Zac Efron & Amanda Crew: Charlie St. Cloud Couple

Zac Efron & Amanda Crew: Charlie St. Cloud Couple

After a flight from Vancouver, Canada, Zac Efron and his on-screen love interest Amanda Crew arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 22).

The day before, Zac, 22, and Amanda, 23, shot additional scenes in Vancouver’s Indian Arm for their new movie, Charlie St. Cloud.

WATCH: The ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ Trailer

Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters on Friday, July 30th!

30+ pictures inside of Charlie St. Cloud couple Zac Efron and Amanda Crew

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Credit: Dzilla, BSA/ZOJ; Photos: WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks great he looks happy to be home.

  • kgg

    Per usual…misleading title just tostart something to add posts on this thread. Please! Amanda lives in L.A. too, so it makes sense for her to take the same flight back as Zac. But if you notice, they go separate ways once they get off the plane.

    Zac looks so happy to be back to his BB Vanessa!

  • Bradley Bobst


    I Totally agree with you.

  • kami

    glad they’ve finished shooting. look forward to seeing the movie.

  • http://j chelsea

    @kgg: agreed

  • Trina

    Nothing wrong with the title of this post. They are a couple in the movie. It doesn’t say they are a couple in real life. Chill people.

  • .

    And here we go…

  • Katty

    It will only be a matter of time before someone speculates him and Amanda did something in Vancouver and Vanessa hates her, and they’re having problems. I don’t know why everyone thinks it is SO difficult for them to seperate their personal lives from their professional. Not everyone that works together gets together like Zac and Vanessa or Angelina and Brad. Some people merely become friends and cherish that all by itself. I am sure Amanda and Zac became friends, and I am also sure that is all they became. It is like Vanessa and Alex or hell, Carrie and Mr. Big/John.

    Sorry, I guess I rambled it. It just irrates me when people automatically assume Zac or Vanessa are looking for other people when they are perfectly happy with each other. And, it is always Zac who is ‘on the prawl’ for someone else, like Vanessa is an ugly old toad who has no other options besides Zac. Why is it so hard for people to accept that are happy, they are young, and they are living their dream. Leave them be.

  • Trina


    Only the young insecure fans will think such things.

  • gracemarie


    LMAO! I said on another board that they also separated to avoid title implications like this and got blasted for implying they may not be best ever friends but just friendly from working together.

    THanks KGG I could see this title coming a mile away

  • Katty


    I agree.

    Although this is a Zac post, there are pix of V that are going to be in Glamour Mag with Alex Pettyfer. Here is the link.

    I cannot wait for Charlie St. Cloud. My friends and I are already planning the whole day to chill and get food and go see CSC plus Beastly if it is going to be released on that day.

    Also, I think Zac is going to be filming Snabba Cash soon, or something, because the release date set for it is 2011. Or, at least, that says so at

  • lUCIE


    I think you under-estimate people too much.

  • Bradley Bobst


    So True But those people are not his real fans.

  • carly

    aw glad he’s back. Can’t wait for zanessa sightings !!!!

  • Courtney

    @Katty: This is so true. People need to stop speculating on stupid things that are as trivial as a title for a post or innocent as photos at an airport. the only time they should believe these things is if they get an official announcement from either of them or there reps.

  • Kro

    i know! i look forward some zanessa pics and sightings soon
    and about jj controversial could be but it{s the only site that i do prefer very much

  • jane

    You guys are making something out of nothing. Nobody has even speculated anything and already you are all defending zac saying hes not doing anything..well who said he was?!? Anyway amanda crew is wayy to skinny eww she is pretty but too thin

  • Britt

    Glad Zac’s back! But the title for this post is definetly misleading, why can’t people understand taht Zac and Amanda are JUST co-stars and friends? It is obvious that Zac’s heart belongs to Vanessa and that he will remain loyal and faithful to her as she does to him.

  • ashytisdalefan


  • kgg

    @jane: It’s hinted at in the writeup for this thread and it’s only a matter of time before the media tries to make it something it’s not. Mature people won’t believe it, but young people might.

  • Trina


    I don’t see anything hinted at in the write up. It refers to Amanda as Zac’s ON SCREEN love interest. That’s exactly what she is. They play a couple in the movie. The write up doesn’t say she is his OFF SCREEN love interest. I think you people are just way too sensitive about Zac and his costars.

  • Tiptoes

    Nice to see Zac back in LA….

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    zac and his girlfriend vanessa are still very much in love and they’re living together. i bet they will be engaged by end of this year.

  • lauren


  • dbd

    uh oh

  • hailey

    Awww hes back yippie!!!!! i love him and hes hot

  • nikki

    zacc<333 hes ssoooooo cuteeeeee

  • brad

    My man is amazing like usual! LOL
    gotta love zachary LOL

  • green bay

    ZACCYY POO! He’s back! and he looks so SEXXAY!!!!! :)

  • jessica

    omg you people are just overreacting. its just a title. its not like they are actually a couple. i mean cmon. get a grip.

  • Rio

    love all the outfits!Zac i luv u.

  • soni hannigan

    Yeah, figures it would not take people/kids to make up something that they know nothing about and speculato on something that is not true. Zac loves Vanessa and I am sure that Amanda knows that. Her and Zac are friends and filmed a movie together, end of story.

  • Dee

    RELAX, RELAX, RELAX people shhhh, it’s okay everythings fine! They’re just co-stars!! Zac and Vanessa are still together. RELAX, RELAX, RELAX! God forbid they ever break up. The world would implode!!! RELAX!

  • Dawn

    @amanda crews: boooo!!!

  • Belle

    He look really hot and look at that chest. Anyway, Charlie St Cloud look fantastic. Zac always choose a movie which have a meaning in them.

  • amy

    Zac looks really good! I say this like every Zac post but he does seriously keep getting better looking (:

  • inji

    why you all overreacting?! GEEEEEZ. they’re JUST co-stars! period. get over it already.

  • teamhudgens

    He look hot in this red t-shirt. <3

  • mona

    Red-hot Zac!

  • http://londonlemming londonlemming

    *Bangs head against nearest wall*

    Some posts on here are reading way to much in to things. For once JJ is being accurate with the title for the post and not making any insinuations like a few posters on here seem to think they are.

    The title is entirely accurate. Amanda Crew and Zac Efron are a Charlie St Cloud couple. Have they not just both finished working together to re-shoot some scenes on the previously mentioned movie?

    Do they both not play love interests in the movie? It is an entirely plausible idea that they would fly back together if they have both wrapped at the same time and are heading to the same destination.

    You all need to stop reading in to something that isn’t there.

    Yes I admit JJ just sometimes take liberties with the titles they use on specific articles. But they do this to get hits on their site.

    I swear most people on here seem to lose any common sense when it comes to posts on Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens. Who are a NORMAL couple who would be without a doubt weirded out to see how much some “fans” diesect every little inch of their life. When in actual fact it has no real impact on their lives. Some of you on here are not fans you boarder on being stalkers because you are so obsessed with every little detail of their lives.

    Please guys, from all the sane people who comment on this blog :think before you post.

  • londonlemming

    @kgg: @Katty: Way to start the controversy guys. Somethings are just left better unsaid.

  • kate1

    Looking good Zac.

    You know everything is being blown out of proportion. it is only going to escalate when the promos come out. ( with all the questions about what was it like to sleep with Zac/Amanda?) or Is Vanessa Jealous Blah Blah Blah.

    so maybe people should just not read into titles too much.

    This will also happen with Vanessa/Alex too. We will get similar titles with them also.

    Zac and Vanessa are very much in love so lets not go overboard with the comments.

  • lottie

    wow…I think everyone needs to chill

  • lilmizzgiggle

    did vanessa and zac broke up??

  • peggy


    no what on earth would give you such a dumb idea.

    NO amanda is his co star and they flew back on the same plane don’t you read?

  • tena

    I can’t wait to see this movie and please people stop starting somthing that is not true :)

  • lauren

    i think all your zanessa freaks need to calm the fuck down,

    apparently you guys cant read the post of the title,

    he was off doing reshoots for his movie, gezz

  • Athena

    AHHHH, his mole is gone!!! Where is it? Well, I hope they’ll keep up the consistency in the film. His mole is definitely showing on the poster and the film…on the reshoots???? I hope they’ll make sure it shows when he’s turns to the left. I hope he’s only be covering it up with makeup. I will be disappointed if he has removed it, especially if it were for cosmetic reasons….anyway, I’m just one person that doesn’t has an effect on Zac’s decisions.

  • vona

    shittttttt:@ that is zac’s pic why the hell dose everybody talk about vanessa????????????????????????

  • londonlemming

    @vona: Well you see there is this whole rather lame thing called “ZANESSA” where people who call themselves fans dissect Zac and Vanessa’s every move and won’t let them have a personal life. They don’t seem to understand that Zanessa is not REAL. Zanessa means nothing. Zanessa is just a name for 2 INDIVIDUALS who have their own lives and careers but are part of each others lives.
    Yes the maybe together personally but it has no bearing on the fans. It shouldn’t matter who people date. I bet you don’t care who the guy down the street is dating do you? So why have an obsession with two people who the majority of you have never met and who are just trying to do their jobs and live their lives?