Miley Cyrus is Thigh High Boot Beautiful

Miley Cyrus is Thigh High Boot Beautiful

Miley Cyrus reaches out into the crowd as she performs at a private concert at the 1515 Club in Paris on Tuesday afternoon (June 1).

The day before, the 17-year-old singer/actress made an appearance on Spanish variety show El Hormiguero, wearing hot thigh-high boots.

Miley blogged earlier this afternoon, “So sad to leave Paris already! I didn’t even get to be here 24 hours! I swear I have some of the best fans in the world right here in Paris! Out of all the cities I’ve been to I think this crowd has been the loudest and has had the most energy! London has some competition! See ya guys in a few hours! So excited for England! X M.”

Check out Miley on El Hormiguero below! 22+ pics inside…

FYI: Miley is wearing the Joan Hornig‘s Double Waffle Cuff. All sales of the cuff support the charity of your choice.

Miley Cyrus on El Hormiguero

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Credit: Marc Susset-Lacroix, Target; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • jenny

    Shes coming London….. YES!!! Now I’m TOTALLY SURE she’s gonna appear on Britains got Talent… that is a great show for her to appear on now… since a lot of the country watch it

  • ashytisdalefan

    minus the boots, that outfit is gorgeous! :)
    love ya miley

  • just me

    again in that show? :|

  • linda

    she looks kinda scary in the concert but gorgeous in the show except for those boots

  • victoria

    i love her!

  • natalie

    She looks so beautiful. I want her boots

  • kym

    she looks kinda bored haha i would be too didnt look like much of an exciting game ;s
    as for her outfit…. could do without the boots but i like the dress/long shirt thingy or whatever it is, it looks cute on her. strange material though

  • soughtful

    she gorgeous.

  • suri

    Miley gorgeous on El Hormiguero

  • kk13

    those were some a mazing expiriments…………i wonder if she understood the host(s)

  • jessica

    wow i love her outfit. it looks amazing. she looks really pretty. gorgeous.

  • amanda

    Faça com muita fé, que da certo sim.
    Ainda esta noite de madrugada o teu amor dará conta de que te ama. Algo assim acontecerá entre uma e quatro horas da manhã. Assim, esteja preparada para o maior choque de sua vida!
    * Deus vai lhe abençoará e a sua vida não será a mesma…
    * Leia sozinho esta simpatia e amarração amorosa
    * Se romper esta corrente terá má sorte no amor: no passado eu também não acreditava que ia dar certo, mas… Funciona mesmo! Entrei neste site e fiz esta prece. Fiz para ver se ia dar certo e deu, assim que acabei meu amor ligou. A pessoa que eu copiei também não acreditava, mas pra ela também funcionou!
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  • cane

    lol i dont understand nothing amanda… w/ever yessss miley is amazingggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!! jajaj =)

  • Jess

    OMG, I thought Brazil had weird shows! hahaha.,..this one takes the prize, though! hahaha… at least she looked gorgeous!

  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous!!!!!

  • GossipGirl

    Miley is sure making rounds with the promotion of her alubm now isn’t she? Don’t forget her next film (LOL!) Starts filming this month guys! MC also has the Much Music Awards to host this month :)

  • kimberly

    she is my role model.i love her.

  • rachel

    fala serio !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • van

    o.O she understands??? love the look btw

  • rachel

    love her so much !

  • Lisa

    Why does this person dress like this when her audience consists mostly of teenage girls (and their moms)?

  • bloom

    does she understand? I think she does o.O

  • Chris

    I LOVE her outfit…where can i get a shirt like that?!

  • Miley

    Love miley!!!!! she’s so amazing! i don’t even know how to describe her in less than 5,000 characters!!!!!

  • Mika

    And just when you thought she couldn’t get any more trashier …

  • lyss

    Gorgeous girl!

  • GossipGirl

    @Mika: If that’s trashy, Hope ur not a fan of Lady Gaga. Someone who leaves their hous like this on a regular basics

    Yeah, that’s NOTHING to with Miley’s wearing.

  • http://amyebbsss amy

    @GossipGirl: whats her next film ?

  • Mileyrocks

    I love her!
    Doesn’t she get like an earpiece that translates everything into english?
    Anyway wish she’d come to the netherlands!!!
    Darn it…
    Love her outfit except for the boots they’re … different?
    Not my style… I didn’t understand what they were saying on the show but it DID look kinda boring…

  • Anne

    She looks very confused to me! And it’s weird she answers in English when she earlier has said that she spoke Spanish….

  • hello

    oh miley you will never be sexy till you loose some weight! fat untalented girl -.-

  • Meghan

    hooker boots much?

  • m

    cause its her life and i’m pretty sure there’s a couple hundred guys in there too

  • m

    Not fluently. She mid understand a little spanish like what you learn at school but that has no use in real life. She can’t have a conversation in spanish.

  • Emma

    Doing forgien TV shows can’t be alot of fun…if you don’t have a clue what there saying — she looked uncomfartable most of the show.

    Do she not sing, chat or anything — just silly games?!

    I loved her outfut though!!!

  • mrs.nickjonas

    guys, she probably had someone doing the translation to english for her, but sje must had a kinda of year plug, so she could understand what the host was saying… we can’t see it because of her hair… I think that’s the solution, because she is probably not that good on Spanish..

  • spanishmileyfan

    Ok, I’m from Spain and you’re right Miley has someone doing the translation for her, and she’s listening through a earphone. The host don’t speak a suitable english and he tried with other stars like Will Smith and it was a mess! xD So now, he speak in spanish, the audience understands him and another person translates Miley for us.

    I want to say that it’s probably that Miley was boring cause the show is BORING! Everyday the show interviews national and international stars and then, the hosts show to the stars some experiments and games to do with them. However, these experiments are very simple so the guest artist could understand it better.

    I hope you undersand the show!! Miley was gorgeous and so sweet!!!

    >>> Sorry for my english!!!

    GREAT blog!!! Love u Miley!!!

  • carla

    just “probably”?
    obviously, there was someone translating everything to her. Miley doesnt understand spanish at all.. x) but its ok… because Pablo Motos doesnt understand english either.