Demi Lovato Chains Up Her Feet!

Demi Lovato Chains Up Her Feet!

Demi Lovato wears a fashion forward pair of Rock & Republic “Pandora” sandals with CHAIN detail while stepping out of her New York City hotel on Wednesday afternoon (May 19).

Her boyfriend, Joe Jonas, left the hotel moments before with his brothers Nick and Kevin.

Check out the video of Demi below! MTV asks her if she’ll be able to keep up with the Jonas Brothers in the upcoming Camp Rock concert tour. “I always hold my own!” Demi exclaimed. “Get it straight! (laughs) I’m just kidding. It’ll be fun. I’m excited. I’m representin’.”

FYI: Demi is wearing a Gryphon blazer and Serfontaine jeans.

Demi Lovato Talks “Camp Rock” Concert Tour
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  • Stina

    She looks amazing!

    Shoes are Rock & Republic Pandora sandals and her blazer is by Gryphon.

  • mar

    ok. jemi broke up. and how do I know this?
    demi bad taste in clothes is back … she was about to become a fashion icon. welcome back ugly demi…

  • amber

    i personally think those shoes are hideous and trashy especially for such a cute girl. not her best.

  • Just Jared

    @amber: Dang, you’re good!!!

  • marilyn

    There shoes are fugly! That whole outfit is horrible. She only looks good when she dresses for events

  • mary

    i love her jeans and shoes but without the silver jacket thingy this outfit would be great


    She looks BEYOND GORGEOUS as usual, hot as usual,

  • tia

    beautiful !!! love her !!!

  • Hi

    umm.. i dont like those clothes. its weird (? i actually like what she wears in the red carpet

  • Shell

    I swear if Vanessa hudgens had on those shoes she would get nothing nothing but good comments but when a sweety like demi wears them their trashy!!! U all make no sense!!

  • ciaheart

    you know how to rock out your out fit…Thank god you don’t lesson to all the bull that is on here or other sites.
    You have great taste……LOOOOOOOve the shoes.
    My rock diva hey!!!!!!!!!

  • mar


  • http://ksa layla

    I love Demi

  • nathalia

    i loooooove demi.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    sooo beautiful! love her!

  • amber

    @Shell: no matter who was wearing those shoes, i would still think they look trashy. it’s the design that irks me, not the wearer.

  • candy

    i actually love the shoes, but the rest of the outfit is dreadful. i like the girl but once again, she needs a new stylist…bad

  • Britt

    That outfit is pretty dreadful…

    @Shell, Vanessa actually has STYLE! I do however love what Demi is wearing in the interview with the jonas brothers. And why is that demi is a “sweety” when she wears them? Vanessa has a pretty sweet and awesome personality! I adore her! (Just on a side note, I do like Demi!)

  • jessica

    i think she looks good. and gtfo haters. god damn it everything this girl does nowadays she gets hated on. ugh i was she never even started dating joe. she never got this much hate before. stupid jonas teenies hating on her for no reason i bet. seriously ever relationship joe has been in his stupid fans always hated the girl. and its no different with demi.

  • kym

    her makeup looks really pretty
    gorgeous :)
    btw u can c her brown hair growing out lol- redye!


    Those shoes looks like they’re steadily squeezing the life out of her feet.

  • fanybecks

    oh please, she looks GORGEOUS! love that shiny blazer and that rocking sandals, Demsterz! YOU ROCK <333

  • Evie

    Looks like someone just got a new fake tan. Come on, Demi. Just . . . no.

  • ymselenafan

    honestly, the makeup bothers me more than anything. so much eye shadow….its looks terrible.

  • bethannny

    too much makeup,shes so much prettier without it all on.

  • Darius

    I could care less about a new JONAS tour or a Joe Jonas album. When’s the new Demi album coming? Only Disney backed artist with the vocals and style that make me not ashamed to buy her music.

  • Darius

    Those pants and that blazer don’t go well together, though.

  • ryl

    she is beautiful

    but ugly outfit, horrible sandals, terrible make up

    bad choice

  • darlene

    did anyone see the other parts to this interview.
    she seems really sad, and if you notice..KEVIN rolls his eyes everytime demi says something.
    like WTF KEVIN, she already has enough hate..your gayass can just chill.
    also to the JEMI breakup rumor…i HATE it, but i’m starting to believe it’s true. BREAKUPS are the worst thing ANY girl can go through. if it is TRUE, fuck joe..always knew his ass was gay-_-
    annnnyyyway, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP look beautiful.
    all boys are the same, famous or not..DICKHEADS.

    don’t bash, cause i don’t give a fuck.

    -just another fan in the crowd.

  • paulina

    @darlene: I would use words you did I think it’s little bit too harsh we don’t know if they broke up and she laughed all
    the time soo I don’t think they did but I wanted to agree at one point with you…KEVIN! I always liked him we was cute and funny but how he acted in this video -.- it looks like he really don’t like Demi right now and what he should do is to be happy for his bro no matter what soo…shame on you Kevin! You dissapointed me :(

  • paulina

    *I wouldn’t

  • http://J Chelsea

    I actually lije the shoes

  • candy

    and P.S.- I don’t like the body language of demi and joe in this video.

    just sayin

  • Ella

    Joe didn’t even say anything on the interview. :/

  • joejonaslover

    wow she loooks hot…haters STFU

  • candy

    and P.S. this movie better be excellent the way they promoting it. its starting in SEptember and their doing a whole tour for it? in a few months it’ll be year since they filmed this movie. An hour and 20 min tv movie!! i understand they’re building the anticipation but it better like hsm good. the acting better be excellent.

  • jenny

    i love the fact that shes so curvy!!!!!! The tan looks right on her and makes her look less like a ghost when shes happy she tends to look better and she definitley looks amazing here but the shoes are a bit weird

  • Collyn


    she looks HORRID!

  • bruna

    too much makeup,shes so much prettier without it all on.

  • cassy

    too platform