Ashley Greene: Breaking Out of Breaking Dawn?

Ashley Greene: Breaking Out of Breaking Dawn?

Ashley Greene takes a glance at the paparazzi as she heads into Automatic Sweat Casting studio in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (May 10).

According to THR, the 23-year-old Florida-born actress and her BFF Kellan Lutz are apparently holding out on signing on to the fourth film in The Twilight Saga for better paychecks.

THR says, “We’re told that the offers from Summit — which are said to be at least 10 times what the actors made on the first movie — were deemed ‘offensive’ given the mega-money the franchise has generated. Summit declined to comment on the situation. But the studio wants to move quickly to pull the trigger on the two movies — which it won’t until the talent deals are further along — and it isn’t afraid to recast if agreements can’t be reached.”

WOULD YOU SEE Breaking Dawn without Ashley or Kellan in it?

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  • Katie

    ok they both should suck it up and not be so greedy. it is still 10x more than the first film. they are not the stars, they are hardly in the films anyway. this just made me lose a lot of respect for both of them.

  • Joanne Marie

    I would still watch It but i dont think it will be the same without them! I love them!

  • maila

    Where Alice is so cute and sweet, she is the total opposite, I spotted it from the beginning that she would be the one to be up herself. I knew she would be one of the actors from the franchise to gain an ego!

    Summit are willing to pay her and Kellan 10x what they paid them for the first movie and they are still being greedy.

    It will be weird to see them replaced, and Summit will do it if they have to. So I think they should count themselves lucky, because this franchise made them!

    Just sign with what your being offered and get on with it!

    To answer your question Jared, I will not see the movie whether they are in it or not. Because the book was awful, and making it into a movie is worse!

  • Val

    if someone of the cullens is replaced (whether it is ashley or kellan or someone of the other cullens) i am not seeing the movie

  • Danny

    i’ll wacth it, let’s face it, we only see twilight for robert.

  • maria

    @maila: I disagree with you. You’re making them out to be greedy, but with the money these actors have made for Summit, shame on them for not rewarding their stars. I don’t blame them AT ALL for holding out. I can’t stand to see studios reap the rewards and pay their stars peanuts. Summit is all about the money anyway. They could give a damn about quality.

  • maria

    And I don’t ever plan on seeing any of these movies ever. Heard the books were good, and the movies terrible.

  • http://twitter.coom/natillanosl twilight

    I will not watch it if any of the Cullens are replaced…

  • http://@carolinewalton Caroline

    Most actors who are starting out in big budget movies make between $200,000-$500,000 a film maybe more and if Summit is offering them 10X this amount that is between $2-$5 MILLION. They are being greedy. Anyone in the world would be happy with a payday of $2-$5 million. Kristen has been acting longer and has more credits to her name, hence more money for her.


    Well with or without the Twilight movies Ashley is a gorgeous girl and she makes Gypsy 05′s Release Me Tee look spectacular! You will be able to pre-order it on the official Gypsy 05 website shortly!

  • moniuue

    the answer is yes

  • moniuue

    i totally will see the movie sorry ashley and kellan ,kellan you was to minutes in NOES if is any one to get more is ashley

  • georgette

    honestly, i’d probably wait until it got on the internet or something to watch it. the main reason i watch the saga (in theaters) is to see Ashley as Alice, and to see someone else play her would be…weird and just not …right in my mind. Alice has been, and always will be, my favorite character/person, and Ashley just makes me love Alice all the more(:

  • sheila

    that would be very short sighted of summit not to give them a fair paycheck. this franchise has been the mother load for them. summit were a small time studio when this all started. it would be entirely unfair to the twilight fans if they cast any of the cullens with different actors. summit claims to care so much about the integrity of the story for the fans’ sakes. that should also apply to consistency of the characters and what the movies look like.


    Summit won’t hesitate to replace them if they push it far enough. They got rid of the actress who played Victoria for having an overlapping schedule. I don’t doubt that they would replace Alice and Emmett if that’s what it came down to.

    Honestly, most people are going to see the movie either because they read the book or because they love Robert Pattinson / Taylor Lautner. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz would be missed, but I don’t think they would be missed enough to dramatically affect the movie’s reception.

    I think, in this case, they’re being greedy. There’s nothing wrong with wanting stars to earn fair salaries. However, these two haven’t done much. Emmett was probably in the first two movies for about fifteen minutes in total. Alice got slightly more screen time, but she still didn’t do much acting in comparison to Kristen Stewart. I’m not undercutting their acting abilities or talent. I’m merely saying that they didn’t receive much acting time and shouldn’t necessarily be receiving payment based on the monetary worth of the franchise. Yes, they’re part of it.

    But who has a bigger (movie-going) fan club: Emmett or Edward?

    Twilight catapulted these two to superstar status for simply having their names associated with Cullen characters. I could see it being more reasonable for Stewart or Pattinson to ask for a raise–they’re actually doing the majority of the acting.

    I’ll see it either way, whether they’re in it or not.

    Frankly, as a matter of personal opinion, I’m not that big of a movie-Alice anyway and Emmett is barely in it. I’d probably miss them at bit as they are the faces of the characters, and it would take a bit of getting used to, but I wouldn’t sacrifice the rest of the cast/franchise for the sake of–what I am perceiving as–two young actors’ greed.

  • gabrielle

    If this is true, I hope Lucy Hale auditions again. She’s really the perfect Alice.

  • M

    No one knows what they got for the first film. Summit is a cheapstake, who knows they probably got 100,000 for the first film, no one knows.

    Who cares anyways, it isn’t like they will be missed and the films will suck, with or without them.

  • Alyssa

    if summit replaces alice and emmet my friends and i will boycott summit forever!!!!
    theyd be so stupid to do that!!!!!
    if they do theyre jerkssss

  • yaay

    Does any1 actually know how much they are been paid?
    They probably are been greedy i mean its a HUGE cast wiv a HUGE crew
    The crew are wat make the movie wiv locations and set designs etc etc
    They’re in a way been selfish cos they’re thinkin of themselves when theres sooo many more people involved
    I love them both bu this is makin me them differently (abit anyway)

  • yeaaaaah

    One of the reasons I like the movie is because Ashley plays Alice… and I’m really not going to watch it if she’s not on it. I mean, I’m not even sure I’m going to watch Breaking Dawn on theaters, and less to movies, because I didn’t even like the book. I find it so boring and predictable… Anyway, the thing is, if they supply one of the Cullens I’m clearly not gonna see it. They did it with Rachelle, and that was a really bad move, ’cause Bryce Dallas Howard isn’t half the Victoria Rachelle was… they keep on ruining it.

  • Helen

    @Katie: i’m right there with you. so they think they’re the shit now, just because paps are taking their pictures?

    i thought that two of the best actors cast were ashley and kellan, not because they’re such great actors, but because they looked the part. but i’m sincerely not caring if they let them go or not. the only ones who would be weird if were not in the movies are obviously kristen, robert and taylor.

    @yeaaaaah: how on earth do you know that bryce is not great in the part? have youwatched the movie? do you know comething that the rest of the world doesnt?

  • me

    I don’t blame them for holding out for more money, but it would be ridiculous if they bowed out of the movie because of it, seeing then they would be getting nothing. They have both thus far seemed perfectly grateful for simply the opportunities Twilight has brought them, as well as [obviously] the money too, so how much do they need exactly? Doing Breaking Dawn would expand their repertoire and get them the already-stated 10 times as much they made on the first movie, and they both have said they enjoy making the movies. Actors need to stop focusing so much on the money– heck, that’s why Friends got cancelled, and 4 out of the 6 main cast members of that show have been basically MIA since.
    Ashley and Kellan should grasp this opportunity while they have the chance. Not trying to bash them, just saying they need to consider what this could do to their careers. No studios are going to want to hire actors they think are divas, no matter how talented and [deserving of the extra money] they are.

  • me

    [and deserving of the extra money]*

  • kay

    @yeaaaaah: Eclipse hasn’t even come out yet, and that’s the only movie Bryce Dallas Howard has been in. So where exactly are you getting this “really bad movie” thing from?

  • pup

    Gah. People like this annoy me. Me, and about half the world would give their left foot to make even less than a tenth of what they got payed to do those crap movies. Idiots.

  • cheryl

    no, i personally wouldn’t want to see the movie without the original cast.
    to me it wouldn’t be the same, as for the past 2 (soon to be 3) movies you have seen Ashley as Alice and Kellen as Emmett It just wouldn’t be the complete Cullen family to be honest.

  • Erica

    it wont be Summits fault if they have to recast. hopefully they are being reasonable Ashley and Kellan have the right to ask for more money. Honestly Ashley has a better reason to ask for more money than Kellan he basically just stands around and uses a deep voice every now and again. Alice is at least a major part of the story.

    I SINCERELY hope Ashely and Kellan dont end up getting them selves recast it would be the BIGGEST mistake they could make in their careers just ask the chick that used to play Victoria

  • jt

    Zac Efron did this for HSM3

  • susie


    But Ashley and Kellen aren’t the stars. Rob, Kristen and Taylor are. Does Kellan even have lines in the movie?

  • taylor

    there is no way they can replace them for the final movie! it’s just not the same

  • J. Ryan

    @Caroline: Summit needs to just give them what they’re asking for… they’ve both seemed genuinely grateful to the franchise and can’t be asking for all that much… and If they believe that the fans are gonna stand for another recasting, they are out of their minds. Let’s face it… Summit stumbled on to a gold mind with this series and is lucky considering they don’t have anything else really going for them. They should definitely pay up.

    @Katie: Twilight wasn’t a big buget film. It was done on basically an independent budget and I can’t imagine that the actors got all that much to do it. No one knew it would be this huge… so say they got 100,000 then 10x that is 1 million which is insulting considering the billions of dollars it has made world wide.

    @me: seriously you need to check your facts before you speak. Friends was on television for 10 years which is almost impossible now-a-days and the reason they stayed on for so many years is because they core 6 went in to negotiations as a group and demanded the exact same salary… seriously check your facts.

  • writer_girl

    Given the amount of money that has been made in the franchise, not just with movie ticket sales, but merchandising and DVD’s, for them to not ask for more would be ignorant.

    If you take into account the “billions” that Summit has made off of the series, it makes them look more greedy than 2 principal cast members arguing their worth.

    This is all typical talk and negotiations in a series. I hope Ashley and Kellan go to the mat and get raises they deserve.

  • andre07hsm

    absolutely not!!!to me… twilight is Alice, Alice is ashley.. so not ashley means not twilight for me!!!
    after the three main characters, she is the most famous and even many people prefer ashley over kristen, and is unfair they pay her much less than kristen and robert..

  • sdfsdfff

    Wow Summit. I mean sure they’re being greedy asking for more money, but I think the really greedy one in this situation is Summit. First with Victoria, now willing to replace Alice and Emmett? These are pretty important characters in the books, especially Alice.
    Seriously, they have made a sh*t load of money already and with Breaking Dawn will definitely make even more… geez.

  • Annie

    Would I watch without Alice?

  • poppy

    Where is all that money going to that Summit is making if not the actors. The fans are paying loads of cash for items and movies and shirts and the guys behind the scenes score while the puppets get nothing. That’s cruel!

  • twilightdude

    If they recast ANYONE I would not watch. They are greedy and should pay ALL the actors their fair share. Not only would I not watch but I say we all return all our Twilight merchandise if they recast.

  • Elly

    i would still watch it, even thoguh the book did suck. Plus Summit is being greedy. Summit was pretty much unknown before . Then Twilgiht happend and BAM. they have mega millions,possibly billions. The actors do deserve a much higher amount of money . Not a lot ,since they possibly wont appear often.

  • Edd

    You know how much money the Twilight franchise is making? A ***load. So it makes sense that their asking for bigger paychecks. Summit has always been stingy though – they only had a 90 ( more or less) mil budget for New Moon and Twilight MADE ALOOOTTT to cover a bigger budget for a better production and they didn’t jeez. If they replace them though – hope twilight will crash and burn – damn getting so annoying.

  • bebe

    ashley and kellan can’t acts. it’s well known they only interesting in big bucks to be nude models as long as people talked about them.

    summit can replace this 2 at any time, no, i don’t felt sorry, ashley and kellan is only having like 2 line in the scripts and believe me, after watching them in new moon, let me said, i am cringe all the time when i saw their scenes. terrible. let anyone who capable to portraits them much better.

    summit better throwing the money to do amazing movie not paying suck movie stars. that’s a fact.

  • Gice me a break

    Stop being so greedy. Come on anyone working a regular 9-5 job would kill to million dollars doing something that they love!! Stop being so greedy and look at the economic status of the word. Be happy with that, atleast they don’t have to worry about paying their bills…..would be nice.

  • commentor

    robert should be the one replaced. kristen is the only reason why i watch this saga.

  • basa Nova

    The character of Alice Cullen is essential… every character in this movie support each other.. Bella, Edward and Jacob are the main characters, but there is no story without Alice, emmet and the others…

    well, It is okay for Ashley and Kellan to ask more paychecks since we don’t know how much summit cost for this two.. maybe they feel the pay do not fair for them..

    I like the books but not the movies.. because the books really show about the story and all characters but, the movie just show about KRISTEN, ROBERT and TAYLOR…

    Look Harry Potter!! we love the movie because the story and we because we really love Harry Potter.. we love Dan, Emma and Rupert because we love Harry Potter…

    these are just my opinion..well, everybody has their own point of view… Peace!! :)

  • lizzie

    They want over 1 million Summit is offering them between 750,000-1 million, an average supporting star of a highly anticipated movie is lucky to earn 100,000 dollars-200,000 dollars. Greene and Lutz are being greedy, they have small roles. They don’t even deserve 10,000. Have you seen how small their roles are, they are barely conspicuous and should not compare themselves to the leads who LEAD the film franchise.

  • Gina

    I don’t think it would be the same without Kellan and Ashely, I would be quite mad if they weren’t brought back for the final installment. I mean Victoria’s character was different when it was changed. I think the actors deserve the money that the franchise has earned and we know that is a lot. I would be really dissapointed if they were let go and not signed

  • Rawrrr

    Omg they have to be in it, it wouldnt be the same:( i think it is being greedy abit because there people that have nothing they should be thankful for what they have already. I love ashley as alice. I cant imagine anyone else to be honest. I would still see it to see the love traingle it should be good but i gope they are in it. And i wished rachel that played victoria was still in it. Seems weird wayout her nw”/

  • Rawrrr

    Oh and i hate the way the keep changing the characters it will wreck the movie if the recast them. Sales would likely go down a bit”/

  • Joana

    Thats’s horrible, i think ashley and kellan are only can do the chapters, i can’t see any onther actress and actor on the movie!

  • stephanie

    i dont care about anything or anyone else in the movie Except Robert Pattinson <3