Zac Efron is Ready for Reshoots

Zac Efron is Ready for Reshoots

Zac Efron touches down at Vancouver International Airport on Sunday (May 16) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 22-year-old actor is in town to complete reshoots for his upcoming film, Charlie St. Cloud!

Late last week, a brand new poster, stills and a trailer for the film were released online! Check them out here if you missed them.

Charlie St. Cloud arrives in theaters Friday, July 30!

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • The Lass

    Hot stuff. ;)

  • amy

    What a babe (; <3

  • Aline


  • ehryle

    so cool and loyal to his love one V :)

  • Mickaelly

    I love Zac..

  • aline


  • Katty

    Continue to love him <3

  • green bay


  • susan1

    I can’t wait to see Zac movie Charlie St Cloud.

  • nikki

    I WANT HIM!!!!! !!! !!! !!! hes ssooo dayum hottt

  • nikki

    OMG i just realized i have the SAME shoes as zaccyy!! :) yayay!

  • pop86

    Zac got his swagger on.

  • http://google BARBARA

    It looks like Zac put color on his hair, on his hair, you can tell the hat is slpping back, plus his hair in the movie is lighter. He looks in that one picture he’s trying to get away from the paps. He looks very handsome.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • beatriz

    como te amo zac efron,eres tan perfecto :)

    We Love You Zac <3

  • luly

    hot simplemente hot

  • justine


  • Katty

    Love him more and more all the time!

    I wonder what movie he will be filming next??

  • mona

    Absolutely gorgeous! He’s looking better with each passing day!

  • athena

    Y’know…that paps can be big ole rats…but let’s hope that they don’t continually put a scowl on Zac’s face….they’re gonna be around for a long time so, enjoy the ride while they’re in your face….Besides…we fans want to see your handsomeness in front of these cameras….can’t wait to see Charlie St. Cloud.

  • athena

    Hmmm, is the no. 4 picture backwards….? It looks like the mole on his cheek isn’t there…..what gives…he should never be rid of that one…nor the one that’s almost in the middle of his forehead….

  • Claudia

    Oh, Zac..
    You have no idea how much i looove you..!!!
    You’re soo awesome and i cant wait for Charlie St. Cloud, i’m so excited about it!!!

    Sooooooo handsome!!♥

  • yi

    He looks handsome
    can’t wait for his movies

  • jj

    he looks great
    can’t wait for his movies

  • vona

    @BARBARA: listen, I can not speak so much English. but why
    did you get so angry??? vanessa is a loser for me and zac is everything. so i hate vanessa. but that does not mean you have her hate her too:))))

  • Emma

    @vona: “Shut up

  • vona

    @Emma: why??? i was’t talking to u

  • vona

    i hate vanessa . but why u guys care about me?????????????????????

  • basa Nova

    please be nice!! If u hate someone then talk to her/him directly not behind her/him.. Everyone get rights to have different opinion about something!! just make a good comment here!!
    And, what did Barbara said before?? I think she didn’t say anything wrong!! Peace vona.. God bless a

  • basa Nova

    well, I mean God bless us Vona… :)

    btw, Zac is so handsome.. I wish Zac and Vanessa always have the best on their career.. love Zac and Vanessa too…

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Vona, I respect and admire both Zac and Vanessa, they are both very talented and i admire Zac and Vanessa relationship, because they know want love really is and means, they do love each other very deeply, i know want it takes to have a good relationship, you are to young to understand, i know you hate Vanessa, because she dating Zac , your not the only one, i repect your opinion about Zac and you have a crush on him, and so does alot of girls. so let it be peace between you and me.

  • amber

    @athena yeah he removed the mole on his left cheek and on his forehead, its stupid cuz i loved the one on his left cheek. but you know its his decission (sp?)


  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Amber, and Athena, he proably had them taken off because his doctor, told it would be safer too, because Zac had spot remove three years ago,below his chest on the left side, it was proably pretty worried some,it wasn’t cancer. but for safety sake he had his two moles taken off.

  • vona

    @BARBARA: okeeey…..

  • kate1

    Looking good Zac

  • sth

    he looks handsome
    can’t wait for his movies
    why so hate on vanessa?SHE IS THE BEST

  • lilli

    whaa can’t wait as sexy as always but why ware there so less comments? only about 25 o.O hope doesn’t mean he looses all his fans ^^

  • ellen

    Saw previews for this movie yesterday and they looked ok. Makes the love scene and kiss look really steamy. Wonder if Vanessa fans will be upset wit that?

    don’t think the movie will do that well though. People over all are losing interest in him and in her. Not sure I’d pay to see it but I would definitely watch it on tv.

  • Althea

    You should give a chance and go to the theatre. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. :o)

  • Karen

    What do you expect? The Zac thread right before this one is basically the SAME. It is pictures of him leaving LAX and these are when he ARRIVED in Vancouver. SO, we have virtually the same pics and the same information. If you check on the previous thread he has 55 comments and here he has 37. If you add them together—because the threads are from the same time—you get 92 posts!

    I don’t believe you follow Zac and Vanessa very much. If you did you would clearly see how much coverage they get from news sites and how they are hounded by the paps. Believe me, they are not losing anyone’s interest. Plus, there has been way over 100,000 hits for people checking out Zac’s new movie trailer. It doesn’t sound to me like the movie is going to do poorly.

  • Karen

    I also meant to add those 100,000+ hits Zac’s trailer got happened in only THREE DAYS! I’m sure there is more now.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Ellen, Zac and Vanessa, know its acting, they will have love scenes in alot of ther movies in the future, Alot of actors do not like love scenes, there not really romatic like you think, they feel very uncomforable doing yhe scenes, they have directors telling you very move you have to do, and camera crew,and crew people that are working on the set, so they are surounded, by all kinds of people. Karen, i agree want you said about information on here, if you want some information about the both Zanessasweetheart blog.has some.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Ellen, don’t go by trailers, I’m going to both movies on july 30, because I think both movies are going to be very good. Trailers don’t tell the whole story, thats why there called teasters. I really beleieve there both movies are going to be very good .

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