Ashley Tisdale is a Giggly Girl

Ashley Tisdale is a Giggly Girl

Ashley Tisdale (in a Christiane King dress) lets out a big laugh as she continues to film on Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures in Toronto on Tuesday afternoon (June 8).

It was just announced today who Austin Butler and Bradley Steven Perry will be playing! They were spotted out to dinner with Ashley and her family a few weeks ago.

Austin is confident film student Peyton Leverett and Bradley is the precocious young dog owner and Sharpay’s nemesis, Roger Elliston the 3rd.

Also joining the cast are Cameron Goodman as a Broadway star with Sharpay on her radar, Alec Mapa as Broadway show director Gill Samms, and Jack Plotnick as the upbeat and enthusiastic scribe, Neal Roberts.

The new DCOM will also feature four original songs by songwriters Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn, Matthew Tishler and Amy Powers, David Lawrence and Faye Greenberg.

15+ pics inside of Ashley, Austin and Bradley on set…

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Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • applez :] x

    Sooo Cute : ) Austin is looking Hot lately <3

  • Mary

    OMG! I’m so excited for this movie. Ashley Tisdale rocks. (First!!)

  • jenny

    OK… im officialy PSYCHED nad btw the wig looks SOOOO MUCH better this time then it did last time… that makes thing even better

  • Cameila

    i dont get it what is the movie?

  • mike

    she looks hot and rely happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gonzalo

    I love you Ashley!! =)

  • Katty

    Please don’t hate me, because I love Ashley Tisdale… but

    This movie sounds really odd and borderline stupid to me. Is it all about Sharpay’s nemesis being a dog? This whole thing centers around a dog? Am I getting this right?

    I think this could have been okay if they had a better plot. I don’t know, maybe I am the one who is stupid, have I read all of it right? If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me (avoid hostility please). Is that really the plot? Her being up against a dog or something?
    Half of this leaves me confused…

  • taylor

    @Katty: I doubt the entire movie is about the dog. Ashley said that you learn a lot about why Sharpay is the way she is, so there will probably be some interesting back plots.

  • jessica

    ugh why is austin butler gonna be in it. hes kind of annoying. i dont like him. and hes not even that cute. great.

  • taylor

    even though i absolutely disagree with her choosing to do this movie. seeing sharpay evans..makes me feel like HSM is still going on and that it’s not completely over with and gone.

  • taylor

    and i take it thats not manly. cause i mean kenny isn’t doing the movie so… doubt it’s manly.

  • morgan

    @Katty: her nemesis isn’t the dog it’s the guy who owns the dog. and its about her being in New York and college and doing musicals and being on Broadway

  • morgan

    @taylor: I agree, as much as I LOVED HSM it really should have just ended after the third, it endend great there, this movie isn’t really needed but I think I might watch it just to see what its like.
    Honestly I don’t think it’ll have that much of a spark as the others did bc Kenny isn’t directing and the rest of the cast isn’t there. But I’ll watch it bc I am a fan of Ashley’s

  • lucia

    I am soo excited for this movie to come out!!
    love her so much

  • suzzi

    she looks so beautiful & hot…………………
    i m realy excited 4 d movie

  • taylor

    and i actually love the dress, haha. pink is definitely her color imo.

  • Joochi

    @morgan: I agree with you, they should have left it to the third. Don’t go haten’ on me but the reason for this movie is because Ashley can’t get parts to do movies other than Hell Cats or whatever? I mean, she’s doing odd movies, I’m sorry but I will not waste my money to see this movie.

  • Meghan

    she’s so pretty. its okay guys i am SURE she will move on from HSM after this movie for sure. just chill she has other projects too. :D

  • shiko

    isn’t she the cutest thing in the world ??!! :D
    can’t wait!!

  • Danni


  • ^^

    so beautiful
    oowww ashley
    she is gorgeous!!!

  • tisdale fn


  • ^^tisdale^^


  • beren

    woooow ı love you ashley:D

  • nessa

    she is perfect!!!

  • nessyy

    she is reallly really perfect.ı think she will be succsful in her life:D

  • ashley

    woooow so pretty

  • ZJ207

    @Joochi: You don’t have to waste your money… Just switch your TV to the Disney Channel :) lmao

  • ZJ207

    She looks great :D
    The movie is gonna be awesome!

  • lizzie

    i love ashley but she should of not do this movies cause she is going to know as sharpay evans
    plus the other starts in hsm have moved on and doing there own thing

  • 777

    so pretty xD

  • 123

    cute cute cute :D

  • zac

    love ashley

  • nhn

    so beautiful

  • jared

    love her ^^

  • 999

    sharpay is BACK!!!

  • gossip

    so EXCİTED

  • şişi

    she is hot xD

  • audrina

    I’m so happy

  • miley

    so sweet

  • paris

    ashley’s new film with paris hilton

  • demi

    so excited

  • selena


    ı love you!!!

  • sera


  • blake

    great and amazing

  • liri92

    get the fuc* out of here haters.. she is amazing .. with 24 she has a great image.. not like ur dirty bit** miley

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