Vanessa Hudgens: Floppy Hat Cover-Up!

Vanessa Hudgens: Floppy Hat Cover-Up!

Vanessa Hudgens covers up her face with her big floppy hat while gassing up her Audi car in Hollywood on Friday (April 30).

The 21-year-old actress was recently quoted on how Neil Patrick Harris cast her in the part of Mimi in RENT. Vanessa shared via US Weekly, “He texted me ,saying, ‘Do you like Rent?’ And I was thinking he was going to ask me to see it with him, so I’m like, ‘Yeah, I love Rent!’”

In case you missed it, check out a new still from Vanessa‘s upcoming film Beastly at MTV!

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • beatriz

    what? vanessa and hats ahhahaa
    in she look amazing!!

  • linda

    were are her shoes thats gross people spit there all the time yikes!

  • Jez

    She looks so sexy barefoot xD And she definitely works them floppy hats. (:

  • beatriz

    zac vs. vanessa??
    pff Zac of course!! zac is amazing and sexy and hot and hahaha… perfect ily zacefron

  • B

    Don’t hide your beautiful face, Vanessa. She’s gorgeous.

  • Meghan

    I personally wouldn’t wear this outfit, but it looks lovely on her, as do most of her outfits.

    Such a shame she hides her face like that though; she’s gorgeous. But I don’t blame her. Camera flashes hurt my eyes.

  • Erika

    I actually LOVE her outfit, it’s very beachy.
    @linda she’s wearing shoes hun.

  • sara12

    love her

  • lilly

    she looks amazing!! && that is Zac’s car!!

  • Andy

    Not a good look :(

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I wouldn’t of been able to tell if that was Vanessa.. It is sad that she’s covering her face though.. and why in the world are people commenting about the outfit she’s wearing ? I don’t see anything wrong with it. I could care less, she still looks beautiful as ever and at least she’s not one of those celebrities who love going out wearing almost nothing.

    @anna: I hope you realize that your making Vanessa more popular by commenting on here. :D

  • Vanessa lover

    @anna: If you have nothing good to say don’t say it all. You’ve shared your opinion enough; we get it you don’t have a life and you have nothing better to do besides what you say is not going meaning anything to her she has style and it’s her own style it’s doesn’t matter to her or anyone else that it is not to your liking.

    maybe she wasn’t having a good day and she didn’t feel like getting dressed up and just threw whatever on and she doesn’t have to look good 100% of the time.

  • teamhudgens

    Why you care about what she wears?
    She looks good, pretty like always.
    Love her.<3

    @anna: honey, you’re such a loser ;)

  • cosmos

    Umm – if you look at picure 6 & 8 she is not barefoot. She’s wearing sandels. I personally love the look. The skirt is amazing and she loves those floppy hats. She hides her face because she does NOT like to be papped.

    @anna – what side of the bed did you wake up on that you have to post :
    A. So many times
    B. Things that are just so completly out there like that Zac should date Meghan Fox – are you kidding? ZAC has no issue with Vanessa hence why they have been together so long. And as for your comment that no one likes her, that’s just funny! Let’s see who would NOT agree with that statement – cast of HSM, cast of Bandslam, NPH, Mary Kate, Alex Pettyfer. OH – and then there’s Zack Snyder and the cast of Sucker Punch. Yep – people really don’t like her. You may be referring however to jealous little girls who want Zac for themselves. Or girls who are jealous of her for being a beautiful, down to earth, hard working, independent woman who loves life and the people in it. Hmm- which one are you?

    And BTW Vanessa has incredible style and though some people may not care for this outfit, I really don’t think she woke up this morning wondering what people are going to think. She dresses for herself and not us.

  • linda

    @Erika: she is not wearing shoes!

  • Theresa

    @ Lilly

    I was wondering the same thing since the car she’s driving doesn’t look a convertible in the pictures.

  • Vanessa lover

    @anna: Shut up your word means nothing to anyone they just get on people’s nerves. You don’t have a life and your jealous; we get it.

  • birdie

    @anna: I think you’d better go back to playing with your paperdolls. These are human beings that don’t need you or anybody else to tell them who they should or shouldn’t be with .
    I mean really are you nuts?

  • mike

    shes all covered her face looks like she dislikes paparazzi

  • Vanessa lover

    @anna: Looks dont matter in a relationship it’s so sad how little 11 years girls like you believe that

  • so pretty

    her boooty looks amazing!!!wow she has a wow body!!!!!! guys she does wear extensions….

  • Heather

    vanessa, i think ur great, but someone BURN that hat. i literally cant stand it. she wears it everywhere and its too much

  • tina

    Why does she always pretend to be hiding when we all know she is an attention beyotch!

  • peggy



    Vanessa has one Showesat (OMG the exact same award Zac won last year) -she has 2 movies and stage production comng out and has beeen seen with the outline of other scripts. She’s been on multiple most beautiful lists and we don’t have time to list all the mags

    He has a movie coming out and another in reprod and a wonderful deal with WB. He’s been on most handsome lists but not quite as many covers but he looks great always.

    VAnessa is more on his level than most of the silly starlets in Hollywood


    You’re a pathetic loser who doesn’t know what it means to love or be wanted. If you knew what being wanted was you wouldnt have to post so many times to get attention

  • peggy


    zoom in she IS wearing sandals

  • A Fan

    I love seeing V photos. Cute dress.

  • lilly

    anna you are pathtic, and I know Zac would agree with that. He loves V and its as simple as that

  • nickj

    @anna no one really cares about your opinion. if it makes you feel better, well go ahead because nothing will really change on zac and vanessa relationship. so give it a rest.

  • Jez

    Woops. My mistake, she’s not barefoot although she does look like it though.

  • BabiiVFanForeva

    Gorgeous, totally loveeeee her outfit!!!! <3

  • nickj

    @anna your soo dumb thinking that stupid useless message that “you’ll send” would actually work. like seriously why would vanessa read stupid messages. she’ll just seee “blah blah blah blah” so honey give it a rest and shut up. no one will care your stupid.

  • Jez

    That @anna girl makes me L.O.L.
    Honey, I think Just Jared Junior is a little too old for you.

  • Erika

    @anna Just shut up already. If you don’t like her then stop commenting! It’s PLAIN & SIMPLE. We can care less what you think.

  • Jess!

    she looks gorgeous!!!

  • dani

    wow vanessa looks very beautiful …..very chic and boho
    and i think her hair is different i mean the color’s brown

  • Jess!

    she is wearing shoes !!!

  • lilly

    it is so cute that she is driving Zac’s car!!

  • Kgg

    @anna: You are such a child, stamping your feet and whining for something that you can’t have. You are no one to judge Zac and Vanessa’s relationship…they have been happily together for almost 5 years. Trust me, they love and trust each other and Vanessa does not have him chained to the wall like you believe in your comments. If he didn’t want to be with her, he could walk away at any time. So quit being delusional and get a grip on reality. How old are you?

  • Jess!

    lol… sad! sooooo sad!

  • Jess!

    You are SOOOOOOOO jealous!!

  • Jess!

    she is not ashley tisdale!

  • naomi

    @linda: are you blind??

  • nickj

    i love arguing with that 6 year old kid anna. she’s so dumb its unbelievable. making up crap. dude you already exist dont add more.

  • nickj

    @anna: hahaha seriously you made me laugh on that one ! hahahahaha ok that was hilarious. but seriously just shhh about vanessa !!!!! :)

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    she looks GORGEOUS!
    I love that look on her
    i love her!

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    She is definiteely wearing sandals! ;)

  • dani

    @ VANESSA’S FANS : just ignore it @ nickj -@anna i mean same person and obviously zac’s fan ….

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    she is driving Zacs car!!!
    she is adorable!

  • nickj

    no im a vanessa fan ! :) the rainbow joke was the one that cracked me up not the floppy one @anna ! haha

  • ruby


    THANK YOU!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1