Selena Gomez: Round & Round New Single June 18th!

Selena Gomez: Round & Round New Single June 18th!

There hasn’t been a lot of news trickling in about Selena Gomez and her sophomore album with band The Scene — but she’s fixing that!

The 17-year-old actress just posted on Facebook about the news, which includes a new single name and drop date. Check it:

“Hey Everybody, I feel like it has been forever since I have stopped in and said Hello to you all. I hope everyone is doing well. The movie here has been great, having so much fun shooting this and making some wonderful new friends while doing it. I have some pictures that I have not had a chance to get downloaded but, as soon as I do I will send you some pictures.

“Of course, I have a bunch of updates but, one is a little more exciting then the rest at the moment. As I am sure you have seen below D.O.L. (Dream Out Loud) facebook page has been launched!!!! I also have some news about the second album…

“June 18th premiere of ‘Round and Round’ the first single of the 2nd album will premiere on Radio Disney. June 20th premiere of the music video of ‘Round and Round’ will on air Disney Channel (I am shooting that music video this weekend in Budapest). June 22nd “Round and Round” will be available for download on itunes. Our 2nd album (No titled yet) will be released on…….. September 28th!!!”

So excited!!!

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  • ‘rina

    great! new Selena music
    can’t wait

  • pauli

    omg how cool and amazing is that???

  • pauli

    sooo happy and excited, cant wait…. too many projects and new coming from my babe!!!!

  • andy

    Can’t wait!!! All Haters to the left please…

  • andy

    Can’t wait!!! All Haters to the left please…

  • tadaa

    lmo what a mess

  • nathalia

    can’t wait!

  • michael

    Good news. My only caveat is that I hope the new album is more of a collaboration with them as a band and not so much a collection of songs written by hired guns, ya know? Guess we’ll see.

  • pauli

    @tada just shut up and get a life, pathetic and jealous loser!

  • yea

    wish i was in budapest right now!

  • linda

    oh i cant wait she said in an interview she was writing songs with her band that should shut up some haters!

  • brenna


    wow… unecessary. people don’t have to like selena gomez and you don’t have to be such a jerk.

  • Lisa

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just hyperventilated! =D

  • yay


  • jenny

    cant wait to hear it…. not as hyped as i would be if it were miley or demi but I like selena and her music is very good so this will be good

  • ILY22

    woohoo!! so happy to hear about sel :) it seems like it is ages before we hear anything about her! ooh her single sounds good..cant wait to hear it. i hope this time that The Scene is in her video (more than the last) and that the video will be different than the first two & not filled w/ too many effects…that way even haters will have to realize she is here to stay!

  • jenny

    btw @pauli: PLZ get a life other than bashing miley or demi on their posts and butt kissing selena on her posts !!!!!!! its freaking crazy


    @ jenny, do me a fav and stop talking.
    && can`t wait for the new song :)
    hahahaha, ilyy selena <3

  • linda

    @jenny: you should also get a life like every one else and stop bashing people who bash other celebrities

  • lulu

    dont like her as a singer, but I did download “naturally”. if the songs good, i’ll buy it x x x

  • Jason

    I’m totally with ya Jared, SO EXCITED!!

  • hey

    yay!! so excited

  • rocks

    Omg!…. can’t wait till june 18th…


    slow down slow down :D
    can’t wait!!

  • Sam


  • Sam

    ilove her!

  • Marissa

    Love Selena and I am SO EXCITED for her new record and single. So happy she is having fun shooting in Budapest :) CANT WAIT for “Round and Round”!!

  • selenaisgay

    OHH fml. i could barley stand her first album now here comes another one!!

  • liri92

    wow i am looking forward to her new stuff.. i mean this girl is only 17 but have so many new upcoming stuff like her 3 theatrical films.. the clothing line.. new album… new single.. and her disney-series.. believe me she gonna gooooooooo far..

  • Emma

    A 2nd album already!! That was quick

  • yoyo

    She said that her new songs will kinda sound like naturally so….it’s gonna be a amsh hit!!!!
    I love Sel she has such a beautiful soft & smoothie voice not like other disney chiks who sound like a dying animal ;)

    Go Selena :D I love you!

  • Zanessa-love

    aaaaaaaaahhhhhh I’m sure that I’m gonna love it!!!!
    Selena is so pretty and talented!!!!

  • freezy


    oh and what are you doing????
    It’s our problem if we like that miley or not!

    Anyway it’s a selena post so : WE LOVE YOU SELENA!

  • bowwow4ever

    I really hope that this song comes in the top 10!
    She worked really hard on this she wrote the texts and all so

    Good luck Sel !

  • keera

    Awww the title ’round and round’ sounds good can’t wait :D
    Pls Selena come to Australia we love you here!!!!!

  • demi(not lovato)

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah jackpot!

    But I wanted a video of I won’t apologize :(

  • Tizteam

    Sound great!
    So excited Idk why but I adore this girl she’s such a cutie with huge talent!

  • ParisLovesSelena



  • P.Diddy

    She should feat. Soulja Boy,50 Cent or P. DIDDY haha no she maked good music – must say!

  • Tiffany

    <3 Selena!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this album. Get all of Selena’s clothes here


    LOL! She would release it on itunes the day “Can’t Be tamed” coues out, right? Nice move there

  • m

    her single is available for download the same day mileys new album comes out….lol

  • urbeautiful

    oh boo! her music is too “WHITE GIRL”
    and she ACTS like one too >.<
    *slapps selena in the face*



    selena rocks cant wait to hear her new album we love you sel

  • Valentinetwin


    Racist much?

  • Selenafan

    I’m so stoked, I can’t wait!!!!! This song, video, and album is gonna ROCK, just like she does!!!!!! I’ve written everything on my calander and the countdown is on. She’s such a sweetheart, never met her, but can just tell. Wish I could have a best friend like her. Selena you totally ROCK!!!!!!!

  • dou

    Great. Hope it more bandish , her last album was more of her she should try to mature her style form the last album to sound like a real band.
    Plus write about demi and nick(no bashing)