Miley Cyrus: Ch Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb!

Miley Cyrus: Ch Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb!

Miley Cyrus shows off her smooth stomach as she performs a few more songs on stage at the Rock In Rio Music Festival in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday night (May 29).

With a clothes change from the green bodysuit, the 17-year-old singer covered a medley of Joan Jett‘s hitmakers “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” and “Cherrybomb.”

Head on over to JustJared to catch Miley singing “Full Circle.”

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus – “I Love Rock N’ Roll/Cherry Bomb” – 05/29

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Credit: Albert Michael; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • jenny

    her costume reminds of something Shakira would wear… thats a good thing because she looks gorgeous

  • fghng

    wow she grew up fast! omg is she over nick or not? and wheres LIAM <3

  • ashy

    i have to admit she looks good…

  • claire

    where’s cherry bomb at?? its only i love rock-n-roll in that video….

  • eveters


  • Miss twilight 21

    amazing!!! love her

  • heather

    my favourite part was when she sang cherry mom because i luvv that song!!!! luv the runaways and she sounded like joan jette :)

  • stella

    ….i think her and taylor (momsen) are going through that “i’m a teenager. stay away from me or i’ll fuck you off” phase…thank god selena has more of a common sense and is more mature than this and she KNOWS that little kids are looking up to her and tries to be as age APPROPRIATE as she can.

  • caro

    she was so sexy yesterday …this was during full circle

  • matt

    i’m not a miley-hater, but i have to say, that video was really awkward and disturbing to watch, and her singing was weak

  • t.

    Her body is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing *_*

  • LUCY

    @caro: wow Miley sexy time! She was amazing yesterday, I have to say though by all the screams from the live feed the majority of the crowd were teens not little kids!

  • good-one

    she certainly lives up to her name.

  • Thumper

    That is wrong in every way. From the very revealing dress and teasing guys.

  • mis

    wooow she would do that.

  • nathalia

    she’s GORGEOUS!

  • Mika

    STOP trying to act all sexy.

    Just stick to your trashy pop songs and leave rock n’ roll alone for those who actually know how to do it.

  • nathalia

    is she over nick or not? and wheres liam? hahaha

  • Christine


    aha YES!!

  • Alexa

    Dakota’s not even a real singer and still did so much better

  • jenny

    @Christine: aha NO! Stop being a music snob… i hate it when people get so defensive about suff like that

  • Ana

    I WAS THERE!!!
    omg, best night of my life! I was in the front row =’D
    i loooooooooooooooove miley!

  • jake

    selena’s growing on me more and more these days

  • andreanne

    okay thats SLUTTY

  • 0-0

    Wtf.? Have u people seen Britney;s version?

    Its pretty similar…

  • LUCY

    @Ana: you are so lucky!! I saw it on live stream so that was incredible but obviously not as amazing as actually being there!

  • Freida

    This was a horrible cover, but then again, I’m not a fan of her voice.

  • andreaa

    I don´t like it at all . Dakota fanning and Kristen stewart version is so much BETTER tha miley and miley is the singer lol

  • suri

    She looks gorgeous! She was amazing

  • peacechick123

    SHE WAS SOOOOO AWESOME I NEED TO GO TO ONE OF HER CONCERTS!!!!!!! also to the ppl who keeps commenting on her clothes….. they’re awesome wish I could afford it….. also ur just jealous becuz u don’t have the body for it or ur just wayyyyyy toooooo skinny! So f**k off….. get a life u haters!!!

  • emma

    Ch Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb!!!!

    She is so hot! I love her

  • rachel

    I want her body and face. She’s perfect

  • taylor

    If she doesn’t stop butchering Joan Jett’s songs, I may have to hurt her.

  • rachel

    shes looks gorgeous ! this audio is great !
    wanted to be there :)

  • rachel

    Niley is over ! Liam is in australia !
    miley is amazing !

  • janiece

    @Alexa: hahaha exactly!! she just ruined two classic songs

  • rachel

    your name is ugly like you !

  • whitney

    britney spears did better on her version of I love rock and roll, miley does not have the voice for that song at all. Leave it to Joan Jett please!

  • victoria

    she looks gorgeous, she has such a killer body!
    and i thought she did great :)

  • babyG

    she is shaped aweful. she should get her legs toned a bnut more but she did a good job with the songs

  • Helen

    cherry bomb? REALLY? everytime this girl does something it’s so idiotic. it’s ridiculous!

  • Elle

    Wow! Her hair is so long! It looks kinda reddish in these pics!

  • tessa

    @Helen: What? She’s is amazing in cherrybomb

    I love Ch Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb!!!!

  • jessica

    shes so awesome. i love her.

  • janiece

    @rachel: lmao!!!

  • mary

    WNBA has a new theme song to promote their upcoming season, the girls are using Miley’s new song “Can’t Be Tamed” as their theme song :)

  • a

    Umm someone’s obviously seen the runaways

  • amber

    she’s sounds horrible. however, that’s no big surprise. talent doesn’t seem to run in the cyrus family.

    also she wants to be seen as a grown up? there are ways of acting like a mature young woman without dressing and dancing like a total slut. if that’s who she really is (a slut), then she should be “tamed” because the world is already full of that trash. we don’t need more of it.

  • patty

    joan jett should be disappointed.
    and then miley grinding all over her guitarist.
    she is so disgusting and she should really stick to her lame pop songs.

  • http://@gvantsafanpire Leeloo

    sure! Dakota did much better! i don’t like her nor her voice!