Joe Jonas: Connect Three are Brothers!

Joe Jonas: Connect Three are Brothers!

Joe Jonas nods to the cameras from inside his car as he leaves the gym with a friend in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (May 26).

The 20-year-old musician, who took a kickboxing class, opened up to JJJ recently about Connect Three (in Camp Rock 2) becoming actual brothers.

Joe shared with us, “You know what I think that it is honestly? Is some of the viewers, there’s all ages that are watching, primarily the one that are watching the Disney Channel are a bit younger. I don’t think they can comprehend quite yet the fact that we’re not brothers on screen. They see us and think we’re just Jonas all the time no matter what we do. So I think sometimes it just works easier if we don’t say a last name.”

JJJ Note: In the first Camp Rock, you’ll remember that Jason, Nate and Shane were just friends who met at the camp. In Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam, they’re brothers.

15+ pics inside of Joe Jonas

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  • leanne

    Is he gay? Just sayin’.

  • Britini95

    I get what he’s saying, but can you just change the plot like that? I never watched Camp Rock, so I wouldn’t know how it went.

  • nathalia

    I don’t think they should have changed the plot.. anyways, I looove the jonas brothers and I cant wait to watch camp rock 2.

  • nathalia

    he’s single and ready to mingle hahaha :) oooh joe, joe!

  • marti

    i think the jemi break up was good for joe and demi. Joe is looking really hot even in gym clothes and demi is rocking her tan and short dresses looking hotter than ever.

  • sunlight princess

    DAYUUM. He is so hot.

  • shamilah

    aw he looks soo hot like always :] & loving how he’s took his other glasses off.. Joe u look sooooo much better <3 loving the shortsxD

  • Holly

    If you didn’t know, his friend is Martin Barlan from Disney Chanel France =)

  • sherri

    he looks much happier with this guy than he did with demi, lol just sayn’

  • marilyn

    Hey leanne, are you gay? No he is not gay, he is amazing and perfect! And I don’t even think I thought about connect 3s relationship..I prob thought they were brothers. Yeah cause they called that guy uncle, right? Idk, love joe tho!

  • neena

    @leanne: God, this gay talk is getting duller everyday.

    Are you really so shallow and ignorant that this information matters to your life?

    Maybe the question would be “Is he hiding anything?” I think the answer to that is no.

    Ugh. People.

  • Jenny

    Jared must be hung up on Joe. He looks terrible. He has time on his hands now that he doesn’t have to keep reminding us that he is dating Demi.

  • jessica

    wow joe is definitly not the best looking jonas anymore. i used to think he was so hot. and now i think nick is the hottest. well whatever. its just my opinion.

  • Jezy

    i think its obvious joe’s gay when you compare joe’s body language with his supposed girlfriends of the past (taylor swift, camilla belle, demi, etc) to how joe acts around his close guy friends.

    joe looks much more comfortable and physically attracted to the supposed guy friends he hangs around with…who all just happen to be ridiculously good-looking like joe himself. body language cues like how he genuinely smiles with them, appears more relaxed, angles his body towards these guys.

    i don’t know why people are so homophobic–there’s nothing wrong with joe being gay or bisexual…its 2010 people.

    if i had to bet money, i would say joe is the jonas most likely to be into guys. it’s VERY likely.

  • Jezy

    also, i bet joe is the “dominant” one in this relationship with this guy, you can just tell from the pictures. joe is sooo definitely bi at the very least.

    so much can be revealed in a simple picture about a relationship if you know what to look for.

    with taylor swift, you could see that taylor was using joe to further her celeb status (the pics show her clearly more excited and directed towards the cameras than with joe). she was just getting started and needed all the exposure she could get!

    camilla, sooo obvious that joe was infatuated with her beauty…camilla had little interest in joe and was totally using him to get back into the celebo-sphere.

    demi cared a lot about joe, but looks like joe was just using her b/c he’s comfortable being in a relationship as opposed to being single. demi might even have been a possible beard. joe really enjoys the girls fawning over him in any case, the most narcissistic jo bro.

    i would never date joe b/c he’s still really immature for his age and wayyy too into himself. he’s the love ‘em and leave ‘em type. he should stick with guys lol.

  • rikki

    @Jenny: LOL agreed. clearly, the fans can breathe now that jemi is no longer being shoved down their throats. (me personally? i support both of them.)

    i think he looks okay. do i like the short shorts on him? or the weird capris look that all 3 jonas boys keep trying to pull off (and failing miserably)? how about nick’s man-cardigans and manpurse? no. i hate all of these things hahah. i HATE when they wear them. but what can i do… they’re mah boys and i love ‘em!:)

  • Luis F. Gomez

    As long as I can remember… in Camp Rock they never stated if they were brothers or friends… they were just Nate, Jason and Shane….

  • Heyoo

    I got that they were not brothers in the 1st one but now they ARE… that’s just confusing.. but still irrelevant

  • xax

    @marilyn: So you say gay people can’t be perfect.

  • xax

    @marilyn: God, Jonas fangirls are so funny

  • Sam

    love him

  • Sam

    so hot

  • Sam


  • Sam


  • Sam


  • Sam


  • joejonaslover

    talk abt joe…seriously he is gettin hotter hour by hour!!
    sooo sexy!!

  • irma

    so hot

  • Ella

    lol. So, in Camp Rock 2, they’re already brothers.. haha.. How did that happened? :D
    Anyway, Joe looks extremely hot in that soccer outfit! <3

  • cd

    The name of his friend is Martin Barlan. he works for DC France ;)

  • jess

    @jessica: I don’t know why you bother to come on Joe’s post! you obviously don’t like him and we all know that you don’t find him atractive anymore , so why you still have to post the same dumb comments on every fu.cking post?!

    anyway imo he looks hotter than ever! the break up was good to you Joe

  • plobnrg

    Joe and Martin are gorgeous together. Team Jartin!

  • haha

    joe is really gay.. hanging out with a guy that looks gay too

  • Allie

    they just magically become brothers?!
    Oh man.
    I bet Shane’s “Uncle” Brown is their dad.
    Wowww clearly someone hasn’t briefed the Disney Channel or the Jonas Brothers on the “birds and the bees”

  • Luis F. Gomez

    @Allie: hahaha the Birds and the Bees! hahaha thats just hilarius…

  • liri92

    I think he is beautiful!!!♥

  • Ashley

    Martin Barlan is gay: I can assure you … So what about JOE ???

  • michelle

    martin claims to be” straight ”people , i check he’s myspace page . joe is just hanging with he’s guy friends. remmber on ryan seacrest he said me and my buddy john look like a couple in all different poses its pretty funny- joe does not care if someone thinks or call him gay because hes secure with his sexuality . and plus if all the guys that hang out with the guy friends – then they must be gay too…. right no. so stop putting rumors out there people.

  • just saying

    @leanne: I thought it before I read your comment….he has the homo chin

  • http://yaou tas

    i love joe jonas im so fall in love with this guy

  • http://yaou tas

    i love joe jonas he is so cute

  • http://yaou tas

    cute sweet

  • Melissa

    no hes not gay. why people think he is? hes not….