BIG BIG BANG: Miley Cyrus' New Music Video!

BIG BIG BANG: Miley Cyrus' New Music Video! has exclusive details on the video shoot Miley Cyrus was filming yesterday.

Miley shot a music video for Rock Mafia‘s new song called BIG BIG BANG. JJJ‘s on-set source reveals. “There’s LOTS of making out between her and [Kevin Zegers]. The shoot didn’t wrap until 2AM! So much work went into it but everyone had fun the whole time.”

FYI: Kevin‘s tattoo is a fake — just for the video!

ARE YOU EXCITED to hear “Big Big Bang”???

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  • soughtful


  • mrsdestinyhope

    Well, DUH JARED! MC’s gonna top the Charts again, That’s a wierd title for a song though

  • rosie

    omg please dont let it be like cant be tamed were she looks stupid trying to be sexy when in fact she coudnt dance and the outfit didnt suit her well……

  • linda

    hahahaa what kind of name is that for a song

  • gg fan

    miley please get dressed!!you just 17 year old

  • nathalia

    what kind of name is that for a song?????????????

  • soughtful


  • caro

    YAY he is so hot watch out Liam lol…. but this song is not on the album…or did she put a Taylor Swift and added it as a last minute kinda thing…

  • tisdale

    what is this… that isn’t from her new album

  • Stan

    It’s hard to tell in these photos, but on other sites there are photos where she is wet, and her dress is see through. People you can clearly see her underwear, but if you look closely the so call underwear didn’t become see through and it is wet, which indicates to be that she is wearing a swimsuit underneath, at least the bottoms are. More than once,I have see girls in thin white clothes who got wet and you could see not only through the dress but through the underwear as well. Miley’s is not transparent, which indicate she is wearing something other than underwear underneath the dress

  • melody

    oh god I thought that Zac Efron is great! are equal

  • http://RisyifaMcCurdy crazyaboutcupcakes

    Miley’s AWSOME! I do ♥ her, but I didn’t really like her performance in “Can’t Be Tamed” I mean…she’s just 17 and she dressed like that! She’s changing wayyyy to much! But I still love her! YOU ROCK MILEY!!! :D

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Guys, I think this song will be a bonus track on the TAMED DELUXE EDITION album. Just making assumptions here.

  • jenny

    Cant wait for it…. I did however think it would be a song from the album… but still hope this song is great though… she looks so cool and I really cant wait

  • mar

    poor liam…
    that’s all i have to say !!

  • nkeeyah

    i also believev it’s from the 2 disc album. i like the song title. it reminds me of blah blah blah by kesha. i hope she doesnt try to be all super sexy because she is beautiful.

  • itsmeagain

    @rosie: ur not reffering to the video that’s still #1 on itunes right?

  • Magali


    “she’s gonna top the charts again” ??? She never topped the charts even with Party in the USA

  • Magali


    Ah ah I wish you were right but when you can see her underwear she’s actually wearing an other dress. The bottom may be a bikini bottom but she’s clearly wearing a bra. On this site there is only photos of her wearing the other dress

  • Jordan

    The girl she’s hugging, is that Mandy?

  • Katty

    whats WITH her and her desperate needs to be a bad girl …we get it miles your not the innocent disney girl …but at least have some principles… geeez i mean was cute at first but now its just freaking annoying

  • lalala

    @soughtful: i mean it is art i guess. but sometimes you’ve got to understand the song too not hjust the video. the video was made for the song. “i go thrhough guys like money flying out there hands….”

  • mileyfan

    lalalla you do know the go through guys like money your eferring to means she dumps them when they try to change her. you think you would know that by now the songs been out a month in a half.

  • m

    Yes she did. Party in the USA #1 on iTunes for weeks and #1 on Top 40. #2 on Billboard Hot 100.

  • Mimi

    Kevin zegers is 8 YEARS OLDER! They coulda got someone younger for Miley to make out with don’t you think?

  • M.I.A

    Do you guys even read the article?
    It’s NOT her song.
    Thta’s why it’s not on her album.
    It’s Rock Mafia’s new song, she is just in the video.

  • itsmeagain

    @Magali: ur joking right? Every Album of MC’s has gone to #1 on the Bill Board! excepiton of HM 3, and Time Of Our Lives. And PITUSA did go to #1 on the Bill Boards. It debuted at #4 it’s first week of sales. Not to mention that it is also 3 Times Platinum . Where have u been?

  • jnsa

    I honestly think he could have chosen someone his age, if there was going to be things of a certain content in the music video. She is growing up way too fast, and moving too fast is going to catch up with her.

  • alyssa

    @soughtful: why dont you leave her alone. she has a right to an oppinion. its a FREE COUNTRY!!! my goodness, i didn’t like the video. i think she looks repulsive, but that’s just MY OPPINION! so yeah, if you dont like it, you can go kiss miley’s a*s!

  • MCfan

    Ugh…can i PLEASE have her legs?????????

  • suri

    @Magali: Miley have a bikini, the video is in the beach

    Miley looks beautiful

  • http://@memeandmiley miley and meme

    wait a min is that song that she recorded by her self or a rock mafia song ? any way her dress is amazing miley FTW

  • good-one

    Quite a cosmological song title. Props.

  • http://memyto21 guillermo andrade

    when the song came out?

  • Britini95


    jjj said its a song with various artist with Rock Mafia. Its not MIley’s song. She will probably sign on it, but its not a Miley song, its the production company that produced “can’t be tamed”

  • Britini95


    I agree. I get she’s trying to move on, but she’s coming on too strong. Its one thing to wear outfits as a performer, but to purposly try and hate everything popular(like saying she hates pop music even though she listens to Lady GaGa, Micheal Jackson and Britney Spears) is trying too hard! Hating everything popular doesn’t make you cool. She is very mainstream but than acts like she doesn’t want to be. Eventually she’ll get out of this teen rebellion. Eventually she will realize how this effects how people take her seriously as an artist and will tone it down. I think she is a nice girl, but she comes off as arrogant and air headed becuase she doesn’t knoe how to articulate herself properly. Meaning she says something, but it can be taken the wrong way because of the manner in which she says it in. I love her as an artist, but no one will take her seriouly if she makes her career off of controversies. I think she just needs to sit down with her publisist and work on how to articulate herself better and how to make her music more important than her outfits!

  • http://@memeandmiley miley and meme

    soooooooooo it’s not a miley song she will not sing on it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that’s awful but any way she have a album that have a popularity when its not relesed so what gonna happenen after it will be relesed top all charts may be!! and i heard that she HOPE fans buy her new album hahaha

  • natalie

    u rox mil

  • itsmeagain

    @Britini95: THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS trying too hard to hate something. if she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like it. I’m just like MC myself. I don’t like Glee, but I am a Twilight fan. It’s so stiupid that people believe that MC has to like something just because it’s popular. She has the right to her opinion just like everyone else on this site.

  • Britt

    @itsmeagain: You’ve read Britini’s comment wrong, she was stating that Miley is bein hypocritical by stating she doesn’t like Mainstrain Music but yet she produces it herself. It’s almost as though she is just doing it for the money.

    And what is up with her making out with grown men? She is seriously growing up way too fast and I definitely don’t plan on watching the video if all it involves is her making out with him, it almost seems so wrong that it’s right.

  • jonitas

    miley you are the bitchhh
    miley you want sexxx

  • ja

    miley you want sexxx bitchhh

  • mary

    Miley is Gorgeous!

  • rachel

    I want her album NOW :)

  • itsmeagain

    @Britt: I read that part correctly, what I didn’t agree with is when she said Miley TRIES TO HARD NOT TO LIKE STUFF. And I’m like there’s NO SUCH THING AS THAT. If she doesn’t like Glee/Twilight then she doesn’t have to.

    And about pop music thing. : I’m like Miley in that sense. I DON’T LIKE RAP MUSIC in GENERAL. However, there are some rap songs in my i-pod. But at the same time, I’m not buying albums from people like JAY Z /WAYNE/DRAKE yada because I DON’T LIKE RAP IN GENERAL. That’s basically what MC means. POP is not her favorite kind of music, but she doesn’t mind some songs. Just like Teens of our generation don’t like old school music, but they can still mumble out words to songs by the TEMPTATIONS and stuff. It’s the same thing.

  • Jonas Brothers

    Her legs are AMAZING!!!!!

  • http://youtube darra

    this dude looks like zac efron

  • Audra

    right so…this is not a miley song people

  • brenda

    Miley is so HOT! I love her

  • mary

    I can’t wait her album

    Miley is so beautiful and cute