Zac Efron is a Bloody Good Actor

Zac Efron is a Bloody Good Actor

Zac Efron makes a quick phone call as he walks to the set of Charlie St. Cloud on a rainy Tuesday (May 18) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 22-year-old actor, joined by his co-star, Amanda Crew, was covered in fake blood for an upcoming scene. Eek!

Zac and a pal were spotted boating on the English Bay on Monday. Check out pictures here if you missed them!

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zac efron fake blood charlie st cloud 03
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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • jenny

    oh DAMN he looks HOT here

  • ZZAC!

    can’t wait for that movie! :,)

  • amy

    He gets better looking everyday! Can’t wait to see CSC (:

  • jan4ik

    he can’t get hotter! *__*

  • VZ

    he looks adorable :)

  • pop86

    He looks good even with fake blood on his face.

  • Katty

    Okay, I know I am obsessing here, but where are the moles???

    Anyways, he does even look sexxy with his face all bloody, like he won a fight. I like that… teehee.

    Can’t wait until you are back in LA Zac!

  • Georgia

    i NEED to see this movie NOW!!! i just read the book and i have to see it!! if ididnt live in the UK id probably die!!! it comes out ende of june instead of july here!! PHEW!!

  • jenny

    @Katty: some people were saying he got them removed

  • Just sayin’

    This really looks so good. I do have to say that I hope the girl is an
    amazing actress cuz she’s not very attractive.

  • Tiptoes

    looking good during the break…

  • nikki

    HE LOOKS SSSOOOOOOOO HHHOOOTTTTT wit blood on him :) omgomg

  • nikki

    GAHHH HES SSOO HOTT<3333333!

  • justine

    Ohh my zachary, He looks super duper delicious!

  • green bay

    DANGGG lol this looks intense! zac looks really cute though!! no lie!

  • hotttt



  • Just Interested

    The title says it all! I completely agree.

  • brad

    My man looks so hot LOL
    i love zac

  • zaclover

    I’m a total zac lover, i can’t wait for this movie! (: zac looks amazing!

  • Jick Jack

    I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!!!!!!! XD eepppppp!!!! i can not WAIT for this movie!! I LOVE ZAC EFRON!!!!

  • de De De

    Love zac with a dying passion! MARRY ME?

  • check it

    Check this hot guy out! hehe

  • Sandy

    Love zac with a dying passion! MARRY ME??

  • Sandy

    @de De De: LOL i copyed you cause i LOVE it haha

  • Hailey

    Aww he looks so cute and sad awww i love zachary!

  • Unbelieveable

    Intresting note that might interest some of you. It looks like it won’t
    be Vanessa vs zac at The box office as I just read that beastly is about to change release dates.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Beastly was there first, Universal, should be the one moving, to another date, i don’t think much of Universal. It.s too bad.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I.m going to see Zac’s movie and I’ll see Beastly when it comes out, i’m glad if it is true, because the fans and the media, would try to divide the followers of Both Zac anjd Vanessa.I can’t wait to see them both. Universal made this mess.

  • Doulee

    Zac so hot i want him!! GIRLS back of he’s mine!! :)

  • nikki

    Wait so beastly is changing there date! cooool! Well i was gonna see vanessas but then zacs came out on the same day so i’m seeing zacs only cause i dont have money for 2 movies haha!

  • abc

    dont worry i ll giv u

  • abc

    @nikki: dont worry i ll giv u

  • Unbelieveable
  • carly


    really where i hope so too!!
    love zanessa

  • maria

    @Unbelieveable: That is NOT a reliable source. I’m not saying the release date is not changed; just that this is not the confirmation we are waiting for. I’m glad CBS/Beastly did not bow down to the cheap tactics of Universal/CSC. Shame on Universal.

  • Unbelieveable

    I think your right it did sound a litte wierd to me after re-reading it, but I do think it’s still going to happen and has some merit to it

  • justine

    @Unbelieveable: yeah thats not a reliabole sorce at all

  • Karen

    Beastly may change its date but certainly the Orlando source is not reliable. I think the guy is “fishing”. Why would this guy and his paper KNOW something that hasn’t even been officially reported by CBS or in-th-know Hollywood trade papers? He may have heard some rumors from certain fansites or twitters but he most certainly does not have any kind of concrete information. SO, I would suggest nobody go running off spreading this as fact too soon.

    Also, Universal may have pulled a fast one but the people of CSC or it’s cast should not be blamed for something that is out of their hands. That’s is unjustified.

  • Katty


    He did get them removed, after the movie was finished filming. However, during reshoots, he will not have then because he got them removed, so they better put them back on for now!


    I think it would be a good idea for Beastly to move up a week or two, but just because I don’t want it to be Zac vs. Vanessa and both movies will do good. Still, I am going to see both!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ KAREN, I agree, i never would blame the cast, in fact i think Zac wasn’t too happy about the change, infact he knows the media would have a field day and the hard work that Zac and the cast, and Vanessa’s Beastly and cast would be lost, because the media would try to make it a Zac and Vanessa thing, who would win the box office for the weekend, want a shame that would be, and Zac and Vanessa will be in a win, no win situation. I blamed, Universal, they make me sick want they did I feel, so sorry for Zac and Vanessa and the rest of the actors.Shame on Universal!

  • aline

    I love…beautiful

  • brad

    Zac’s sooo freaking hot

  • Mir!

    papi yo te curo esas herida!

  • Mir!

    eres tan hermoso con sangre y todo!

  • Mir!

    Ammmmm es tan hermosos!

  • Duuumm

    LOL i love the title. Also, for those of you bashing Universal, its really not their fault. Grow up. If CBS had been so confident that Beastly would do well at the bos office, it wouldnt have changed the release date. CBS cant stand their ground, its their fault.

  • bobo ak

    oh man this man become hot and hot every day i cant wait to say csc and guys dont matter if the both movie at the same time she have her own fans and so zac but we should see both of them cause the are a couple and we one of them should be number 1 in box office

  • bobo ak

    and its ok if vanessa bat zac but its not ok if one of the twiligt man win in the mtv movie award cause robert and tylor not even 30 % as zac

  • http:/ boji

    Gals back off, Zac is taken or didn’t you know? Drool over him all you want but he is a one woman man which is totally admirable, a rare quality these days amongst celebrities.

    If it is true that the dates for both CSC and Beastly are set apart, then I’m glad as that makes it 2 public appearances for our beloved couple.