Justin Bieber: No Shirt, Ma!

Justin Bieber: No Shirt, Ma!

Justin Bieber takes off his shirt and spends the afternoon with friends at Whale Beach in Sydney, Australia on Saturday (April 24).

The 16-year-old teen idol went for a swim and was seen playing football with some of his buddies.

Justin will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday, May 11. Singing sensation Charice Pempengco is also expected to be a guest on the same episode.

15+ pictures inside of Justin Bieber not wearing a shirt…

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justin bieber no shirt 01
justin bieber no shirt 02
justin bieber no shirt 03
justin bieber no shirt 04
justin bieber no shirt 05
justin bieber no shirt 06
justin bieber no shirt 07
justin bieber no shirt 08
justin bieber no shirt 09
justin bieber no shirt 10
justin bieber no shirt 11
justin bieber no shirt 12
justin bieber no shirt 13
justin bieber no shirt 14
justin bieber no shirt 15

  • dana

    H.O.T !!!!! i love justin bieber!!!!!!

  • Marine

    No shirt and no muscles ;)

  • Rork

    hahahahahahahah and he is 16.Man he looks like he has 13

  • Itwasntme

    i just threw up a little in my mouth. :/

    those shorts look too big on him in some pictures. He would look more “grown up” if he changes his hair.

  • amy

    The little girls are gonna go crazy over this lol.

  • leanne

    what a kid.

  • http://@claudedegirls BieberGurl

    Sooo haawwttt :)

  • http://@claudedegirls BieberGurl

    Sooo haawwttt! And I’m in loooooovvvvveeeee with Justin Bieber <3

  • Erin

    Dayyyuuum. especially the 4th picture ;)

  • riana

    aww dissapointed..

  • riana

    he got no abs- i know 13 year olds that got better muscles than him!

  • Callie

    is it just me or does he look like a young cody linely that is not buff?

  • bobo

    so can the girl on the pics just move a lil so I can see Justin Bierber… serious the papz!

  • bobo

    babar.. bieber that is

  • http://twitter.com/fatielo Fatielo

    It’s so funny. No offense… haha

    Justin, I know you might gonna read this, you have a cute face, but if you did so workout sessions, you’d be a MAN. Think about it :)

  • paja

    how cute babe haha

  • -.-

    First of all, gross. Second of all, this is like pedophilia HAHAHAHAHA. What a kid.

  • peacechick123

    Well… he’s totally cute in this with his wet hair & everything. And his music rocks so does his voice! Also all the haterz out they for any succesful person are the true fans especially for Justin Bieber they constantly search his name up to put “mean” comments up. And it makes me laugh you guys love him! I ♥ you Justin!

  • Brittany

    lol @ his 8 y/o fans calling him a sex simbol

  • Jannii

    Kiddo haha
    Looks like an 11 years old boy

  • Robyn
  • tutti

    cool beach~~
    and bieber~~❤❤

  • Anna

    nice bod.

    ha. NOOOOTTT.

  • maria

    OMG….he is such a LITTLE BOY!!

  • lulu

    he’s cute, but he ain’t hot. He has a nice face, just needs to get them muscles up a bit- nick jonas has had muscles since he was 14 and is way hot! x x x

  • kami

    hes skinnier then i thought he would be

  • http://deleted kary

    omg this is just a kid :/

  • amanda


  • indonesiahatejb

    no muscles. put your shirt back on jusbie -_-

  • jessica

    Oh.. and how old is he? He has a body that belongs to a seven year old. I’m not saying he needs abs and muscles just a body that belongs to a kid his age.

  • Lu

    Is that a tattoo on his left hip? If it is I think it’s weird that he can get inked yet he doesn’t even have underarm hair.
    Also, doesn’t he have friends his own age? All these posts only show him with older people. He can’t have that many handlers.

  • victória peracio

    nossa , nao tenho nem o que dizer , sei que amo muito justin bieber e espero um dia conhece-lo ainda (Y’

  • http://Twitter Bulletbella

    Hoootttttt. I think he would be wierd with abs……omgeeeee i wanna marry him!!! <3 you justin bieber :( i cry sometimes at night because i know he will never even know i exist…but…well..actually i live in atlanta. Thats were he lives. Im going to find his house this week. Ill stalk him. Lol jk jk jk but i do live in the same city as him. I knw what part he lives in but not necisarily the exact house..oh well. But seriously justin…if u read this then i LOVE you. I am the one who brought the bieber fever into the world :p

  • Mikey m

    This kid looks 12 and his body does too. Come back in 4 years when your balls drop.

  • athena

    Shame, his ego is getting boosted like crazy…he still looks like an 8 year old…put on your shirt Mr. Bieber.

  • http://www.twitter.com/loveslovers Fajer

    No muscles? But still HOT!

  • http://twitter.com/jbieberissohot JBieberissohot

    @Lu: those r his band and other people like that (one of them is his guitarist)… his friends are on the other side of the world… in CANADA while hes in AUSTRALIA

  • ashytisdalefan

    Hm. Little boys body, sings like a girl, cocky, doesn’t write his own songs. What do people see in this kid? I’m sure if he was ugly he wouldn’t have many fans, just saying. ;)

  • suzeth

    omg hees so ccutie and he gotz no moa abbbs buut hhez not hot
    lol …!!!

  • http://miizziiprinzza alexa

    wow but he looks hot!!!!!!!

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    why am i not surprised that there are comments about this baby being “HOT” . he is an underdeveloped bird-chested rodent who hasn’t entered puberty yet? i dont understand how he could be hot? he is a good looking younger kid i guess but “hot” is just absurd. Maybe in a couple of years he will have some muscle definition.

  • http://twitter.com/biebernotes biebernotes

    HES HOT !

  • http://myspace.com/516295513 viviana-babee

    i honestly dont care if he has muscles or not
    hes still ADORBLE!
    but ya he duz look better wit clothes on
    <3 justin bieber

  • sonny

    omg iam already going crazy for this hottie

  • sonny

    he looks super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hemily


  • Tia

    Uhm…Justin has the body of an eleven year old…he needs another three years before his body fully develops..lol Still cute kid :)

  • laurie

    Ahahahahahaha!!!! He hasn’t even hit puberty yet! Where’s the underarm hair? Or the definition? What a loser, and all these disgusting teenage girls are slobbering over him. Pedophiles-in-the-process, much?

  • http://www.justinbieberbrasil.blogspot.com.br vitoria

    I love you justin bieber. Sou brasileira ta. :)

  • helen

    my EYES!
    sorry, I had to pull a phoebe here. but MAN. he’s a kid, ok, but not an infant, so it’s okay that he’s pictured shirtless. but the fact that he’ll be seen as some sort of hot dude is disturbing! because for that he IS a kid – not only phisically, but mentally, too. and this is not okay. NOT okay.

    please girls, please – look at him. he’s all cute. don’t turn him into a sex symbol. it’s too easy to get lost in this world when you’re his age.

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