Vanessa Hudgens: Sucker Punch in 3D!

Vanessa Hudgens: Sucker Punch in 3D!
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Credit: Jen Lowery; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • peggy

    Great in 3D

    I thought JJJ would be the first to post the amazing John Russo V pics

  • teamhudgens

    Can’t wait for it :)
    I hope this movie come out in 3D there too.

  • teamhudgens

    i said there .. sorry .. i mean here.

  • musicgirl

    cant wait! she is gonna do great!:) and JJJ plzz post the new photos of vanessa and alex!

  • Sizuka

    @peggy n musicgirl: agree…


  • luisana


  • luisana


  • unknwon

    strippers in 3D? What is Hollywood coming to?!

  • yepdsa

    can’t wait to see it
    she’ll do amazing
    love ya V

  • vanny


  • ehryle

    Yeah Vanessa will kick an ass… Cannot wait to see this 3D movie.. xoxo :)

  • mike

    vanessa hudgens in 3D cool

  • oltimer

    Can’t wait to see Vanessa Hudgens and Jena Malone kick some rear in 3D. Jena’s been in 2 of my favorite movies, Pride and Prejudice which is my favorite movie of all time (love ya Kiera) and Life as a House. Great actresses!

  • ehryle

    hey guyz check this website its new by Vanessa Hudgens she said she made it..

  • peggy


    Vanessa never does anything on the web and I mean nothing. And if she ever did it would look better than that I’m pretty sure

  • ehryle

    @peggy: so she dont have a twitter too?? what to do?

  • peggy

    Vanessa has no twitter, no my space, no facebook – they are all posers.

    She is always saying this but a lot of people still don’t get it

  • ehryle

    @peggy: yeah she said that before.. but were hoping still that may be someday she change her mind and reach out to her fans through this different site.. well thanx peggy nice to meet u here :)

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    I can’t wait to see Sucker Punch : )

  • Katty

    I don’t know how I feel about the whole 3D thing. I don’t like it, it hurts my eyes. What is so wrong with 2D?? I am already angry they are doing it to HP but now VHud? Bleh!

  • liri92

    wow 3rd movie for whores.. amazing.. :P

  • joy.

    Chyeah man, I can’t wait to see the girls kick some butt. Especially with machine guns. This movie’s gonna be great.

  • luisana


  • luisana

    she doesn’t have a Twitter account

  • Anibal

    This movie definitely is gonna be amazing!

  • vfan

    Soooo can’t wait for Sucker Punch to ocme out.
    Vanessa rocks! :)

  • ok

    Can’t wait for this! She deserves it

  • Trina


    That’s not Vanessa. She doesn’t have facebook, web page, twitter or any of those things. How many times does she have to say that for people to believe her? She said it’s a waste of time. There are about 80 fake Vanessa twitters and the same number of fakes for Zac. Each time another fake one pops up, some nut says oh, she changed her mind and created one. How gullible are you people?

  • maria

    I am totally excited for this movie….just not the 3D part. It makes me a little motion-sick, so I guess I’ll be taking some Dramamine first. LOL But seeing all these amazing girls together, Jon Hamm (!!), and Vanessa doing a belly dance, well, is going to be amazing!!!

  • ehryle

    thanx guyz for all ur reply :)

  • jess!

    i cant wait

  • jess!

    she doesn’t have Twitter

  • Sam

    When will Beastly come out?

  • jessica

    why are they gonna do it in 3d? i mean thats kinda stupid. not everthing has to be in 3d. i bet its gonna suck.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    Wow, can’t wait until it comes out, I think making it 3D makes it more exciting, definetely looking forward to it and Beastly :)

  • Butterfly dreamer

    I luv vanessa glad she’s doin this movie and beastly she’s my fav actress! Love ya V…@ Jessica: you dont know anything until you try it so stop judging stuff you know NOTHING about.

  • amanda

    how wonderful! love movies in 3D with vanessa and better.

  • daniel

    im totally ready for SP and now i could see it on 3D that’s cool

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Jessica, The movie industry is in 3D movies , since Avadar. Alot of movies are being made in 3D, Also Alice in Wonderland
    is 3D. they make more money if its in 3D.

  • Doo

    Ewwww….who the hell gives a crap about vanessa slutgens? Shes a joke to hollywood and no doubt, this movie will flop big time because her pathetic face is in it.

  • taylor

    3D and IMAX *thumbs up*
    and that’s not the best picture of her jared. haha.

  • Sam

    is going to be awesome

  • Sam
  • lslsharon

    Can’t wait!!!

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    Doo: ‘slutgens’??? All I can say is…wow… Lol

  • http://deleted/ Karii


  • http://deleted/ Karii

    i love vanessa

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    I can’t wait for SP!

  • http://deleted/ Karii


  • http://deleted/ Karii


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