Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Revival Vintage Opening!

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Revival Vintage Opening!

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas make the cutest couple at the grand opening of the Revival Vintage store on Wednesday (April 28) in Los Angeles.

“Played lose the paparazzi this morning on the highway,” Demi tweeted earlier in the afternoon. “I won. Muhuhuahahaha.” She added, “Spaaahhh timeee… Ooooohhh yeaaahhh!!!”

Later in the evening, Joe tweeted, “I love the cheesecake factory. :)” (He went on a dinner date with Demi at The Grove.)

FYI: Demi is wearing a gold metallic linen alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet scrunch sleeve blazer.

10+ pictures inside of Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato at the Revival Vintage opening…

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Credit: Angela Weiss, Mark Sullivan; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
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  • charlie

    They are adorable together.

  • Deny


  • milah

    Demi is looking really good lately…she is wearing a lot more colours other than black!

  • nayll

    love them together <33

  • Ashley

    best couple EVER

  • ker

    demi shut up about the paparazzi. but you do look gorgeous in these pictures! ;)

  • tessa

    I love Joe, Demi and Miley

  • sash

    Demi looks hot.

  • Semi-Demi-fan

    I’m sure there was like one pap there, so I agree with @ker: SHUT UP!
    But on the positive side, I will admit that she looks good here. Though needs to get rid of those glasses.

  • Dana

    They are so cute! Negative comments not needed please.

  • m

    The cutest couple ever!

  • Ella

    Joe is growing his chest hair again??!! He’s still a cutie though! <3

  • hazel

    i personally think demi’s back to her old self again and i think joe helped her. look before she was always wearing black clothes, wears lots of make-up and is so pale.but now, she looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous. i’m really happy for these two.

  • yoyo

    Publicity Publicity Money Fame & Publicity…Yeah Demi that’s what you think about when you have no talent you can sing but not a unique voice and all so ..I hate them so Fake!

  • bella

    me encanto se ven felices juntos ,es bueno verlos muy contentos y tranquilos, adorables ,si que demi estoy en omg que me encanta su atuendo y las combinaciones que lleva puesto y esos zapatos que hermosos ,omg ,demi te ves radiante y tu cabello perfecto que lindo ,gracias por estas bellisimas fotos saludos desde latinoamerica

  • anonymous

    Joe looks happy in the second picture. And is Demi’s gap coming back? Idk…

  • lorettagallo

    Yayyyyy JIME soo sweet!!!thanks justjared! JIME forever U guys ROCK!!!!!!

  • Robyn

    Yayyyyy Demi !!!

    LOOK – !!!

    I love them together, they’re so cute. But the question is, wheres MY Joe Jonas? Ahhha :)

  • demiisthebest

    Demi didn’t change shut the fuck up!
    Demi still the Demi we’ve knew from the inside and outside !!!
    they look great together love them<3

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    totally agree with you…
    i noticed that like when she and selena were not friends again and everything..she wore black and like the MOST make up EVER!
    now that joe and her are dating…i think she’s a lot happier! her style is finally back to normal and she doesn’t wear that much make up anymore!

  • http://facebook hehehe

    joe is happy with i’m happy…hope she takes care of him cuz he is like a jewel to me…….love ya joe!!!!!!

  • ste4phanie P

    they look amazing together. joe looks hott and demi looks gerorgoles (sorry can’t spell right) but not just them looking good together they are really good for each other and im glad there dating joe is much happier with her then other girls he has been with. and to everyone who is saying its for PR i don’t think its PR at all. i think they are in love and happy to be together.

  • queen181401


  • candy

    the only reason why the paparazzi following u demi is because of ur brother Joe. Please dnt complain u were a D list. Now Ur C! But she looks pretty i guess. I personally prefer the old Demi. the one who ranted about how she doesnt want to tan because she loves her natural complexion? she lookin a lil tanned lately. whats up with that. anyway yawn at the brother and sister.

  • amanda

    You can see that they are in love<3

  • hi

    attention whores.
    almost as bad as heidi and spencer.

  • Angelica

    @candy: What? lol. Paps followed Demi more before she started dating Joe. There’s websites filled of solo candids of her. I think they’re concentrating on her more now that she’s with Joe, but Demi has always been a celebrity and star in her own right.

    … and Joe ain’t her brother. lol.

  • jackie

    anyone notice demi’s ring? she wore it when she went to joes parents house. if y’all look closly it’s on her right hand..I don’t
    know it could just be a random ring or who knows…It’s so awsome that they are be normal couple and not hiding it cause they are celebrites

  • sandra

    hey, i found even more cuter pics here omg:

  • candy

    LOL @angelica lol..i know

    but u know she gettin waay more attention now then she use to. u know that! and i call them bro and sis cuz back in the day jo bros always use to describe their relationship demi like a sister or part of their family. u know that! despite them “dating” they will always look like bro and sis to me…sorry. Lol

  • Shaylyn

    @hazel: I agree. I remember when Camp Rock first came out, the person she was then seemed like a very sweet and humble girl. I think that she got caught up in the ideologies of Hollywood. There is a distinct difference in her personality that… fans will deny it, but it’s there.

  • hi

    Uh Just Jared. Freedom of speech dude. Why are you deleting all the opinionated comments? Shame on you!

  • Diana



    OH MY JEMI !! what a HOT and Good looking couple
    Love demi, she´s so BEAUTIFUL

  • Andrea

    Aww this too are the cutest thing ever, i love this couple so much
    looking Amazing as usual

  • Amy

    LOVE IT! Thanks JJ!

    Jemi <3 for life.

  • Mika

    Joe looks really good. The outfit he’s wearing suits him.

    As for Demi .. not so much. The outfit is nice about the fact that’s it’s not all black but it’s not great.

  • pandora

    How cute Joe talking his little sister to the Cheescake factory!!! Is she trying to look 25 so that he does not look so much like a pedo with a 17 year old kid.

  • theoneforhim

    call me a hater but am I the only one that thinks Joe doesn’t look genuinely happy in this photo?

    Anyway, she looks pretty

    …but I am 100% sure that “Jemi” will not last. I said it for “Jaylor” and it was true. I said it for “Joemilla” and it was true. And I’m saying it for “Jemi”…and it’s true!

  • Anna

    not long before these 2 are kissing on the red carpet for the photogs….

  • michelle

    @theoneforhim: shut the hell up your not god , so you don’t know shit. love is within the inside bitch. its not true until its over you bitch ,you don’t have to look happy to be happy. leave them the hell alone

  • michelle

    shut your damn mouth

  • ells hayden

    please guys pass this around!!! i have started a petition about the jonas brothers coming to australia!!! so guys please send this to as many people as you can!!! thanks guys very much!!!

  • ells hayden please guys pass this around!!! i have started a petition about the jonas brothers coming to australia!!! so guys please send this to as many people as you can!!! thanks guys very much!!!


    joe jonas – you are beautiful. COME TO LONDON? ;)

  • paulina

    Omg I just looove this picture :) I think it’s really cuuute!

  • theoneforhim


    okay, there is absolutely no need to cuss me out. I know I’m not God and I was simply stating my opinion. If you don’t like it, that’s fine but at least be respectful.

    And I’ll have you know that I’m going into Public relations and I take classes in communications and just by reading Joe’s non-verbals, it’s quite obvious. Please educate yourself before you come attacking me. Okay? I hope I’ve made myself clear.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  • http://wv siara lesane

    thank you and home come ,is this disney channel ,on demand in there ,house call videos movies ,so when raven call facdook ,me

  • DANIELLE here=) yeah that’s me

    joe looks funny in the second pic lol

  • paulina

    I don’t want to attack you or say you are not right I don’t know maybe I am wrong but…I was watching some interview with person who tells about public relations (kind of like you) and he was talking about them and he said completely diffrent things then you besides I heard things like you said here before with Zac and Vanessa and others and now we can see how it went. In my opinion you can’t tell anything about person you don’t know or from one picture..
    and to michelle there is no need for bad words everybody can have their
    own opinion :)