Miranda Cosgrove has Seven Secrets

Miranda Cosgrove has Seven Secrets

Sssh! Miranda Cosgrove has a secret…seven of them!

Nickelodeon presents a behind-the-scenes look at 17-year-old iCarly star.

Viewers will get the inside scoop on Miranda‘s likes and dislikes, her favorite things to do, how she got her start in show business and her most embarrassing moments – the stuff only her best friends know…until now!

7 Secrets with Miranda Cosgrove premieres THIS Saturday, April 24, @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. Check out a sneak peek below!

“7 Secrets with Miranda Cosgrove”
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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • Alex

    Miranda is sixteen. I can’t wait to see this!

  • xax

    she has a cute smile

  • harper

    loving her so much right now :)

  • http://twitter.com/mirandaonzeedot naomi

    miranda is so georgous. I’m loving her music alrady :) I can’t wait 2 buy it on tuesday. BUY IT PPL YOULL LOVE IT!!!!! Support miranda cosgrove!!! If you wanna pre order? Pre orde it here http://www.sonymusicdigital.com/miranda-cosgrove/pages/5477319/

  • Robyn
  • o09juoiu89h

    miranda cosgrove is the best everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i cant wait until i can see her seven secrets i love her

  • zack

    I love you big!!! Love miranda cosgrove


    I am not in to Miranda that much but she has a beautiful smile and it would be awesome to meet her. My fave song is Kiss in U. I like Justin Bieber way better. P.S Miranda and JB are dating. OMG!!

  • http://uTUBE Sarah

    She is a good singer.

  • cassy

    Unlike other famous kids/ people in general, Miranda is ACTUALLY “beautiful” and “pretty” plus she is just so sweet.

  • http://Internet EMILY

    Miranda Cosgrove is an amazing singer!! I can’t belive it all started when she was three at a resturaunt with her mom and dad. My favorite song is Kissin You along with my favorite cousin also known as my ferturnal twin Kevin. You are awesome and very pretty!
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

    Your favrite fan,

  • aMY


    Get a grip, God. People really piss me off when the bring him up, why?, he is not even related to this post. Also, stop trying to make up rumours and lies. Who old are you? five? Jesus >:\

    P.s. Justin Beaver should get a new nickname. JB are the Jonas Brothers, Better singers, entertainers, more attractive and better people all around.

  • http://facebook rachel

    miranda is just so pretty, i love all her songs, and her! my favorite song is probably stay my baby. she also has a really goos voice and it would be really cool if i saw her in person. also i really love icarly especially ipsycho!!!!!!!!!!!! best episode ever!

    kind regards,
    Fullmer <3

  • unknown

    i lick her so much she is handsome talented and funny

  • unknown

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  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2010/07/08/is-victoria-justice-really-dating-nicholas-hoult/ Estela

    @unknown: @unknown:

    She is not a boy shes pretty not handsome

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  • http://7secrets losderna

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  • J@n3t

    OMG U PPL ARE SOO STUPID! How are u gona b talkin abt JB[justin beav-head] and JB [aka the G-A-Y brothers and u DUMB PERSON who wrote like a manic thinking ppl cud understand wat “savea mot lebor4″ even means! yes i love Miranda and NO she’s not HANDSOME she’s PRETTY! Geez how many Stupid ppl can there be on a single page..better yet, in the world! lmfao >:D
    love……..YO MOMMA! aka MANCALA & EQUATE <3


    FYI its PRETTY not HANDSOME and how cud ANYONE understand “savea mot lebor4″?!?!?! who cares if its JB for Justin Beav-head or JB for Jackbut Brothers? SERIOUSLY u ppl shouldnt be that IGNORANT!

    Con Nada D Amoure,
    Mancala <3′s Equate!!