 :)

  • Diana


  • HannaDevonne


  • Tinker

    She looks beautiful, the color looks great on her. I love Demi she’s so talented.

  • sammie

    Her dress is super fug :/

  • romina

    she’s beautiful!!! cute! love her dress and make up!!

  • http://oop eury

    bella total imprecionante hermosa


    Love it, her dress is soooooo pretty and demi´s beautiful
    She´s AMAZING, i wanna see the movie love oceans :)

  • Andrea

    I´m so in love with Demi
    i will love her forever
    She´s my everything

  • anonymous

    What is it with these Hollywood teens all trying to look so grown up and sexy – lots of make up, super high heels, strapless dress etc – your a 17 year old Disney kid and you look 25!!

  • Vanessa 

    she looks lovely :) … not 100% on the dress. love her hair and make up.
    also she just posted on twitter ‘we are on our way to the oceans premiere’ … WE maybe joe jonas will be there!

  • cris

    she looks stunning!
    beyond beautiful :)
    shes so pretty :)

  • maggie

    I love Demii.. and her outfit is WOW!!!!!!

  • nessa

    i would to own that gorgeous dress!

  • Anna

    she hasn’t been looking like a ghost lately. idk maybe she learned to tan naturally. instead of the fake tans she always got a while back but then switched to going ghostly. both were pretty bad, but this is just right.

  • Renata

    Adorable! Simply beautiful!

  • Nazeefa


  • vanessa

    she looks nice.

  • Mika


    Very true, it’s hard to see Demi as her real age when she could easily pass for way more. The dress could have been so gorgeous but it just doesn’t look right. Good effort.

  • Darius

    *Jealous of Joe right now*

  • mary

    Well, she looks good except for the dress and the shoes…

    the dress is not flattering and the shoes don’t go with that ugly dress…

  • uh

    Why doesn’t anyone ask her if she and miley are still “BFFS’ or even friends anymore.. and what about Selena??

    I should be a journalist—-no1 knows what questions to ask!

    and don’t say you know they are because you DONT lol

  • Erika

    @Andrea: r u lez?

  • Erika

    I went to the premiere!! It was incredible! I couldn’t believe I was actually there…lol.Demi signed this plaque of her that I bought.It’s really cool.The Jonas Brothers,Chelsea Staub,Doug Brochu,Dallas Lovato,and Demi’s mom were also there.When the Jonas Brothers came over to sign stuff,it got SUPER crazy.Everyone started pushing,crying,and yelling.But it was fun:P

  • kym

    she looks pretty here
    the colours suit her
    but the design could hav been better
    she styll looks nice anyways so watevs :)

  • candy

    u’ve got to be kidding. please demi kill ur stylist.

  • jessica


  • nathalia

    she’s a gorgeous girl but I didn’t like the dress

  • Amy


    i hate the dress

    but who cares what she’s wearing i still love her! :D

  • bella

    demi me encanto
    que perfeccion
    y que vestido
    super que bellos zapatos
    y si que estabas radiante

  • S

    She really needs to wear clothes that fit her. She thinks shes so cool and shes not at all. Fake much?

  • Nic

    I love her dress. I think it’s appropriate for the premiere because the movie title is oceans so I think she was trying to show that with what she was wearing.

  • stupidfans

    personally i dont like the dress >_< lol. love demi though. and i dont like when she wears dresses that show her cleavs. -_-. love joe and his hair. but not digging the sneakers.

  • anonymous

    Demi looks 17 going on 25 why dont these kids dress to suit their age!!!

  • Leah

    Love Demi and Joe! Just not loving Demi’s dress…

  • bobo

    eww her legs are ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and her a$$ is fat as well

  • nikki

    i have the fattest girl crush on her.. serious crushinnn…im so jealous of joe.. ..

  • md


  • sol

    so perfect and pretty …demi ur soo beautiful and perfect. i love jem¡i

  • m

    Demi looks gorgeous!

  • Ella

    pretty Demiii.

  • m

    Looks like Disney dressed her this time.

  • dumm

    her shoes look wobbly, but she looks beautiful.
    its shows even a not so nice outfit can not hide someone’s beauty!

  • Cristina

    gorgeous <3

  • candy

    and P.S.- joe looks so uncomfortable. Body language can speak volumes. No eye contact, forced smiles, body turned outwards. Meanwhile shes leaning on him with her leg up???? they look like brother and sister.

  • yue

    She has a great smile

  • Anita

    Demi is amazingly beautiful <3
    God bless Demi :D

  • Sketch

    Actually you have got it all wrong. If you look closely at this video its Demi who looks slightly uncomfortable and sad. Joe is the one trying to comfort her.
    And if you look at this pic.
    He is just so cute. They are so NOT fake. I dont see how people cant distinguish that simple fact. >_<

  • nienzy

    I love her shoes! her dress is really cute since it matches the theme…she so pretty :)

  • anna

    love demi sooooooo much