Miley Cyrus Hits The Studio with Lil Jon

Miley Cyrus Hits The Studio with Lil Jon

Miley Cyrus rushes into a studio with rapper Lil Jon on Wednesday (May 19) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 17-year-old singer worked on a remix of Miley‘s hit single “Can’t Be Tamed.”

“He just came in and let it out,” Miley told E!. “It’s pretty rockin’.”

Miley even gave Lil Jon‘s son hugs before getting to work!

Miley and Lil Jon also share a funny connection – he has her old cell phone number! “I was basically in shock, like how did that happen?!” he said (via Access Hollywood). “Especially when I get texts like ‘CONGRATULATIONS ON TEEN VOGUE!’”

Miley Cyrus and Lil’ Jon Hit Music Studio

15+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus heading into the studio with Lil Jon

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Photos: GSI Media, Famepictures
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  • inji

    i LOVEEEE her jeans (:

  • Chris

    Where are the extra photos?

  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous

  • swiftfan

    can’t wait to hear it =D

  • nathalia

    where are the pictures?

  • cony

    and were are the pictures???

  • janne

    it looks like she has on the same lepord or cheeta print bra from yesterday…

  • leticia

    So cool. i cant wait.

  • pauli

    ugly and disgusting as always looks so trashy

  • hiha

    I thought she was racist! lol just kidding

  • Britini95


    I love it when people talk about how much they hate a celebrity, but take the time out of thier lives to look up an article and comment. HAte all you want, but Miley has a really good career and I’m sure it will only get better. Oh, and calling her ugly,even though it is clearly obvious she is not, won’t make your face any prettier or make you feel less ugly.

  • Britini95

    Anyway…MIley looks really nice, I love those jeans! She looks really happy, so I’m happy for her! Lookin’ a bit orange though Miles. I hope she spray tans and doesn’t use tanning beds!

  • candy

    I love this. love that shes wrking with Lil Jon. SHE looks healthy and happy. i love how she can just wear t-shirt, jeans, and cute shoes, and be completely fashionable. Hair looks amazing, make-up perfect, and just as nice and bubbly as ever. (demi please take notes frm ur friend)

    anyway, love everything about this.

  • yo


    pauli pls…I love Sel n don’t really like that Miley but still don’t come on every miley post it just let you and SELENA look stupid!
    Pls just stay by selena posts n I will 2 :D

  • harley

    I don’t really like the one-earring look, but she looks nice. I love her shoes.

  • KE$HA :P

    there r those shoes again…..
    and this is an intersting duo

  • GossipGirl

    @pauli: don’t get her confused with Selena hun. MC luks gr8t :)

  • amber

    ehh… she does look a little trashy.

  • jess

    MC looks better by the day! i love everything she is doing!

  • kym

    those shoes again….hmmm

  • Diamond

    I see alot of amazing cd’s in the background of one of the Vanessa HUdgens V i luv that cd!

  • rachel

    can’t wait to hear it =D
    mileys beautiful!

  • marilyn

    She is very pretty. But isn’t that fool suppose to be in jail!

  • marilyn

    Whoopsies. Thought it was lil wayne, I don’t like that idiot..but lil jon, he is alright.

  • freezy


    haha selena is million times hotter n prettier hun ;)

  • lol


    You keep repeating the same exact words in you comments – do you cut & paste your comments? We get it you are an obcessed Miley fan & Pauli is not. Say something else for a change, you are very boring.

    Oh & next time she should just wear the bra; why bother with the shirt.

  • lifesgood

    she looks amazinG!!! i love seeing her so smiley:)
    lol lil john is so funny:P and that sucks he has her old cell number:P
    anways SOO EXCITED to hear this remix, for sure hitting up the clubs, ill never forget the day i heard Party in the USA and See You again at a nightclub the whole club danced like crazy to those songs lol<3


  • Britini95


    I really don’t remeber ever reading to or responding to you, but its nice you made the effort to remember me! I’m not really obsesssed, I just think its stupid for people to read articles about people they don’t like. Its just a waste of time. I will, however, say something different. Ya know, since you asked me in such a nice fashion.

    You and other people call fans obsessed. But idiots like you and Pauli are MORE obsessed because you go out of your way to make her look bad. So instead of taking shit about a girl you don’t know, why don’t you do something nice with your time? Perhaps some therapy, since you obviously have something wrong with you. What kind of person ALWAYS has something bitchy to say? So instead of obessesing over Miley choice of clothes and obsessing over how ‘boring’ my comments are; do something with yourself! Get some firends, if you already have enough friends I feel sorry for them. Its pretty obvious you’re the kind of person who likes to make people feel like shit.

    Better? Good….

  • Erika

    Does anyone else notice her middle finger?
    I don’t think she meant to do it but, its kind of funny. (:

  • justin bieber

    it lukz like showing the middle finger to the cameramen, in the picture on the right…lol

  • tasie123

    who is your favorite: zac efron, chace crawford, robert pattinson, or taylor lautner????

  • DK

    She’s soooooo pretty, and her style is dope. She NEVER tries too hard unlike some people (Rihana). Love you Miley :) x