Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Korea Cuties

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Korea Cuties

Kristen Stewart keeps close to Taylor Lautner as they attend The Twilight Saga: Eclipse press conference at Shilla Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on Thursday afternoon (June 3).

During the press conference, the 20-year-old actress shared her two favorite scenes in the upcoming film. Kristen shared, “I have two favorite scenes. The one where Jacob and Bella kiss for real on the mountain top right before the big battle. Then the scene right after it where she has to go talk to Edward and talk about what happened because he just heard everything.”

At the premiere and fan meeting held at Mega Box, Kristen was wearing a black Prabal Gurung Fall 2010 long sleeved mini shimmering dress and Jimmy Choo black open-toe heels. Kristen was wearing a Market “Bridgette” tee in iron to the press conference.

WHAT ARE YOUR favorite parts of the book?

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Korea Press Conference

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Credit: Han Myung-Gu; Photos: WireImage
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  • justine

    Wow taylor acually has a suit that doesnt look 10X too small on him!

    Still don’t like the kid!

  • -just.bella.

    Kristen is such a smart and humble person.
    Gosh, I love her alot!
    She looked absolutely beautiful on both occasions.
    I love her long hair<3.
    Beautiful girl!!

  • ShariG

    I absolutely hate that Kristen and Taylor are on this press junket together, just the two of them. Rob needs to be there. Taylor just doesn’t do it. I also absolutely hate that Kristen plays up the Jacob Bella scenes. In fact I hate the Jacob Bella scenes. It is all about Edward and Bella and Taylor/Jacob is simply in the way. I’m looking forward to Breaking Dawn when the real relationship between Jacob and Bella is revealed and Edward and Bella have their happily ever after. Way too much Taylor Lautner on this promotion.

  • Cheryl


    yall r how can u not like bella an JACOB …i mean cmon now edward is jus plain i mean hes not even tht cute !!

  • jessica

    @ShariG: oh please. not everything has to be about rob and kristen. i mean wtf.

  • sandy

    @ShariG: TRUUEE taylor is annoying!

  • val

    @ShariG: who cares the ugly rob, hello??

  • dennise

    What’s up with all the hating on Taylor Lautner? Not all Twilight fans have to love Robert Pattinson y’know.

  • Miriam

    @ShariG – If you don’t like it, go and look at some pictures of Rob instead. Trust me, there are plenty of people who’d MUCH rather see Taylor doing promotion. Like me.

  • leigh

    Robert’s filming a movie, so he’s not on the press tour. Relax.

  • sandy

    @dennise: Taylor is just annoying thats all!

  • Samantha

    Oh look RPattz fangirls are bent out of shape b/c he’s not there. Who cares, go eat a lemon! Kstew and TLaut look amazing. Two hotties doing their jobs. Haters to my left.

  • dennise


    That’s your opinion. Lot’s of people disagree.

  • bush efron

    @justine: hehehehheehehheheheh so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny you 100 % right great comment

  • bush efron

    all Twilight cast are sucks i hope there is no 4 movie cuse we get enough from them stop the shhhhhhhhhhhhhhit

  • good-one

    the camera loves them.



  • Krista

    @Samantha: Ha ha great comment, you are so right. These chicks are so annoying, whining about Rob Pattinson every second.

  • crmomof2

    I loved Kristen’s pony tail. The dress looked beautiful. I saw pictures of the model on the runway…it looked better on Kristen! I wish that I had her legs. For goodness sake…these people are there on business…it’s good that they get along…they have had to work together for so long! Kristen looked very happy and relaxed.

  • Dan

    Hahaha wow. Who cares guys? Y’all are all silly :)

  • Sweetness

    Taylor looks freakin’ fine on this promo tour..and Kristen has had some hits and misses but when she’s hot she looks fantastic..I don’t miss Rob nervously running his hands through his hair..nor his nervous laughter. It’s annoying.. I don’t think Rob even wanted to do this promo because he sick of being associated with Edward Cullen..he’s got star power and opted out. So Taylor and Kristen deserve major props for promoting this movie! Besides he also probably wanted to get away from the dating rumors..if he was truly dating KS he wouldn’t want to do a few promo stops with her to stand by her side?…That romance is dead.

  • Evie

    Rob isn’t a snob or anything, he would have done the promo tour. He’s just under obligations to film his new movie. Good for him, getting real movie parts that AREN’T stupid fangirl films. Water For Elephants was a highly esteemed book. Rob is going places.

  • Aimee

    Work it girl. Look at those legs. Damn, looking hot.
    @Sandy If you look up annoying in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Robert Pattinson fans and their big fats butts!

  • jessica

    @Evie: sure he is….

  • Taylor fan

    OMG, Taylor is such a gentleman when he helps Kristen down the stairs. He is so funny, sweet, and 100% all man. Kristen is lucky she is traveling with such an amazing guy.

  • carla

    Love them two.

  • just jared Sr

    kristen looks flawless in the black dress!! i love it!!
    taylor looks amazing as always in his dark and white suits.. ;D

  • renne

    Kristen looks absolutely GORGEOUS…love it

  • Ana

    sweetness rob is doing a film,that’s why he couldn’t be in the promo tour,but he will be at the mtv movie awards end in the La premiere!;)

    Kristen looks awesome,i love her appearences in the eclipse promo tour till now..we shall see next:D
    i really like her,she’s natural,down to earth…she’s just she///not pretending to be anyone else..good for her
    and rob,love him too!!

  • Jess

    i love kristen!!!!